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“Cheers to Marksim Sergei, the new President ProTemp of the United States Senate. We’ve hit another milestone in our mission.”

“Great job, Vivien. You’re such a strategist. I never want to be on your bad side.”

“You got that one right,” she said as she saved the recorded footage and pulled a flash drive out of the computer.

“The guy in charge of infiltrating the army is slower. He’s taken some positions over but it’s not substantial enough yet. I’m guessing they’ll soon remove him,” Daan said.

“He needs to learn from the mistress,” she said. Daan reclined in his chair and took Suzanne’s hand.

“So, tomorrow is going to be the end of the world. What are you going to do with your last day? Want to hang out?” Suzanne was already comfortable with those kinds of gestures from Daan. They had drawn a line on their relationship early on and had decided to keep it at the close friends and confidants’ level.

“I’m going to be cleaning up after my dead boss, thank you. I’m going to have to pretend that I’m appalled by this and that I’m trying to cover the secret of his shameful death while, in reality, I’ll secretly leak the footage of his escapade to the press and blame it on the hotel later. Believe me, tomorrow is tightly booked.”

Daan laughed. Just then, a call came in on Suzanne’s phone. It was from a private number. She already knew who it was. She picked it.

“Hello, Adrik. Good evening.”

“It’s morning here. Good morning, beloved. How is the mission going?” he said.

I’m fine, Adrik. Thanks for asking.

She thought in irritation.

“Oh, it’s done already. No tracks left uncovered. Gregg is dead. Your link can now install Marksim as the new President pro temp.”

“Great job, Vivien. I’m proud of you.”

“Thanks, boss. Just doing my job. Besides, I can’t take all the credit. Daan helped a lot," she said, and Daan gave her a warning face. There was a brief silence on the other end.

“Well, that’s what Daan is supposed to be, right? Your assistant. I’m sure you are careful enough to make boundaries,” he said and paused, allowing her to get his point. Then he said, “Don’t worry, you’ll be back with me here in Russia very soon. I promise you that, my love.”

Suzanne understood the silent threat, but she didn’t care. She was already tired of the promises. However, she played along.

“Thanks, boss,” she said.

“Adrik,” he corrected her.

“Thanks, Adrik.”

He cut the call, and Suzanne sighed.

“The Boss seems to be quite jealous over you," Daan said, and Suzanne nodded. "I'd better keep my distance, then and you'd better stop mentioning my name to him. I don't want to die before my time," Daan said, raising his hands. Suzanne forced a chuckle at his joke. She put the flash drive into the wig she wore and opened the car door. Sadness covered her face.

“I’ve got to go, Daan,” she said. He noticed her face.

“Is everything alright, Vivien?" he asked, and she nodded.

“Yes. I’m just practicing the face I’ll use when I find out that Gregg is dead of a drug overdose. Bye,” she said as she got out of the car and walked away. Daan was sure that she hadn't told the whole truth.

Chapter One

They had a good conspiracy going…

15th November, 20215:16 am

Columbus, Ohio. USA.

Stephen Wallace sat up on the small mat he slept on. It was a cold morning. He could see the vapor form from his breath whenever he exhaled. He stayed in a small apartment in an Italian Village. He had chosen that place because of how low key it was. He could work and enjoy solitude just the way he wanted it. He really didn’t want any attention.

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