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It was working.

“No, sir. I’ll come behind. I’d like to take a walk outside tonight.”

Gregg remembered how she had taken evening walks every day since they came to Los Angeles two days ago. He shrugged.

“Well, then. Be safe, okay? And be careful in your relationship. I don’t want any man to break your beauty,” he said, placing a palm on her chin.

Suzanne smiled as she bowed her head.

“You’re sure you don’t want to get to your room first? It’s not every day I offer to walk my assistant to her room?” he asked with a lopsided g

rin. He was flirting with her.

Oh no, Mister. That drug isn’t for me. Your victim is waiting for you.

“Oh, no sir. I just have to clear my head. I'll be back soon," she said, and Gregg nodded.

He motioned to his men as he headed out of the conference room. Suzanne got her things ready and followed them. She waved to her boss as he entered the elevator going up. She took the one going down. Once she was out of the elevator, she walked briskly out of the grand hotel and into the cold dark street.

She strolled down the street as though she were deep in thought. As she turned the corner to the next street, she spotted the black car she had been looking for. She walked calmly to it, not wanting to draw any attention. Entering the front passenger seat, she sighed in relief, allowing the night’s tension to wash away.

“How did it go?” Daan asked her from the driver seat. She looked at him.

“How do you think it went? Of course, he drank it. Any response from Agent Pheromone?” she asked.

"I spoke with her a couple of minutes ago. She was waiting on the next floor. I'm sure that she must have entered the elevator with him by now," Daan said, and Suzanne moved forward to turn on the small laptop that sat on the dashboard. She navigated through it till she opened a window that displayed the live feed of one of the hotel rooms. It was a grand room with a neatly laid queen-sized bed and pristine antique décor. No one was in it. Suzanne looked at Daan.

“Where are they? No one is in his room,” she said.

“Relax, Suzi. Pheromone is the best in the game. She’ll get it done.”

“Well, she’d better. This mission can’t go awry. I don’t want Adrik breathing down my neck.”

Daan laughed at her comment. Suddenly, from the footage, the sound of a door slamming hard against the wall emanated. Daan’s and Suzanne’s attention turned to the footage. Gregg and a lady entered the room, all over each other. She and Daan cringed as they watched the sex scene unfold before them.

“Is that Pheromone?” Suzanne asked Daan. Daan nodded.

“I already feel pity for her,” Suzanne said as sounds of feminine wails came from the video.

“Gregg is a complete monster. I mean, just look at what he’s doing to her. What was that drug you gave him?” Daan asked.

“I’m not sure. It was sent in the wristwatch via mail this morning by the Ray of Hope. Though on the instruction manual, it mentioned something about high doses of powder form testosterone, sildenafil citrate, and gonadotropin, whatever those mean. However, I know the drug is supposed to boost his sex drive and make him an overdose.”

“Well; they’ve got your boss behaving like a complete animal,” he said.

The sound of choking came from the footage. They watched as Gregg began to hold his chest and struggle to breathe. The man was dying. Pheromone pulled a small package out of her hair and opened it on the bed, spilling out some pills.

“That’s the wrap of Viagra?" Suzanne asked Daan, and he nodded.

The look of confusion on Gregg’s face couldn't be missed. Pheromone began to shout for help. In a matter of seconds, Gregg's bodyguards ran in and found Pheromone trying to save the man's life. Pheromone was crying desperately.

“Save him, please! Don’t let him die!”

Suzanne turned to Daan. “She’s such a great actress,” she said.

“The best from the academy,” Daan said, nodding.

Then Gregg gave up the ghost. Suzanne was horrified by what she had done, but she restrained her sadness from being visible on her face. She wanted to, but she couldn't justify what she had done to Gregg. The man had been good to her. She was becoming fed up with all the things she had to do for the organization. Faking a smile, she turned to Daan and spoke.

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