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“He isn’t. Trust me. I’d know,” she said. Bucky became tired of all the drama.

“Okay, can someone tell me what’s going on here?”

Suzanne smiled at him. “You are a pawn being used by a terrorist organization to transport thousands of American citizens to their death. That’s what is going on here. Your friend offered to help me stop it and I was hoping you’d offer too.”

Bucky looked at her like she was crazy. “What are you talking about? I’m no pawn. I’m working for the United States military and we’re saving lives here,” he argued.

“This man was a Russian, but he passed off excellently as an American military man,” she said, pointing to the dead man. “Your President is good for nothing Russian. How willing are you to bet that even your Major is a Russian in disguise?”

Bucky eyes widened.

“She’s telling the truth, Buck. I heard her speak with the man in Russian,” Stephen said, putting his arm on Bucky’s shoulder.

“And New York?” Bucky asked.

“There is no New York. Just death for the unlucky ones and the hands of slave traders for the rest,” Suzanne said.

Bucky sat on the floor. The news had shocked him.

“Sitting there isn’t going to solve the problem. We have to do something. Are you in or not?”

Bucky didn’t reply instantly. When he spoke, finally, he looked up at Stephen.

“Guess it’s back to the good old' days for us, isn’t it, Steve?”

Stephen smiled. He nodded to Bucky then he looked at Suzanne.

“So, what’s the plan?”

“Good question,” she replied. No one noticed that Tanner was licking Adelaide’s forehead.


16th November, 2021

2:53 pm

Maine. USA

Suzanne sat in the half-completed building, thinking up her next move. She had moved from Washington, D.C. to Maine to reap children. It was the last mission. Or so the other agents thought. She knew it didn’t stop there. That was why she had left on her own mission. Luckily for her, she had long since prepared for this moment. A couple of hours after the EMP hit, she had pulled out the tracker, signaling her death to the headquarters. It has been hard. The trackers were placed deep in their abdomens. After that, using her secret vault, she had reconfigured her device to read from the headquarters super computer incognito. Its features were limited so she couldn’t change things with her device. However, she could get all information sent to the computer. She had outsmarted the organization. They didn’t know they were being watched.

However, no matter her expertise, she knew that taking the Ray of Hope down wasn’t a job for one person. She needed help.

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