Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: Preying on the Weak

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The Sus had indeed spared no efforts to cultivate Su Yu, who had awakened the highest Martial Soul among all the inferiors and become the first genius.

The family had provided lots of cultivation methods, martial arts techniques, spiritual herbs and pills for him.

One could say that the Sus would offer him anything he asked for.

All the seniors in the families paid more attention to him because he had awakened a Martial Soul of the Human Class Rank Five.

Therefore, Su Yu had reached the Peak at the Peak Lv 7 Qi Cultivation Realm in a very short time.

With his talent, he would surpass Su Tianhao sooner or later.

However, even so, Su Mo still did not see Su Yu as a threat.


Suddenly, Su Yu took the initiative to attack Su Mo.

He instantly pounced at an amazing speed, like a viper.

His five fingers were like a viper’s teeth, piercing through the air and shooting toward Su Mo’s chest.

Su Yu’s Martial Soul was an Iron-scaled Python, so cultivating Nine Variables of Viper helped him multiply his power.

Confronted with this attack, Su Mo lifted his fist and gave him a light punch.


A powerful explosion sent dust and smoke flying everywhere.

After a useless attack, Su Yu circled Su Mo endlessly and fiercely launched a series of attacks.

The sound of genuine Qi bursting erupted continuously.

However, no matter what attacks Su Yu used, Su Mo was able to use “Ninefold Ocean Wave Fist” to block all of them.

Su Mo did not even use his genuine Qi at all and instead relied solely on the force of his body.

Su Yu’s face darkened. He had used eight variables of Nine Variables of Viper but could not hurt Su Mo at all. Su Mo was more powerful than he had expected.

“Swallowing Like a Whale!” He shouted, his palms turning into claws that resembled the mouths of vipers. One claw shot toward Su Mo.

“Time to end this!” Su Mo murmured.

Driving his genuine Qi to increase his aura, he punched with full force.

After a long stretch of fighting with Su Yu, he knew the extent of power of Nine Variables of Viper .

It was quite powerful. With this technique, Su Yu could probably contend with a martial artist at Lv 8.


His fist landed on Su Yu’s claw. A burst of Qi swept through the ring. Then, Su Yu was pushed away like a broken kite, and after drawing a beautiful arc in the air, he crashed down under the fighting ring.

Su Mo had controlled his strength so that he only threw Su Yu out of the ring instead of injuring him.

“How… how could it be?”

Su Yu’s face darkened, and his eyes were full of astonishment. “You…you’re actually at the Peak of Level Seven!”

Su Yu could not believe that Su Mo had reached the same cultivation as himself.

Su Mo practiced a Level Three cultivation method, which was more advanced than the methods of any of the people present. Additionally, he did not reveal his cultivation aura, so no one knew his real cultivation.

Everyone in the Sus’ spectator stand was shocked.

“The cultivation at the Peak Lv 7 Qi Cultivation Realm!”

“His cultivating speed is way too quick!”

“Over a month ago, he was at the Peak Lv 5 Qi Cultivation Realm!”

“Haha! Good! That’s my son!” Su Hong laughed and gloatingly glanced at the first elder.

The first elder was ashamed, and his face was continuously twitching. He had tried his best to cultivate Su Yu at the expense of the family’s countless resources, but Su Yu was only at the Peak Lv 7 Qi Cultivation Realm.

Meanwhile, with a useless Martial Soul, Su Mo had the same cultivation speed as Su Yu!

Also, with the same cultivation, Su Yu was no match for Su Mo.

Beneath the spectators stand, Liu Yushan grew pale and shivered as if she would pass out at any minute.

She tightly bit her red lips and stared at the tall figure in the fighting ring.

Now, she felt very regretful.

On the four spectators stands, many people secretly wondered at Su Mo’s success.

However, they were only slightly shocked and did not think too highly of Su Mo. He was indeed powerful, but he was still far inferior to the top martial artists of the three families.

“Su Mo wins!” Lin De exclaimed. Then, he said, “Now, the second round will begin. No.1 fights against No.2, and No.3 fights against No.4. No.15 can randomly choose one of the winners to compete against. If he wins, he’ll replace his opponent.”

The second round began.

Su Hai, No.1, strode into the fighting ring. His counterpart was a disciple of the Mansion of the City Governor.

Su Hai’s opponent was at the Peak Lv 8, but he still defeated him in three movements.

“Su Hai is really powerful!”

“Yeah! Su Tianhao, Lin Qiong, and Wei Rufeng are at the Lv 9 Qi Cultivation Realm. If those three fight against each other in advance, one of them will be eliminated, which means that Su Hai will definitely enter the top three.”

“If they do not fight this round, two of them will certainly fight against each other in the next round.”

The spectators burst into a heated discussion.

In the following competitions, Lin Qiong, Su Tianhao, and Wei Rufeng all amazed the spectators with their powers, using one move to defeat their rivals.

Su Mei, the only disciple at the Lv 8 among the Sus, fought against a Wei disciple with the same cultivation.

After dozens of moves, Su Mei was defeated in dismay.

After seven competitions were finished, only Su Mo was left.

“No.15, come into the fighting ring. You can choose one of the winners as your rival. If you win, you can take his or her place,” announced Lin De.

Su Mo flew into the fighting ring and looked around to choose his opponent.

Then, he smiled and pointed. “I choose him!”

Everyone realized that Su Mo had chosen a weaker person to prey on.

The rival he chose was a handsome young man in an expensive robe. He was Lin Xiao, son of the City Governor.

Lin Xiao had reached the Early Lv 7 Qi cultivation Realm, but he was very lucky to have not fought against a powerful disciple in the previous two rounds, so he remained until now.

His cultivation was probably the lowest among all seven progressors.

Everyone understood Su Mo’s choice, for anyone would choose the least powerful one to compete against.

“You choose me?” Lin Xiao’s face darkened. He did not think he could defeat Su Mo.

“Yes! Do you not have faith in your power? Do you want to give up? Don’t you have the guts to fight against me?” asked Su Mo, his face full of contempt.

He was purposefully provoking Lin Xiao to fight on purpose because Lin Xiao might give up without a fight due to his visible advantage.

Su Mo still remembered that Lin Xiao had ordered his stooges to abduct Xi and kill him. Though he could not kill Lin Xiao now, he could give him a good spanking in advance.


Lin Xiao was enraged at the scorn Su Mo showed him and screamed, “Su Mo, defeating me isn’t so easy.”

Then, he walked into the fighting ring.

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