Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: Extremely Arrogant

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“Su Hai wins! Now would the two No.2 competitors come forward?” Lin De declared.

One of these two competitors was a disciple from the Mansion of the City Governor, and the other was a disciple of the Weis.

Both were at the Peak Lv 7 Qi Cultivation Realm, and they were locked in a fierce combat from the very beginning.

“Steel-Smashing Palm!”

“Fierce Tiger Fist!”

After sparring for a bit, they came at each other with their unique skills.


By the end, the slightly weaker Wei disciple was pushed back a couple of steps. His opponent seized the opportunity and sent him flying with a punch.

“Lin He wins!” Lin De announced.

Next were the two No.3 competitors.

The competitions continued in full swing. After every fight, the loser left feeling dejected while the winner left feeling cheerful and confident.

“Let the No.7 competitors come forward!”

As the words left Lin De’s lips, two figures flew into the fighting ring.

One of them was Su Peng of the Sus. He turned pale and frightened upon seeing his competitor.

That was because his competitor was Lin Qiong, daughter of the City Governor.

“I give up!” Su Peng said helplessly.

Su Peng was only at the Peak of Level Six, so there was no point in fighting Lin Qiong.

Lin Qiong calmly and silently flew out of the fighting ring, as if she had expected him to give up.

The combats continued.

It became clear that the inferior disciples of the Mansion of the City Governor and the Weis were generally stronger than those of the Sus.

Although the Sus had two disciples at Level Nine of the Qi Cultivation Realm, they had only one disciple at Level Eight.

On the other hand, the Weis and the Lins had one disciple at Lv 9 Qi Cultivation Realm and three or four disciples at Lv 8.

“Now, let the No.10 competitors come forward.”

Another two disciples came into the fighting ring.

One of them was Wei Rufeng of the Weis, and his opponent was Su Nan of the Sus, who was only at the Peak of Level Six.

“I give up, I give…”

Su Nan chose to give up straight away, just as the crowd had expected. Even the Sus thought it was a smart choice.

After all, Wei Rufeng’s cultivation was three level higher than Su Nan’s.

However, something unexpected happened.

In the fighting ring, before Su Nan could finish his words, Wei Rufeng struck suddenly with an evil smile and punched Su Nan’s chest fiercely.


Su Nan was thrown out heavily from the ring with a painful scream. He spat out a mouthful of blood and instantly fainted.

The crowd suddenly became so silent that one could hear a pin drop. They had no idea that Wei Rufeng would attack Su Nan so abruptly.

“Humph! A piece of trash doesn’t have the right to give up!” Wei Rufeng sneered with an extremely arrogant look.

All of the Sus glared at Wei Rufeng fumingly.

They were completely enraged by the pompous and conceited Wei Rufeng, who not only humiliated Su Nan, but also injured him badly.

He was obviously doing so to provoke the Sus. It felt like a public slap to the face.

“What is this, Wei Wankong? Our disciple already gave up. Why did your disciple still attack him so violently? Do you think you can just trample over the Sus?” Su Hong stood up and roared.

“Haha! Su Hong, injuries are unavoidable in combat. If your disciple is wounded, you can only blame his weakness!” Wei Wankong smiled slightly and was unfazed by Su Hong’s rage.

“You… Fine, since you said so, the Sus won’t hold back either!” Su Hong said coldly.

“Humph! Then let’s fight!” Wei Wankong sneered.

“Alright, alright, Brother Su and Brother Wei, please calm down. Don’t get so worked up over a combat!”

Lin Sheng, the city governer, suddenly stood up and tried to make peace. Although he was happy to see the two families clashing and restricting each other, he did not want them to mess up the competition.

“From now on, intentional injuries are forbidden. Whoever breaks this rule will be severely punished!”

Lin Sheng glanced around and loudly declared, “Continue!”

Su Hong caged his anger and kept silent.

The competition continued!

Soon, Su Tianhao appeared in the ring. He was No.13.

His competitor was a disciple of the Weis with a cultivation at Lv 8 Qi Cultivation Realm.

Although he did not give up and attacked Su Tianhao fiercely from the start, he was easily beaten.

Su Tianhao was also quite angry with the Weis, but he did not injure his competitor due to the City Governor’s words.

Soon, it was Su Mo’s turn.

He smiled bitterly. He was No.15, which meant he was in the final group to fight in this round, and whoever had not gone up yet would be his competitor.

This person was Su Yu!

In the fighting ring, Su Mo and Su Yu stood 10 steps apart.

“Su Mo, just give up!” Su Yu said proudly as soon as he walked into the ring.

“Oh? Why should I?” Su Mo asked curiously with a dashing smile.

“Humph! Do you think you can beat me?” Su Yu asked, smirking coldly.

“We’ll find out after this fight,” Su Mo said with a flat tone and calm demeanor.

Su Yu frowned at Su Mo’s tone. Although he felt confident, he also had witnessed Su Mo’s strength and could not underestimate him.

However, even so, he was still confident that he would win.

In the spectators stand of the Sus, the first elder glanced at Su Hong proudly and said, “Master, your son will be eliminated. How unlucky that he needs to face Yu in his first fight!”

“First elder, how can you be so sure that your son will win?” asked Su Hong.

“Haha! It’s obvious!”

The first elder snickered and said, “Although Su Mo’s strength isn’t bad and is almost equal to a martial artist at Level Seven, he’ll lose to Yu without a doubt!”

“Since you’re so confident, let’s wait and see!”

Su Hong did not want to argue with the first elder anymore and stared at the fighting ring. “The truth will speak for itself,” he thought.

Nearby, another pair of eyes stared at the fighting ring with mixed emotions as well.

They belonged to Liu Yushan.

She had abandoned Su Mo and chosen Su Yu, abiding by the logical law that clever birds chose their trees when they nest.

However, Su Mo, who she had spurned, had astonished her with his great strength in his fight with Wei Liang.

Still, she had no regrets. Although Su Mo was powerful, his talent was nothing compared to Su Yu’s.

Their fight today would prove this fact.

At this moment, the two competitors were engaged in combat in the ring.

“Ho!” Su Yu shouted as his arms and body twisted into a strange pose, like a coiled poisonous snake giving off a cold aura.

Su Mo instantly felt a chill, as if he was fixed by the snake’s stare.

“My Gosh! It’s Nine Variables of Viper , a Level Two martial art technique!” cried someone among the Sus who had recognized Su Yu’s move.

Su Mo was shocked. He had not expected that Su Yu had cultivated a Lv 2 martial arts technique!

Nine Variables of Viper was a Lower Lv 2 martial arts technique of the Sus. Normal disciples did not have the opportunity to cultivate it.

Generally, only people in the Spiritual Martial Realm could cultivate this martial arts technique.

“Is this why you’re so confident?”

Su Mo shook his head and sighed. The clan had really invested everything in Su Yu, even letting him cultivate Lv 2 martial arts techniques!

Moreover, to his surprise, Su Yu’s cultivation was the same as his, at the Peak Lv 7 Qi Cultivation Realm.

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