Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: The Seventh Star

Translator: GravityTales  Editor: GravityTales

“Four stars is firmly under my control now. The difficulty of controlling five at the same time is much harder.” Mo Fan sighed and thought, _I wonder if I can control all seven of these scoundrels and form a Star Path before the end of the semester? Speaking of which, Monkey said that most people can only practice ‘Control’ an hour every week… If they trained an additional five minutes, then they’d collapse. I wonder why I could practice two hours when I first started… Is it because I awakened dual elements?_

The mana usage in taking control of a star should be the same. That means my mana capacity is double the amount of most other people?”

There was a limit to each of the magic student’s spiritual forces, and every time one attempted to control a star, it would deplete their spiritual force. Most of the current Magic Student’s Spiritual force levels only allowed one hour of ‘Control’ training.

Having one more hour advantage, coupled with the great effort Mo Fan put into his daily training, allowed his cultivation speed to already surpass his peers by a lot. According to the henchmen, even the most outstanding student in the class could only control 3 stars.

Of the 7 stars, Mo Fan was already able to control 4 of them. Furthermore, he hoped to achieve up to five stars within the month. It seemed like awakening dual elements not only gave Mo Fan double the elements, but also an extended amount of time for him to practice compared to other people!

This was an incredible advantage!

The time for him to enter the apex of his life and marry a fair-skinned, rich, and beautiful girl was just around the corner!


The class started at eight in the morning, and the first class was the “Magical Beast Knowledge” class. The one in charge of teaching the “Magical Beast” subject was the homeroom teacher of the class next door, Zhang Jianguo.

“Mo Fan, you are late again. Can’t you improve your attitude toward school? Your talent has always been worse than the majority of the students, your foundation is also particularly bad, and you’re not even sincere about studying. Take a look at Zhao Ting in my class. He has Lightning Element, a good talent, a good foundation, and his attitude toward studying magic is also very good. He is currently able to control four Lightning Element stars, whereas you… I heard that you still haven’t been able to control a single Fire Element star. You awakening the Fire Element is simply a waste!” as Zhang Jianguo saw Mo Fan coming in late, he immediately began to reprimand him without holding back.

Mo Fan couldn’t help but give a conceited look. Teacher Zhang Jianguo really couldn’t stop talking. He brought up that Lightning Element guy during practically every lesson.

The so-called classmate, Zhao Ting, was the guy who awakened the Lightning Element during the school’s opening ceremony. Zhang Jianguo talked about him every day. When he lectured someone using Zhao Ting’s name, his face revealed the pride he concealed beneath.

“That guy can control four stars? This daddy can control six stars; I just need one last star,” Mo Fan thought to himself in disdain. He didn’t say this out loud though. Instead, he just walked to his seat in leisure.

“Alright, please open the Magical Beast book. Today, I will continue to talk about the common Magical Beasts. As everyone knows, the Magical Beasts are located outside of the city, which we humans reside in, and they are extremely hostile towards humans. They wander all over the place and fight when they encounter each other, as well. If a Magician was to tread outside of the city and encounter a One-Eyed Magic Wolf, then what should he do?” Zhang Jianguo already started talking about this subject with a great delight.

One-Eyed Magic Wolf…

This was the kind of Magical Beast that resided in the area closest to the human city. Mo Fan had only seen one through the textbooks and videos; they had a vicious appearance.

A normal person was unable to deal with this kind of organism. Only a Mage was able to battle them. However, if the group of Magic Students, who couldn’t activate their magic, was to meet a One-Eyed Magic Wolf, then it’d be a bloody massacre.

The One-Eyed Magic Wolf was the highlight of the Magical Beast classes. Zhang Jianguo had already spent a month talking about this type of Magical Beast, which by this point, annoyed Mo Fan.

Currently, Mo Fan relied on his double cultivation time to reach the control of 6 stars. As long as he could focus his mind, then he could make the six stars obediently form a Star Path.

The thing is, the seventh star was particularly difficult to control. It was like a chaste girl, go soft and you’ll suffer. Go hard, and she won’t listen. This made Mo Fan feel particularly anxious!

_I’m just bloody missing this one last step!_

“Brother Fan, how is the cultivation progress of the Fire Element?” Zhang Hou hastily asked as he saw Mo Fan sitting down.

“The same as before,” Mo Fan answered leisurely.

Fire Element…

Just like the rumors Zhang Jianguo had heard, Mo Fan was still unable to control a single Fire Element star.

That was something he could do nothing about. He had invested all of his energy on the big shot, Lightning Element student this entire semester.

“No way. It seems like your foundation really has affected your cultivation. I heard that guy, Mu Bai, is already able to control four Ice Element stars. If he were to put even more effort in during his winter vacation, then he will most likely be able to activate the Primary-rank Ice Element skill, ‘Ice Spiral,’’ Zhang Hou said.

“I know.”

“Big Brother, how are you not anxious at all? Let me tell you, him and his henchman, Zhao Kunsan, are already scheming a plan against you.”

“Don’t worry, let them come.”

Mo Fan’s current mind was full of how to control the seventh star; everything else was treated the same as air.

Zhang Hou sighed, “Just be careful… This semester is almost over. You should really do your best in the next semester. If you can’t complete the Magic activation during the next semester’s end of term Magic Activation exam, then the school could find all kinds of excuses to force you to resign.”


The school semester quickly ended, and Mo fan faintly felt the seventh star being moved by his sincerity.

“Damn it! Cultivation is even harder than awaiting the presence of a Goddess… trying to communicate and pay my greetings every day and night…” Mo Fan complained as he walked toward the school exit.

Mo Fan had practically never left the school during the entire semester. He would spend two hours every day to practice ‘Control,’ and after practicing that, he’d spend the next ten hours to meditate. Afterward, he’d just go to class, eat his meal, and sleep without ceasing for a single day.

Regardless of what happened, this semester was over. After the students received their winter semester assignment, each went their way home, and each went to find their own mom.

After exiting the school gates, Mo Fan subconsciously waited for the bus to go home to his house. However, he then realized and immediately became speechless.

_I almost forgot that dad sold the house; I am essentially homeless now._

Father Mo Jiaxing spent most of his time driving, which meant he didn’t have time for a house. The homeless Mo Fan thought about this, It seems like it’s time to see little aunt and pay a visit to Xin Xia.

It’s been half a year not seeing Xin Xia; I wonder how she’s doing at Little Aunt’s place.

“I’ll just go straight to her school to pick her up then.”

Mo Fan caught the bus heading toward her middle school.

Sitting on the bus, Mo fan had nothing to do, so he continued to practice ‘Control’ to see whether the seventh star would submit itself or not.

A different Element had different stars, and each different star had a different temperament. Some were easier to deceive; Mo Fan only needed to spend a few nights sweet talking them, and most of them would then listen. However, some were especially violent and hard to deal with. If you weren’t careful, you could suffer a rebound in your mind. That kind of rebound carried a dense pain to the mind. The usage of Spiritual Power would also be several times greater.

The seventh star that Mo Fan was unable to control belonged to the violent type; it didn’t listen. It attacked brutally, and it was simply as difficult to accommodate as a great aunt.

Fortunately for him, recently their relationship had advanced by leaps and bounds. The violent star was slowly displaying a will to listen, otherwise, Mo Fan would really cry. He had spent almost an entire month on this seventh star.

* * *

Translator: Tofu

Editor: MindLitUp

*[advantage]: by having their erection in contact with her

*[ cent bills]: China has cents in bills called jiao

*[Guoshu]: Guo here means country and shu means technique

*[ 190 centimeters]: Over 6ft tall

*[Lake Cui]: Cui Hu, also means Green Lake

*[hundred dyuan bills]: 100yuan is their biggest bill

*[Daoist Fierce Tiger]: The author of this novel

*[Noodles]: made of wheat

*[Rice Noodles]: made of rice

*[Zhang Tian Tian]: Tian means sweet

*[Bajiquan]: Also known as Eight Extremities Fist, but Bajiquan sounds nicer to me

*[Long Taos]: side characters in Chinese operas who perform acrobatics and fight scenes

*[12.47 to 13.07]: don’t ask me about the tree sap

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