Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: The Little Loach Pendant

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“If you’ve got things to say, say it.” Mu Bai was bitter, he didn’t want to look at Mo Fan for even a second. Unfortunately, Mo Fan was strange. This Mo Fan had something to ask him? The two should be irreconcilable.

“That guy named Yu Ang, is he in possession of a Stardust Magic Tool for all 365 days of the year?” Mo Fan asked.

Mu Fan began to laugh coldly as he said, “Originally, he was only allowed to use it three to four months per year. But thanks to you, he is now permitted to use it for longer than half a year at a time!”

Mo Fan nodded his head and continued asking, “I’ve already provoked the old scoundrel to this extent, that old scoundrel still doesn’t give it to that guy called Yu Ang for a whole year? Is it that the old scoundrel is too greedy, or is he just underestimating me?”

“Do you think the Stardust Magic Tool is just a rock on the sidewalk, something there’s a lot of? The entire family has so many disciples. Thus, the Stardust Magic Tool definitely has to have turns. Within the family, only Mu Ningxue has a Spirit grade Stardust Magic Tool which she keeps on at all times,” Mu Bai said as he looked down on Mo Fan.

“Spirit grade Stardust Magic Tool? The Stardust Magic Tools have different grades?” Mo Fan asked in shock.

He only knew of the effect of the Stardust Magic Tool, he wasn’t aware of the fact that there were different grades of them.

Mu Bai looked at Mo Fan as though he was looking at a retard.

_This retard simply knows nothing, just how did he cultivate to S grade?_

Mu Bai was very proud and wanted to display his knowledge. Thus, he was showing how much he despised Mo Fan on one hand, while on the other he said, “Stardust Magic Tools naturally have good and bad ones. The Soul Nourishing Magic Tools which we are able to interact with are basically all Common grade. I reckon there’s only a very few of the Spirit grade ones in the entirety of Bo City.”

“What effects do the Spirit grades ones have?” Mo Fan continued asking.

“Common grade, it is able to roughly increase cultivation time by 20% every day. Spirit grade, it is able to increase the cultivation time by 40%,” Mu Bai sneered at him.

As he was talking about the Spirit grade Stardust Magic Tools, Mu Bai’s entire being was unable to hold back on his fascination for it. To people like him who had only just taken their first step onto the road of cultivation, these Spirit grade Stardust Magic Tools were simply perfect. Possessing one would easily allow him to surpass those of the same age!

“I see.” Mo Fan nodded his head.

One that could cut accumulated fatigue by 20% and one that could cut it by 40%, Mo Fan was quite able to understand this effect!

“Don’t get too ahead of yourself. The cultivation Magic Tool you obtained you get for only ten days. Whereas I will have it for a whole month, I’ll quickly surpass you by thousands of miles!” Mu Bai exclaimed without hesitation, pouring a bucket of cold water over Mo Fan.

Mo Fan didn’t mind. If he were to quarrel with nobodies like Mu Bai and Zhao Kunsan, that would simply lower his social status. His real enemies were the inner disciples of Mu Family that possessed rich resources! He planned to surmount all difficulties and make that old scoundrel promise his daughter and deliver a dowry to the man in front of him!

“Remember, the Stardust Magic Tools are very, very precious. You must not in any way damage it. Moreover, once the time is up, you must return it. I have already reminded all of you, this isn’t something you can blindly make trouble for!” Xue Musheng said with a very serious tone.


On the nightfall, the dormitory had already turned off all the lights. Darkness fell around the entire campus.

On the roof of the school building, Mo Fan was sitting on top of a large water storage tank as he played with the Stardust Magic Tool he had received today.

The Stardust Magic Tool was a tiny, azure colored dust stone that was set within a very precious casing. One could tell how much the school valued the Stardust Magic Tool.

The Tool had been polished, with a white chain passing through it. This allowed cultivators to wear it like a pendant on their chest.

“Does it work as soon as I put it on?” Mo Fan asked himself.

Lowering his head a bit, Mo Fan slowly put the Stardust Magic Tool on. Since the chain was a bit long, the Tool ended up laying on Mo Fan’s chest.


Suddenly, a unfathomable tapping echoed out of Mo Fan’s chest.

Mo Fan was stunned before he finally came back to his senses.

He was wearing yet another necklace about his neck.

This loach-shaped pendant was pitch black. He remembered that on the day he Awakened his element, this thing was vibrating incessantly.

The Stardust Magic Tool must have bumped into his loach shaped pendant, explaining the sound from just now.

Speaking of which, just what was this Loach Pendant?

Mo Fan had actually been trying to research the construction behind it, but ultimately failed. At the same time, he was very convinced that the Loach Pendant was the reason behind the changes to the world.

The Loach Pendant was the legacy of the old gatekeeper of the school’s back mountain, Old Man Ying. That day, he was wearing this exact Loach Pendant as he slept in that thatched cottage when the whole world began to mysteriously change, or he transmigrated into a different parallel world, he still wasn’t sure of which.

Mo Fan always wore the Loach Pendant, and he was a little worried about removing it, in case everything would return to normal if he were to do so. _Man, I went through great difficulties to learn Lightning Strike and Flame Burst!_

“Forget it, don’t worry about him. I should pay more attention to my own cultivation. That guy Yu Ang won’t be easy to deal with. Furthermore, if that old scoundrel really were willing to deliver his daughter to me, it will be impossible if I don’t have incredible power!” Mo Fan thought to himself.

As he put down the Loach Pendant, Mo Fan used his Intent to enter the Stardust Magic Tool which he had just received.

Intent appeared after a Magician’s spiritual mind had reached a formidable level. When you focused the Intent of your spiritual mind and locked it onto something, you could perceive the peculiar fluctuations of Magic Ability, and your senses of hearing, smell, sight, and touch would become stronger than an ordinary person.

“Strange, there’s no reaction. Xue Musheng said as long as you enter it with your Intent and leave behind a Spiritual imprint, then the Stardust Magic Tool will transmit its nourishing spiritual energy to your body, allowing a Magician’s body to obtain a nourishing effect as well as relieving spiritual fatigue.”

Mo Fan attempted this a few times. He didn’t feel the wonderful response from the Stardust Magic Tool, which Xue Musheng had described.


The Loach Pendant had overflowing energy?

Mo Fan’s expression was shocked as he hastily probed the Loach Pendant with his Intent.

As he probed it with his Intent, Mo Fan’s entire being felt as though he landed in a hot spring. Silky smooth warmth caused his exhausted spiritual condition to slowly disperse, while it also slowly caused his own Spiritual world to become clear and cozy.

He felt no agitation, nor anxiety. His state of mind had never been so tranquil and cozy before!

Mo Fan had already cultivated for a whole ten hours today. Before this, he would already have gone to sleep. Today, he had the Stardust Magic Tool, and he wanted to try it out.

The surging fatigue he felt was alleviated under this balmy sensation, he felt like he could still continue to cultivate for a little while longer.

_Oh crap._

_What is this??_

The Stardust Magic Tool given by school was of no use. Instead, the Loach Pendant which he had always brought with him began to show the effect the Stardust Magic Tool should’ve shown.

_Is it possible…is it possible that this Loach Pendant that I have always worn is actually a Stardust Magic Tool?_

Mo Fan began to feel a bit of excitement!

* * *

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*[Long Taos]: side characters in Chinese operas who perform acrobatics and fight scenes

*[12.47 to 13.07]: don’t ask me about the tree sap

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