Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: Delightful Swearing!

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“Mo Fan you-you shameful thing! What are you saying?! Immediately apologize to Mr. Mu Zhuoyun!” Mu He said with great anger.

Was this Mo Fan stupid beyond redemption or something? He even had the guts to act like this in front of Mu Zhuoyun! Was his family tired of living?!

“Apologize? Of course I will. However, he must also apologize to me regarding the matter from three years ago. Don’t think you can scare me with your high cultivation and authority. This Mu Zhuoyun used his cultivation to bully me, a student who hasn’t even turned 18 yet. Let’s put it like this; if you were the same age as me, I would be able to beat you up real good!” Mo Fan’s fearless gesture was currently being displayed in great detail.

“Bullshit!” Mu Zhuoyun was getting really pissed off by this bastard kid, so much that he directly began to swear.

When Mu Zhuoyun was at his age, even though his talent may not have matched Mu Ningxue’s, he was still a genius. He naturally didn’t place any of the students within Tian Lan Magic High in his eyes!

“Mo Fan, you really are shamelessly daring! Don’t even mention Master Mu Zhuoyun when he was young, we could randomly grab a core disciple from the current Mu Family and he’d be able to beat you down with a single move!”

“That’s right, we don’t even need to use core disciples. I, Mu Bai could duel you in magic. If you lose, then you must kneel down and apologize to Master Mu!” At this time, Mu Bai came to life and jumped down to be used as a dog by Mu Zhuoyun.

Mu Bai and Mo Fan were peers, it would be a fair duel. _Let’s see what other excuses you’ll have!_ , thought Mu Bai.

With this, Mu Bai would beat Mo Fan to death and firmly ease Master Mu Zhuoyun’s resentments.

“Not necessary.”

Just as Mu Bai was about to step up bravely, an icy, arrogant voice resounded.

Everyone’s gaze immediately turned toward the voice that spoke up.

The person who said this was precisely Mu Ningxue. Who would’ve imagined that Mu Ningxue would make a move at this time?

Mu Ningxue came between her father and Mo Fan. Her gaze was like an ice mountain that carried a bit of anger.

The person she was angry at was naturally Mo Fan.

“Since you said my father only knows how to bully the younger generation…since you said that my father used his authority to suppress you, and you relied on your own cultivation to develop your magic…

“In that case, I’m the same age as you, I’ll compete with you!” In Mu Ningxue’s tranquil voice was an icy power.

“Ningxue??” After Mu Zhuoyun saw his own daughter come out, the anger on his face changed into astonishment.

As Mo Fan saw that it was Mu Ningxue who was facing him, his face sprouted a smile that said he’d rather die than surrender

_Interesting, even Mu Ningxue came forth,_ he thought.

The truth is, facing a worthless person like Mu Bai was completely useless. Mo Fan had already stomped him over earlier today. However, Mu Ningxue had been credited as the number one girl genius of Bo City, and a blessed daughter of the heavens within the Imperial Institution. Thus, having her duel him would prove to be much more interesting.

“Ningxue, I am enough to deal with this guy, there’s no need for you to…” Mu Bai promptly said with a smile.

“My father has been thoroughly humiliated. My father can be magnanimous and not bother with this sharp tongued little thief. However, I, as his daughter, simply will not let the person who has humiliated my father off! We’ll settle it by using an impartial Magic Duel!” Each and every word said by Mu Ningxue was sincere, there was not a hint of hesitation in her voice.

“Good, well said! This icy, lofty and unyielding character makes us, the older generation very gratified! As expected of the number one genius of Bo City! Having an outstanding talent at such a young age while having the ability to distinguish between right and wrong!” School Director Deng Kai immediately began praising her.

After he praised her, Director Deng Kai also patted Mu Zhuoyun’s back as he said, “Brother Zhuoyun, having you deal with this rude kid is not necessary at all. Naturally, you can’t return to when you were 16 to duel him, proving whether he’s better than you when you were young. It’s better to let your daughter Mu Ningxue take your place in this matter and silence this kid that does not know the immensity of heavens and earth.”

Mu Zhuoyun didn’t say anything as he just stared at Deng Kai.

As Deng Kai saw that Mu Zhuoyun was still able to control his temper, he gave a slight smile before he walked in front of Mo Fan and said, “Mo Fan, right? As the person in charge of the Hunter’s Union within Bo City, I really am not sure on whether your actions today can be described as you being young and inexperienced, or just simply stupid. However, you should apologize to Mu Zhuoyun for your hot-headed action, the contributions he has made to Bo City are far beyond what you can comprehend.”

“Apologize? That’s not a problem. I can cover my entire body in thorns and use the most traditional method, kowtowing, to apologize to him. I’ll even kowtow until he’s satisfied. However, are the Mu Family in the right to have me apologize to them? Go ask them regarding what they said to my family three years ago. If I were to apologize, then it’d be after they have apologized for the matter three years ago. Since he is a respected person of Bo City, then they should know better than to provoke nobodies. You can slap a nobody to death with just a single palm, but before they get slapped to death, they would definitely curse you till your brain breaks!” Mo Fan said without inhibition.

“This is a society ruled by law. How could this kind of thing happen? At most, we’d just expel you,” the Principal said as he creased his eyebrows.

“Alright, since things have come to this point, then it’s not as difficult to deal with as I thought. Then we’ll do according to what Mu Ningxue said, she will have a magic duel with you. If you lose, then you will have to apologize until Mu Zhuoyun is satisfied. If Mu Ningxue loses…” As Deng Kai reached this point, his gaze turned toward Mu Zhuoyun.

Mu Zhuoyun said with a cold voice, “How could Mu Ningxu lose?”

“You don’t need to talk spout so much garbage, just say if you dare or not!” Mo Fan’s tone carried a sharp dagger.

Dignity wasn’t something that would be grander just because you’re from an aristocratic family. Even moreso if your own family was homeless, miserable, and lower than dirt. Mo Fan was just a nobody, a nobody who sought revenge for his grievance!

Have him join Mu Family?

Mo Fan was unable to forget the words Mu Zhuoyun said three years ago that sounded as though he was disciplining a dog. And he definitely was unable to forget the fact that Mu He was responsible for them being homeless. If he were to eager to go back to them just because Mu Zhuoyun threw him a bone, then he himself would really be a dog! At that point, how would he be any different from Zhao Kunsan and Mu Bai?

Saying profanities to him?

That should be normal!

Three years ago, when he was just thirteen years old, he had the guts to point at Mu Zhuoyun and call him an old scoundrel. Now that he was sixteen years old, how could he possibly be afraid of him?

‘Once bitten by a snake, three years shy from the rope’; this was a phrase that was well disposed to Mo Fan. If a snake dared to bite him, then he would definitely act like the snake was a rope and swing it away!

When you were already being seen as an ant in someone’s eyes, there was no way for you to run away from that colossal foot. You might as well just curse at them until you were satisfied.

“Brother Zhuoyun, do you agree?” Deng Kai acted like a mediator.

Currently, the argument and cursing had been seen by the entire school. If they were able to direct this ugly affair towards a fair Magic Duel, that would naturally be the best option. If they really were to expel this student called Mo Fan, it would be meaningless. It would cause the school to lose a genius. Being able to take the number one spot in Tian Lan Magic High meant he was indeed a good seedling.

* * *

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

*[Long Taos]: side characters in Chinese operas who perform acrobatics and fight scenes

*[12.47 to 13.07]: don’t ask me about the tree sap

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