Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: Framed Examination

Translator: GravityTales  Editor: GravityTales

“Is it C?”

“No, that’s not right, the radiance is still slowly spreading.”

The examiners were also puzzled. The other examinees had quickly finished their tests, however, this student’s radiance was weak in the beginning, but then it started to slowly become stronger. It went from D to C, and it was still growing stronger even after reaching grade C.

“B! This is definitely B!!”

“Holy cow, a comeback, the failure is doing a comeback!!”

“That must be a mistake. I only received a B, how could this guy possibly get a B?” The other Fire element user, Huang Feifeng, almost cried.

Zhoumin received an A, and that puny little kid called Da Niu also received a B. Out of the four Fire elemental students, only he, Huang Feifeng had received a C. How was he going to receive Mrs. Tangyue’s affections now!

Xue Musheng’s eyes immediately began to brighten.

As the homeroom teacher, his biggest fear was for someone in his class dragging down the average. Today, all Xue Musheng asked out of Mo Fan was for him to not be publicly expelled, it had not happened for the past three years. If this Great Buddha didn’t do that, then he could drag down the average as much as he wanted!

What Xue Musheng never thought of was that this kid would suddenly emerge with a B!!

The average of the class was roughly B-.

The Great Buddha had unexpectedly increased the average grade, this something he could not even dream about.

The current Xue Musheng was happier than seeing an A grade student!

The discussion volume this time wasn’t any lower than the chatter about Mu Bai before. After all, Mu Bai was the person who everyone knew had good grades, whereas Mo Fan was the well-known dreg out of the dregs.

The dreg suddenly seized a B, there were too many people who didn’t expect this outcome!

“How is this possible…how is this possible!” Mu Bai was flabbergasted.

His uncle, Mu He, watched this scene while feeling completely speechless.

What kind of situation is this, that kid got a B??

“Mu Bai, did you really place the Black Stone there? The absorption rate of that Black Stone is really strong, a person who can receive a C would be turned into someone who can’t even get D,” Mu He whispered to Mu Bai.

“I did place it, I definitely placed it there.” Even if Mu Bai made a mistake on his examination, there’s no way he would make a mistake on that part.

The Black Stone was definitely placed there, but how did this guy get a B??

Wasn’t this guy drifting between C and D? Don’t tell me that he was concealing his strength, and then let it all out on the last examination to reach a B?

C is passing grade, whereas B would be quite good!

Who could imagine that a failure who was supposed to take the penalty that hadn’t been given for three years would suddenly turn into a good student?

“Mhm, this grade was well within expectations.” Mu Zhuoyun’s tone was indifferent as it carried a sense of mocking.

His own daughter was almost taken away by this kid???

If this really happened, then he would have been ridiculed by all of the people under the heavens.

“Alright, let’s move on to the next class.” Mu Zhuoyun didn’t want his daughter to pay too much attention to this kid, thus, he said this to the crowd of people.

“Big Brother, this Mu Bai…” Mu He wanted to continue talking.

Mu He was not satisfied with this outcome. Today’s plan was to let Mu Bai show off his skills in front of the clan and receive the attention of the Family Head. The other one was to let Mo Fan suffer a tragic end. However, the two outcomes hadn’t been attained, how could he just let them leave like that?

“Oh, distribute a bit more to their family during the New Year to show encouragement,” Mu Zhuoyun replied.

As Mu Bai heard this, he was completely stunned.

What the hell was ‘distribute some more to them during New Year’s’ ???

Who the hell wanted that charity-like money, what he wanted was attention. What he wanted was for the Mu Family to focus on supporting him. What he wanted was the Stardust Magic Tool. What he wanted was the colossal cultivation resources which the Mu Family distributed to their direct descendant!

“This…Big Brother, I think…” As Mu He was about to say some few words for Mu Bai, another voice suddenly resounded.

“That’s wrong, this radiance is wrong!”

Suddenly, someone objected. It was a woman’s voice, sounding soft and sexy.

“Mrs. Tangyue, what objections do you have regarding our decision? According to the norm, the results of the exams are decided by the examiners. Even if we wanted to object…” Xue Musheng started saying.

Xue Musheng was actually extremely satisfied with this grade. He even suspected the Star Appraisal Stone to have some malfunction, how could Mo Fan otherwise receive a B?

“Mrs. Tangyue, please let this matter go. If there really is a problem, then I reckon I as the homeroom teacher will unable preserve my integrity!”

“Teachers have no qualifications to object to the assessment of the examiners. However, they can object to accidents happening during the examination…we can even examine the testing equipment to ensure the accuracy of the equipment,” Mrs. Tangyue said.

At this time, a school director was secretly shaking his head toward Mrs. Tangyue. At same time, the Principal was also incessantly hinting to Mrs. Tangyue.

It’s not that the school director didn’t know there was some concealed trick beneath this, but they didn’t want any unnecessary matter to arise when there were so many school directors present.

What was the problem with the result, wasn’t it normal? It was a grade a common student should receive.

“Why do you have an objection regarding this result, honorable teacher?” Mu Zhuoyun became somewhat interested in this, so he began to inquire.

Mrs. Tangyue had already walked onto the examination ground, her eyebrows were knitted.

Suddenly she closed her eyes, she looked like a Magician who was about to cast magic.

The people who had some understanding about Magic knew that she was actually just expanding her senses into the stone.


Mrs. Tangyue’s action immediately caused Mu Bai and Mu He to panic.

According to the norm, after Mo Fan had finished his exams, the examinations would take a break so the students could rest. At same time, they would announce the most outstanding student’s name of the first half of the examinations.

Taking advantage of the break, the bald examiner would remove the Dark Stone without suspicion. This way, everything would be normal, the plan was flawless.

Everything was going smoothly, but who would’ve thought that there would be a teacher popping out from nowhere who discovered the source of the problem.

“Mrs. Tangyue, how can you just ignore the rules of the examination grounds? If I was you, then I would immediately leave the examinee’s examination grounds!” Mu He immediately yelled out.

Mu He obviously had to be loud. He had to use his authority to intimidate this teacher who discovered the problem.

However, Mrs. Tangyue wasn’t afraid at all. She looked as if she found something as she directly walked toward the Star Appraisal Stone.

“The Star Appraisal Stone has a problem, this examination has to be redone.” Mrs. Tangyue’s incomparably sharp gaze stared at the examiner.

The bald examiner was at loss on what to do, he hastily looked at Mu He.

Mu He was embarrassed. His expression appeared to be confused.

“What are you shocked about, go over there and take a look! We must give the examinees an impartial examination environment, if there’s a problem then we must immediately go and fix it,” the Principal said righteously.

The three examiners immediately went over to inspect, and they also quickly discovered the hidden Dark Stone.

“That’s weird. We’ve already inspected this before, how could something like this pop up from nowhere?” another examiner said in astonishment.

Whenever a student’s examination was over, they would inspect it again. When Mu Bai had finished, the person who had gone over to examine the stone was precisely the bald examiner.

This time, the bald examiner was really scared! Covering up for someone framing others on the examination, that was a big crime.

* * *

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

*[advantage]: by having their erection in contact with her

*[ cent bills]: China has cents in bills called jiao

*[Guoshu]: Guo here means country and shu means technique

*[ 190 centimeters]: Over 6ft tall

*[Lake Cui]: Cui Hu, also means Green Lake

*[hundred dyuan bills]: 100yuan is their biggest bill

*[Daoist Fierce Tiger]: The author of this novel

*[Noodles]: made of wheat

*[Rice Noodles]: made of rice

*[Zhang Tian Tian]: Tian means sweet

*[Bajiquan]: Also known as Eight Extremities Fist, but Bajiquan sounds nicer to me

*[Long Taos]: side characters in Chinese operas who perform acrobatics and fight scenes

*[12.47 to 13.07]: don’t ask me about the tree sap

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