Chapter 39: You Are Not the One I Have Been Waiting For

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Chapter 39: You Are Not the One I Have Been Waiting For

Hua Fengliu did not expect Ye Futian to be so determined. He even left his last words.

He tried to run toward Ye Futian’s direction but was blocked by the sword-storm, cutting off his advance.

“Ye Futian! You get back here right now!” screamed Hua Fengliu.

“You should worry about yourself,” suggested the Arcana Plane cultivator dressed in black. His body was surrounded by the endless sword-storm. When he swiped his arms forward, a row of swords appeared, all charging at Hua Fengliu.

“Get lost!” raged Hua Fengliu. An invisible force descended upon him, and the row of swords stopped right before they were able to pierce him. The swords shook violently in mid-air.

While the two were in this deadlock, Hua Fengliu saw Shi Zhong, Eagle Eyes, and Tang Lin jump down into the canyon to chase after Ye Futian. His heart convulsed.

His long, black hair flowed without the wind blowing, the dust beneath his feet blew like a weird storm.

“I told you I have a bad temper, why did you have to provoke me?” Hua Fengliu’s voice was shaking. He felt extremely guilty. His life was just beginning; he couldn’t die.

A bright light emanated from Hua Fengliu. Then, the light gathered and formed the strings of a qin. From there, the entire instrument appeared in front of Hua Fengliu. At that moment, his aura began to grow, breaking Dharma into the Arcana Plane.

“Life Spirit. That’s impossible!” said the Arcana Plane swordsman. He quickly realized what was going on, and his expression changed. “Hua Fengliu, this is suicide!”

Hua Fengliu disregarded him, and began to strum the instrument with both hands. Music began to play. An abstract wave was released that pierced eardrums with a dragon-like roar. The swords formed with Spiritual Qi dissipated.

The Cangshan Dragon Chant. The swordsman could only stare at Hua Fengliu. The Cangshan Dragon Chant was a musical spell that the Qin Devil, Hua Fengliu, specialized in.

The swordsman watched as Hua Fengliu’s pace quickened; his music spread into his surroundings, and the sound waves created a force field, encapsulating everyone around. The force field made its way to the swordsman and Xia Fan.

BOOM! Xia Fan received a harsh attack and moaned in pain. His face was now pale.

“Be careful, this is his musical spell. Retreat!” shouted the swordsman. His sword raced toward Hua Fengliu once more.

Hua Fengliu’s fingers moved even faster. The sound of his instrument was magical, spreading far and wide.

“Kill him!” ordered Xia Fan, blood in his mouth. He felt as if he were about to explode. His people came to protect him in their retreat.

Everyone began to retreat, even Shi Zhong and Tang Lin, who were chasing Ye Futian.

“Kill,” muttered Hua Fengliu. His music continued, and an even stronger wave attacked Xia Fan. His people tried to use their Spiritual Qi to create a force field for his protection, but the wave was too strong. The force field was broken, and Xia Fan was hit once again. His face was now even more pale than before.

Shi Zhong, on the other hand, was not so lucky. Under the power of the music, he screamed in pain. He was killed by the power of Hua Fengliu’s instrument, bleeding from every orifice.

“The Qin Devil,” someone said. Many people had heard of this name, but seeing him in action made them realize how truly extraordinary Hua Fengliu was.

“Let’s go,” said the swordsman. Protecting himself with a force field, he went to Xia Fan’s side to retreat together.

Seeing this, Tang Mo and Gu Mu also ordered an evacuation. Qing Shuai led the Dark Qilin Knighthood away from this place of trouble. Hua Fengliu attempted to chase after his enemies, but stopped after taking a single step. He began to cough up blood. This was going to be the end of the legendary Qin Devil. He could no longer chase after them.

Even so, the sound of his instrument never ceased.

Ye Futian jumped down the canyon and felt the wind around him. Just as he was about to land he was swept up in the wind but not even the wind could defy gravity. He began to fall once more and Ye Futian felt no strength in his legs. Would he die like this?

He did not die but he did see the demons and monsters gather around him. They looked as if they wanted to swallow him alive.

“Are you trying to get yourself killed?” asked the Snow Ape. Just as he spoke, Ye Futian’s Thunder Dragon Spirit was released.

“Senior Dragon and I are linked by fate. I have my Life Spirit thanks to him, so I came to express my gratitude,” said Ye Futian loudly. He was not going to give up a chance to live even at a dead end like this.

Demons and monsters stormed towards him, not paying attention to anything he said. Ye Futian could smell blood. It came from the mouth of a demon boa. He was out of hope now.

PANG! A large hand smacked the demon boa far away. The Snow Ape stood in front of Ye Futian like a large mountain. It looked down on Ye Futian and asked “This Life Spirit. It was given to you by the old dragon?”

Ye Futian’s eyes twinkled and he spoke, “Last year when I was training on Mount Tianyao, Senior Dragon’s image appeared. After observing it, my Life Spirit was created.”

“You created the Life Spirit by observation?” The Snow Ape stared at Ye Futian. “Show me your Natal Spirit.”

Ye Futian nodded. The World Tree appeared. The ancient tree swayed in the wind, just like a real tree.

The Snow Ape shuddered, his eyes suddenly turning red. His large body fell to the ground, his head landing in front of Ye Futian.

“What’s wrong?” asked Ye Futian, withdrawing his Life Spirit. The Snow Ape looked extremely sad.

“Child,” the Snow Ape stuck out its finger to caress Ye Futian’s face. Tears formed in his large red eyes, and he began to cry. This was enough for Ye Futian to share his deep sadness.

“Why is it you?” the Snow Ape’s body shook as he continued to cry.

“Do you know me?” Ye Futian’s voice lowered, seemingly affected by the Snow Ape’s emotions.

“You poor child.” The Snow Ape was unable to pull himself out of his melancholic state. Slowly, he stood up, lifted his head, and let out an earth-shattering scream. His fists pounded down on his chest repeatedly. The Snow Ape’s scream resonated throughout the mountain, and the demons and monsters bowed down as they shook in fear. The Snow Ape then got down on his knees and gave Ye Futian a deep bow, one fit for royalty.

“Senior,” Ye Futian was dumbfounded. The demons and monsters of the canyon were bowing down to him.

“May you bring me back up there?” asked Ye Futian. He was worried about Hua Fengliu.

“Of course,” answered the Snow Ape. He lifted his head and held on to Ye Futian with his huge hands. His feet stomped down on the ground, shattering it, and in a second they were catapulted back to the peak of the mountain. The whole mountain shook along with their movements.

Letting go of Ye Futian, the Snow Ape placed him on the ground.

“Master!” Ye Futian’s heart squeezed at the sight of Hua Fengliu. He was still strumming away at his instrument, the strings now tainted with blood.

“Ye Futian,” called out Hua Fengliu. He could not believe his eyes; Ye Futian was safe and sound.

A chord snapped, and his instrument disappeared. Hua Fengliu spit out blood once again and fell to the ground.

“Master!” Ye Futian sprinted to his side and held Hua Fengliu in his arms.

“There’s someone over there,” the Snow Ape looked ahead. Ye Futian raised his head to see that the swordsman had returned. When he saw Ye Futian and the Snow Ape together, the swordsman’s heart pounded. How could it be?

“Kill him,” Ye Futian said coldly. The Snow Ape took big steps toward the swordsman, who began to run, but his speed was no match for the Snow Ape.

The Snow Ape gave out a loud growl and stomped down on the swordsman. Before his demise, he managed to shout out a warning to his companions, “RUN!”

Three roars came from the Snow Ape, and from a distance the swordsman’s companions shook in fear. What was the demon king doing outside the canyon?

Hua Fengliu’s life was hanging on by a thread, but he still smiled at Ye Futian. “Don’t worry, this isn’t enough to kill me. My powers were disabled once, doesn’t matter if it happens a second time.”

“I told you to leave me be, why did you do this? If I was already dead, then you would have died in vain,” shouted Ye Futian. His eyes were red.

“As your Master, I couldn’t just let you be driven to your death and do nothing about it. That’s humiliating,” laughed Hua Fengliu. “Besides, you know I have a bad temper.”

“So, you feel good about yourself now? Well, I’m pissed. If something had happened to you, what would I do about Fox?” asked Ye Futian.

“You would marry her,” chuckled Hua Fengliu. Ye Futian lowered his head, tears streaming down his face as he closed his eyes, in pain.

“Why are you crying? My daughter is beautiful! Are you not willing to marry her?” Hua Fengliu was acting as if nothing had happened.

“I’m crying because you messed up my life. If you die, then I don’t even get the chance to kick you to the curb when I’m successful,” said Ye Futian as he placed Hua Fengliu on his back, carrying him into the canyon.

“You make it sound like you got the short end of the stick here,” Hua Fengliu said from behind.

“Of course! If I become emperor, then you’re the emperor’s father-in-law,” Ye Futian answered nonchalantly. Hua Fengliu lifted his head to watch the sunset and smiled.

Yu Sheng approached them from the edge of the canyon. Ye Futian stared at him. “What are you trying to do now? Are you also trying to die with me by jumping off?”

“No,” replied Yu Sheng, shaking his head.

Ye Futian was even madder now. “What happened to being loyal to friends?”

“If you had died then I would have avenged you.” Yu Sheng lifted his head, finally looking Ye Futian in the eyes. His eyes were also red.

“Fine, I forgive you,” said Ye Futian. He looked over at the Snow Ape who had just returned. “Can you bring me to the statue?”

“Okay, but anyone who sees us together has to die,” said the Snow Ape seriously.

Ye Futian was shocked at his words and looked over at Yu Sheng. “They are some of my closest friends and family. Don’t even think about it. As for the others, leave it to me.”

The Snow Ape nodded and brought the three to the entrance of the statue.

Ye Futian pushed open the door and entered alone.

The inside was empty. All that was there was another statue of Emperor Ye Qing but this one was life-sized.

The Spiritual Qi inside was packed as if there was a matrix somewhere. When Ye Futian took a step inside, the matrix lit up by itself. It got brighter as endless amounts of Spiritual Qi rushed into the life-size statue. This caused the statue to break apart, releasing a virtual image. It was Emperor Ye Qing!

The two met eyes and Emperor Ye Qing spoke softly to ask, “What is your name, child?”

“Senior, my name is Ye Futian,” he answered. He was not sure why he felt so at peace even though the most legendary character in history was standing in front of him.

“We share a surname. Release your Life Spirit for me,” requested Emperor Ye Qing. Ye Futian did exactly that, as requested.

Upon seeing his Life Spirit, Emperor Ye Qing froze. Then, he let out a pained expression. It was the same reaction that the Snow Ape had, it seemed like he was about to cry.

His virtual image approached Ye Futian and embraced him. He then said, “My dear child. Why is it you? Why must it be you?”

His voice cracked as he cried. Ye Futian wanted to cry with him. Softly, he spoke, “Senior, haven’t you been waiting for me? Who exactly am I?”

“You are not the one I have been waiting for. I didn’t think it would be you.” His voice was filled with sadness. His virtual image returned to its original place. Emperor Ye Qing looked at Ye Futian with gentle eyes and told him, “Child, you are the future emperor of the Divine Prefectures. The ruler of the world.”

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