Chapter 36

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Chapter 36: The Crisis of Qingzhou City Has Doubled

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The ground of Qingzhou Academy kept shaking like an earthquake.

The bell sounded in the academy to call all the disciples. At the same time, along the perimeter of Mount Tianyao, the army of Dark Kylin spread out for the approaching enemy.

The words “Monster Tide” were being spread throughout the whole academy. Now the Dark Kylin Knighthood knew that Ye Futian was not joking. A monster tide was seriously approaching this place.

Mount Tianyao was such a vast place that no one knew exactly how many monsters were inside. If it was a minor tide, they could still hold it, but if it was a huge tide, the whole city could be destroyed.

When Ye Futian and the others arrived, they saw that the battle against the monsters had already begun. Countless monsters were gushing out of the mountain. People from the School of Martial Arts were standing at the frontlines, while the School of Sorcery released spells behind them. The whole mountain was neary engulfed in fire and the earth was fissured from the battle. The guards were just trying to lock down the entire place.

However, there were not only monsters running around on Mount Tianyao. A herd of demons was flying to the battleground as well, and they were about to launch an attack.

The big chiefs of the academy saw this from a distance, and they now looked extremely nervous. They realized that once the monsters broke through the front lines and attacked the city, they would be unstoppable.

“The whole city has now entered a state of siege. Inform the major families to protect the city together. Soldiers of Dark Kylin, I command you to spread out and secure the perimeter of Mount Tianyao,” Qin Shuai commanded, then the black Kylin under him flew to the herd of monsters that were flying toward the army.

“Dad!” Qin Yi was worried about her father.

“Girl, stay away from Mount Tianyao,” Qin Shuai told his daughter. Qin Yi was still worried about her father, and she was trying to follow him. Ye Futian yelled at her from behind, “Stay here! If you go with your father, you will just distract him!”

Qin Yi knew that he was right. She was only in the eighth Plane of Awakening of Martial Arts, and she was not strong enough to fight against the monsters.

“Ye Futian, what should we do now?” Qin Yi looked back at Ye Futian. She looked really flustered. They were practically pressed against each other.

Ye Futian felt Qin Yi’s nervousness. He blinked his eyes and asked, “Is there anything I can do to help?”

“…” Qin Yi realized that they were too close and suddenly blushed. She punched Ye Futian’s chest with her fist and cursed him, “You shameless bastard.”

She turned around to avoid further body contact. Ye Futian smiled and tried to comfort her. “Don’t worry. It’ll be fine, and so will your father.”

“I know.” Qin Yi nodded. She understood Ye Futian was just trying to soothe her feelings. “Just get off my side.” Her face was still red.

Ye Futian actually listened to her order this time. He looked into the distance, and he did not feel as assured as he seemed. This was a dangerous monster tide. The most he could do was comfort Ms. Qin, but he couldn’t help much besides that.

All the people in the city had been informed of the monster tide outburst. All the significant families were now deploying their military forces. This fight was related to the survival of the entire city, and no one would survive if they lost. The cultivators were also rushing to Mount Tianyao to help secure the perimeter. If they didn’t, once the monsters broke through the guards, their homes would be destroyed.

Inside the city, a remarkable troop was marching towards Qingzhou Academy. The troop was made up of foot soldiers and knights. The ground was shaking from the force of their marching, and the people who saw them were shocked.

Some of them are the Municipal Guard of this city, some are the soldiers of the Murong Family. But who are the other guys? People were curious about this mysterious army.

Some people noticed the symbols on their robes, and suddenly they sensed the danger.

“They are the powerful warriors and mages from the Heiyan Academy!”

“How could that happen? The City of Heiyan is our nemesis. Why are the Municipal Guard soldiers with the army from the City of Heiyan?”

“I don’t know.” People were now extremely nervous about this army. The monster tide was going to attack the city soon, but the Qingzhou Municipal Guard was not protecting the city with the Dark Kylin Knighthood. In fact, they were marching with soldiers from the City of Heiyan. The City of Qingzhou truly was in danger.

This mighty troop was directly approaching Qingzhou Academy. When they arrived, the people of Qingzhou Academy were still fighting against the monsters with the Dark Kylin Knighthood.

Such a huge army soon attracted the attention from all the people who were fighting. A lot of students froze when they saw the newcomers on the battleground.

“Wei Meng.” Qin Shuai stepped out and stared at Wei Meng, the Lord of the City of Qingzhou. His face was ghastly pale. “You released the monsters from Mount Tianyao, and are now working along with the people from City of Heiyan. This is your territory!”

“I don’t understand you. What I’m doing now is completely under orders,” Wei Meng said in a cold voice.

“Xia Fan, what are you doing exactly?” Qin Shuai noticed that Xia Fan was in the crowd. An evil light flickered across Xia Fan’s eyes. He was looking at Qin Shuai with contempt. He believed that Qin Shuai was only the commander of a private troop of a small city and shouldn’t be allowed to talk to him in such a rude manner.

“Where is the Headmaster of Qingzhou Academy?” Xia Fan ignored Qin Shuai’s question. He looked over the Qingzhou Academy group for the Headmaster. The Headmaster stepped out of the crowd. His hair was all white and gray, and it was apparent that he was over the age of seventy. However, he still looked graceful. He was the Headmaster of Qingzhou Academy, Gu Mu. He had left the school business for others long ago and focused on his cultivation. In fact, without the monster tide, he would not have even shown up in this place.

“Mr. Xia, the Lord of East Sea Prefecture, why are you here?” Gu Mu asked Xia Fan.

“Mount Tianyao has been a potential danger for the City of Qingzhou for many years. As the Lord of Donghai Province, I have come here as soon as possible to consult with the City Lord about how to defuse the situation. Therefore, I have summoned the army of the Municipal Guard, the Murong Family, and the City of Heiyan. We are going to break into Mount Tianyao, and we need your cooperation.” Xia Fan laughed.

Gu Mu didn’t believe his explanation. However, the crisis of this city had doubled. They were now surrounded by the monsters and the army. If he said no to Xia Fan, they might all be wiped out.

“Okay, we will cooperate,” Gu Mu answered.

“I believe Mr. Gu is making this decision for the good of the city. General Qin is the ultimate guard of this city, and I believe you agree with Mr. Gu, right?” Xia Fan looked at Qin Shuai again.

“You are shameless.” All the people of Qingzhou Academy were cursing Xia Fan in their hearts. They looked at him with contempt.

“You have summoned quite a lot of powerful people from the City of Heiyan. What promise did you make to them?” Qin Shuai asked Xia Fan.

“General, they’re merely here to help. There are absolutely no conditions involved. Now, I know you’re on edge, but I hope you can settle your attitude,” Xia Fan said arrogantly. He had summoned a lot of influential people from the East Sea Prefecture and the City of Heiyan, so he had the advantage now.

“Okay,” Qin Shuai agreed reluctantly. He knew that there must be some conspiracy occurring under the table. However, with reinforcements breaking into Mount Tianyao, they could actually push the frontline and minimize the damage to the City of Qingzhou. In fact, if he didn’t agree and the two groups fought against each other right here, the result would be even worse.

“Then, let’s go now.” Xia Fan smiled.

“Mr. Xia, I want someone from Qingzhou Academy,” a man from Heiyan asked Xia Fan.

“Who is it?” Xia Fan smiled.

The middle-aged man looked through the crowd of Qingzhou Academy and his eyes targeted Ye Futian.

Ye Futian suddenly had a bad feeling about it. This middle-aged man was the same man with eagle’s eyes who had led the intruders to Qingzhou Academy last time.

“Ye Futian, have you quit the academy yet?” The eagle-eyed man asked him.

“What do you mean?” Ye Futian responded with a smile.

“Last time I invited you to Heiyan Academy, you turned me down. I believe you won’t mind if I raise this question again.”

“I did quit the academy, but I already have my own master, so I’m sorry that I still have to turn you down this time,” Ye Futian answered.

“Who is so lucky to be your master?” He kept asking.

“I am,” Hua Fengliu responded from the crowd.

“It’s okay. In fact, Heiyan Academy is still willing to accept you even though you already have a master.” The eagle-eyed man would not let him go easily.

“Heiyan Academy is making a really generous gesture, and I believe Mr. Hua, the Guqin Devil, would not prevent this, right?” Xia Fan also tried to persuade Hua Fengliu. He had not anticipated that Heiyan Academy would be looking for Ye Futian.

“He’s too good for your academy,” Hua Fengliu said peacefully.

In the Heiyan Academy crowd, an old man whose eyes had been closed for a long time suddenly opened his eyes and asked, “Hua Fengliu, you want to fight?”

“Mr. Hua, you’re just causing me trouble.” Xia Fan laughed, and the army around him stepped forward. They definitely had not dared to mess with Hua Fengliu when he was young. But now, since his natal spirit had been destroyed, they didn’t fear him anymore.

Hua Fengliu began condensing power and preparing to attack. However, Ye Futian suddenly started laughing, “You know what? I feel so honored you keep inviting me to your academy. I’ve changed my mind, and I believe Mr. Hua will not stop me, right?”

Hua Fengliu glanced at him. He knew that this boy was really shrewd and there must have been a reason he suddenly changed his mind. He agreed and said, “Okay, I don’t mind, but your academy must make sure he is safe. Otherwise, you will taste my rage.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Hua.” The eagle-eyed man was happy. Ye Futian had defeated someone as talented as Yun Tianhao. There were only two options for Heiyan Academy: either accept him or kill him.

Yu Sheng stepped forward. Ye Futian knew that he was trying to stop this decision. He shook his head, and Yu Sheng stopped. However, Yu Sheng was still angry and confused.

A young girl and a young man came out of the Heiyan Group. The girl smiled and greeted Ye Futian, “Now that you have been accepted by our academy, come over here!”

Ye Futian nodded and walked toward the Heiyan group. He ogled the body of the young girl and said, “If I knew there was a girl so beautiful in your academy, I would have said yes the last time.”

“You’re a smooth talker, boy.” The sexy girl laughed.

“Please take good care of me in the future.” Ye Futian naturally held the girl in his arms, and the girl also seemed to feel comfortable. She laughed even harder, “Of course I will, you cute boy.”

“You shameless bastard.” The people of Qingzhou Academy were swearing at Ye Futian.


“How could a student of our academy be so off color?” People kept cursing him. Qin Yi looked sad about what had just happened.

Xia Fan was jeering at all of this. He believed Hua Fengliu must be extremely embarrassed now, seeing the boyfriend of his daughter betray the academy and flirt with another girl.

However, he was surprised that Hua Fengliu was still calm. It almost seemed like Hua Fengliu had no idea about the relationship between Ye Futian and his daughter. Xia Fan believed it was possible. Otherwise, Hua Fengliu would have been furious.

Still, he wondered how such a lame boy could get Hua Jieyu to fall in love with him.

What he did not know was that Hua Fengliu was calm because he knew Ye Futian all too well.

“Okay, let’s head in there,” Xia Fan made the command. He seemed to be pretty satisfied with all that had happened.

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