Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: The First Awakening of Love

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The Ye family gathered to spend New Year’s Eve together with a feast. Feng Ruhai’s family came to visit as well. Even though the two families had been good friends for decades, it was the first time Feng Ruhai had come to visit on New Year’s Eve.

“Uncle Feng,” Ye Futian greeted Feng Ruhai, then sat in between Ye Xiaoqin and Ye Mo.

“You will officially be sixteen years old after tonight, Ye Futian. You look more and more handsome,” Feng Ruhai complimented. As a result of the constant cultivation that Ye Futian was going through, he now looked more charming than ever. He had become a thin young man with a handsome face, like a model.

Feng Qingxue kept looking at Ye Futian from afar. She still couldn’t forget what had happened at the academy one month before, when the young man had been standing with another beautiful girl in the snow, and they fought against the authority together. Ye Futian had used to make fun of her all the time, and she had believed that this boy would be around her forever. But now, there was a certain distance between them.

What if… she had never talked to Ye Futian in that horrible manner?

“This boy has only inherited about thirty percent of my looks,” Ye Baichuan said. “But Qingxue is growing ever more beautiful, she’s just too gorgeous to be your blood,” Ye Baichuan joked. Feng Ruhai was speechless, so he gave Ye Baichuan a stare.

“Stop boasting. Why have these kids not gotten engaged?” Ye Rong, Ye Futian’s aunt, smiled and cut into the conversation.

Ye Futian was shocked by this while panic flashed across Feng Qingxue’s eyes. She lowered her head to avoid the glances cast on her.

Feng Ruhai looked at Ye Futian, and Ye Rong kept talking, “Brother, why are you looking at him? I know this boy so well. Really, he would be laughing all night if Qingxue said yes to this engagement.”

“Yes, yes, Ye Futian loves beautiful girls.” Ye Xiaoqin was speaking for her mother.

“Looks like you’re getting lucky, bro.” Ye Mo mumbled to Ye Futian. Ye Futian felt awkward that no one had even bothered to ask what his opinion was.

“Qingxue, my girl, what do you say?” Ye Rong looked at Feng Qingxue. Feng Qingxue’s face turned red from all the attention. She snuck a look at Ye Futian and soon was reminded of the time when another girl was standing up for Ye Futian. She suddenly felt disappointed and shook her head, “He’s too good for me, Aunt Ye.”

She had just rejected the suggestion.

Ye Rong was a bit embarrassed but she smiled and said, “It’s fine. You’re still young, and there is enough time for you to foster your relationship.”

“Nah, it’s not happening.” Ye Xiaoqin was trying to relieve her cousin.

“That’s too bad, bro.” Ye Mo mumbled to his cousin.

“Futian, you need to work harder, and I believe Qingxue will finally accept you someday,” Ye Dongliu, Ye Futian’s uncle, also said. They all thought that Ye Futian had just been rejected by the girl. Ye Futian remained silent and nodded. Actually, he didn’t care about what the others were thinking.

Soon, someone approached the Ye home. A guard from the house came in with a message. “Someone is looking for Mr. Ye Futian outside the door.”

“For me?” Ye Futian had no idea who it was.

“Go ahead,” Ye Baichuan told him.

“Sure,” Ye Futian nodded and followed the guard.

After he left, Ye Rong started talking with Feng Qingxue again, “Qingxue, you guys have grown up together for so many years. Just give him some time and a chance to prove himself.”

Feng Qingxue was now even more embarrassed. Still, she was curious about who was waiting outside.

Right at that moment, Ye Futian stepped out of the door, he recognized the gorgeous figure waiting outside quietly. He was so surprised that suddenly a bright smile showed up on his face: “Wow, you missed me?”

Hua Jieyu glared at him and said, “Dad told me that the city would be lively tonight, so I thought I should go out for a walk. I noticed that this is the Ye’s place, so I was wondering if it was your home. It looks like I guessed right.”

“Wow, such a coincidence.” Ye Futian fluttered his lashes, and he looked at the girl with a weird expression like he was concealing his laughter. Deep inside, he felt really surprised by this unexpected visit.

“Mind if I join you for the walk?” Ye Futian asked.

“I’m right outside your home. Why don’t you be a friendly host and invite me inside?” The cute manner in which Hua Jieyu asked the question almost melted Ye Futian’s heart.

“Uh…” Ye Futian was surprised by this offer. Bringing a girl home on New Year’s Eve was like…meeting the parents for an engagement?

“You’re not willing to?” Hua Jieyu asked with a smile, sensing the boy’s embarrassment.

“How could I say no? Even if you’re ugly, I would still be willing to bring you to meet my family.” Ye Futian was picking on her, and Hua Jieyu pretended that she was mad about the joke.

She smiled at Ye Futian and condensed the power around her again: “Ugly? Huh?”

“Gentlemen never fight!” Ye Futian felt the threat in her gesture. He turned back and ran.

“Am I a ugly? Tell me!” Hua Jieyu chased after him, laughing.

“Fine, what if I call you my pretty wife?” Ye Futian responded.

“Ye Futian!”

They ran away.

The guards exchanged glances. One said with awe, “Jesus, he’s so good with girls.”

“Too good,” another guy agreed.

This fairy-like girl just asked to meet the parents? They realized that being shameless was somehow attractive to girls, even beautiful ones like Hua Jieyu.

Hua Jieyu and Ye Futian walked into the feast together. Hua Jieyu asked him, “Is your whole family here for New Years?”

“Yes, it’s our tradition.” Ye Futian nodded, and soon they were beside the table. People in the room were quite shocked that Ye Futian had brought a gorgeous girl to the table at this specific moment.

“What a beautiful girl!” Ye Mo was shocked by his cousin.

Ye Rong blinked. She looked at Hua Jieyu, then Feng Qingxue. She had to admit that the newcomer was so much more beautiful.

Feng Qingxue had never imagined that Hua Jieyu would just show up at the Ye family’s home at that particular moment, in such a meaningful situation. She felt extremely disappointed. She lowered her head and clenched the hem of her skirt in her hands.

“Futian, introduce the girl please,” Ye Rong said.

“This is Hua Jieyu,” Ye Futian started introducing, “She is… Uh… My professor’s daughter.”

“Professor’s daughter?”

The people smiled and some type of ‘understanding’ showed in their eyes. Hua Jieyu’s cheeks turned a bit hot and even felt a little panic but she did not reject this feeling. In fact, she even felt happy about it.

“Why are you still standing there? Come have a seat.” Ye Baichuan soon recognized who she was. He had a feeling that something was going on between this girl and his son when they had met after the Fall Quarter Exam. However, he never anticipated that his son was good enough to successfully bring her back home in such a short time.

Ye Mo gave his spot to Hua Jieyu so that she could sit next to Ye Futian. After the introduction, Hua Jieyu started greeting the family members one by one in a sweet manner.

Ye Futian was surprised. She had never treated him in such a manner before.

“Hey, Ye Futian, how did you manage to trick her into coming here?” Ye Xiaoqin asked her cousin.

“My amazing looks, obviously.” Ye Futian smiled at his cousin. Ye Xiaoqin looked at her cousin with contempt. No matter how handsome he was, the girl sitting next to him had no match. In fact, Ye Xiaoqin never imagined that there could be a girl as beautiful as Hua Jieyu.

After sitting down, Hua Jieyu did nothing but sit there quietly. However, the whole atmosphere had changed since her arrival. Soon after, Feng Qingxue mumbled to her father, “Dad, I’m full now. Let’s just go home.”

“Okay,” Feng Ruhai nodded. Then the Feng family said goodbye and left. Ye Rong noticed that Feng Qingxue’s eyes avoided the boy and girl sitting together. She suddenly realized that what Feng Qingxue had said was right, rather than an excuse for rejection.

“Dad, Mom, I’m going to take Jieyu out for a walk,” Ye Futian said.

“Sure, go ahead. Take care of her,” Ye Baichuan responded.

“Sure, we will,” Ye Futian answered, then they left the house together.

Colorful fireworks were everywhere above the city, and the area of Qingzhou Lake had the best view of them all. People were rafting in the lake, some of them families, and others couples. The restaurants on the shore were full of people. All of them were enjoying the beautiful scenery while drinking.

“It’s beautiful here.” Hua Jieyu and Ye Futian had come to a stop. While looking at the scenery around them, the happiness could be read in the girl’s eyes.

“It is not as beautiful as you are,” Ye Futian said. Hua Jieyu gave him a spiteful glance, but deep inside she was happy from being complimented like this. She had never felt this unique happiness before.

This was apparently the first awakening of love for the sixteen-year-old girl.

Hua Jieyu walked all around the place. There was a lot of entertainment going on. Lantern riddles, magic tricks… Ye Futian kept following her. The cute smile on her face suddenly melted all the depression he had had these days. He finally realized that he could not be at peace without her. They had only spent three months together, but it was such a joyful time that they were already attached to each other without realizing it.

On the shore of the lake, Hua Jieyu saw many tourists placing wish lanterns onto the water. She bought one, put it on the lake, closed her eyes, and made her wish.

“I’m done,” she opened her eyes and told Ye Futian.

“What was your wish?” Ye Futian asked.

“I’m not telling you,” Hua Jieyu smiled at him. Then she looked at the sky, where the bright fireworks show was going on, and mumbled to Ye Futian, “Are we in a relationship now?

“Uh…” Ye Futian hesitated. He had not expected to be asked like this. “What kind of relationship?” Ye Futian blinked his eyes.

Hua Jieyu looked up at the sky rather than at Ye Futian. But in the next moment, Ye Futian felt a tender hand touch his arm as if looking for something.

Ye Futian reached over and grabbed the hand. A smile appeared on his lips. Feeling the softness of the hand, he squeezed it a little.

Hua Jieyu blushed. She mumbled, “That kind of relationship .”

Ye Futian closed his eyes, then opened them again. Together, they enjoyed the bright fireworks together, holding hands, like all happy couples would do.

It was the first time Ye Futian realized that a fox could be so cute and silly!

It seemed like time had stopped and everything had fallen silent. Neither of them spoke to the other. However, Ye Futian believed that the smile on Hua Jieyu’s face was even brighter than the fireworks.

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