Chapter 2333 - Practicing Faith

Chapter 2333: Practicing Faith

The eight cultivators from the Ancient God Clan included the heir of Haotian the Great from the Haotian Clan of the Nantian Domain, the successor of the Vajra Region of the Vajra Domain, the heir of Yuanshi the Great from the Yuanshi Domain, and the successor of West Imperial Palace from the West Sea Domain. Together with Ye Futian, they formed a super powerful lineup. Their mission was to break through the Battle Matrix of the Rocks set up by the Lost Clan.

All the other cultivators put on serious expressions. They were full of anticipation and were eager to witness the battle.

The cultivators from the Divine Prefecture were especially excited about this battle. This lineup was terrifying. The cultivators chosen to join the battle were definitely the strongest ones among all the eighth-tier Renhuangs. Their abilities went without question.

Ye Futian was the only seventh-tier Renhuang in the team. However, based on his glorious record, the crowd speculated that even though he was only at the seventh-tier, his combat ability would most likely not be any weaker than that of those monstrous eighth-tier figures.

The crowd here had yet to hear about Ye Futian defeating Xiao Mu, a disciple of the Devil Emperor. Many of the cultivators here had long arrived on this continent. The cultivators from the Devil World arrived in the Original Realm much later. Besides that, they only came to this continent after Xiao Mu was defeated by Ye Futian.

If the crowd had heard of the news, they would not have any doubts about Ye Futian’s combat ability at all. As the top monstrous figure who had defeated a direct disciple of the Devil Emperor, Ye Futian showed no sign of inferiority when standing among this powerful lineup.

The white-robed cultivator who invited the rest to join the team was Hua Junlai from the Haotian Clan of the Nantian Domain. The Haotian Clan was part of the Ancient God Clan; they received an inheritance from Haotian the Great. Hua Junlai was the heir of the Great Emperor. His name was renowned far and wide in the Nantian Domain. He was definitely a leader.

Moreover, he showed an understanding of the top forces from various domains. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have directly invited the cultivators from the Ancient God Clan of various domains to join him in battle.

Aside from Ye Futian, the eight powerful cultivators who were selected all had powerful backgrounds. Their families could be considered among the most terrifying forces in the Divine Prefecture.

“Members of the Lost Clan, let us begin,” Hua Junlai greeted the nine great cultivators of the Lost Clan. Then, an extremely powerful aura of the Great Path emanated from his figure. It was not just him. From other locations, frightening auras of the Great Path burst forth.

The instant these auras of the Great Path radiated outwards, and intense rumbling of the Great Path could be heard, causing the surrounding space to tremble. Radiant divine light similarly shone from Ye Futian’s divine body. The power of the Great Path inside his body roared. He swept a glance at the people around him. They stood at nine different locations. Sensing the strength of their power, Ye Futian speculated that the battle matrix of the Lost Clan would most likely fall to them.

It was completely different this time. The nine people this time were all top monstrous existences. There was no discrepancy in their strength. Once all of them attacked at the same time, their power would be unparalleled.

From his observation of the previous battle, the strength of the Battle Matrix of the Rocks lay in the fact that nine people acted as one. Even if one location was faced with the fiercest of attacks, the other parts of the matrix could instantly compensate and reach an equilibrium, ensuring that the battle matrix survived.

However, if the entire battle matrix was attacked by the nine great cultivators’ most powerful attacks simultaneously, there was still a chance that it would be instantly shattered. Now, the nine of them had the ability to do so. It was because of this that Ye Futian decided to join the fight. Since the result was already determined, and the Lost Clan would not prevent the rest of them from entering the space, it was convenient for him to occupy one of the nine spots.

This time, the nine great cultivators of the Lost Clan had unprecedented, serious looks. They formed seals with their hands. Immediately, the sound of the Great Path could be heard. Illusory figures of ancient gods formed. They blocked out the sky and sealed off the space. Like before, the ancient gods were everywhere, sealing off this part of the sky. The nine great cultivators were all trapped within the matrix.

The Lost Clan immediately started the battle with the power that they had demonstrated in the latter part of the previous battle. From this, it was apparent that they took the cultivators from the Divine Prefecture seriously.

“Everyone, how about we break it with one strike?” asked Hua Junlai. Since they wanted to break through the Battle Matrix of the Rocks, it was meaningless to waste any more time. If they wanted to break through it, they might as well destroy it with one strike by unleashing absolute power. Trying to wear it down like the previous nine people was meaningless.

“Agreed,” someone responded. Immediately, the unparalleled power of the Great Path gathered around the nine of them. They were trapped in this vast space, yet judging from the brilliant imperial glories around them, one could still sense how powerful they were.

A majestic and divine figure appeared behind Hua Junlai. It was the illusory figure of a Great Emperor. It was as though the Great Emperor himself had descended on earth. A shocking power erupted from Hua Junlai. His white robes fluttered while his long hair danced in the wind. He raised his arm, and the illusory figure of the Great Emperor followed suit. A gigantic palm instantly smashed towards the other party. The gigantic palm glowed brightly with divine light, and it caused the entire space to quake. It was as though the palm could directly shatter the space.

At the same time, the cultivators who stood in different directions also unleashed their attacks. The successor of the Vajra Region pointed at the sky. His finger kept expanding as though it was a finger of the god of the Vajra Region. The finger was indestructible and could penetrate through all things.

The cultivator from Yuanshi Palace waved his arm. Billions of Swords of Catastrophe immediately materialized in the sky. They lined up to form a mighty matrix of Swords of Catastrophe and rained down like the wrath of a god.

The other five cultivators also attacked. Each and every attack was overbearing. Ye Futian didn’t stand idly too. A menacing aura burst forth from his body of the Great Path. His body transformed into swordsmanship. When he pointed a finger forward, countless divine swords in the heavens and the earth resonated and rang as Sword Will coalesced to form the Fleeting Divine Sword. It then charged towards one of the illusory figures of the ancient gods summoned by the cultivators of the Lost Clan.

All nine of them attacked at the same time. In other places, very few could withstand any of their attacks. With all of them unleashing their attacks at once, how frightening would their collective power be?

When the attacks landed on their targets, the shattering sound of pieces breaking apart could be heard. Cracks immediately appeared in the sealed space. Furthermore, the cracks kept propagating outwards. Then, the sealed space disintegrated. The figures of the ancient gods also exploded and turned to dust. The sky seemed to be collapsing.

The matrix had been broken. The crowd felt their hearts tremble. As expected, even the sturdy Battle Matrix of the Rocks could not withstand the attacks of the top nine figures from the Divine Prefecture. The matrix was close to perfect in terms of defense; however, it was no match for these nine cultivators. Every one of them was a top existence who could rule over a region.

Ye Futian had mixed feelings when he saw the sealed space collapsing. He was interested in testing out the Battle Matrix of the Rocks, but actually, he was unwilling to become an enemy of the Lost Clan. He found the faith practiced by the cultivators of the Lost Clan admirable.

Unfortunately, the cultivators from the Divine Prefecture were determined to succeed in this mission. They would not pass up on the chance of cultivating in the secret zone. They were willing to put together such a strong lineup to break through this grand matrix.

Just when everyone else thought that the matrix had been broken, the elder of the Lost Clan had a calm expression. He sighed inside as he glanced at the nine great cultivators of the Lost Clan.

The next moment, the nine great cultivators of the Lost Clan shut their eyes. Divine lights shot out from their glabellas and converged at the same point. A solemn sound of the Great Path echoed. The atmosphere of the vast space suddenly changed.

Then, the crowd witnessed the shattered space coalesce once again. The Battle Matrix of the Rocks was repairing itself.

What was happening? The surrounding cultivators had puzzled expressions. Divine light shone brightly from the nine great cultivators of the Lost Clan. Their flesh turned somewhat illusory, as though their entire beings were merging into this space of the Great Path. They transformed into ancient gods as their wills and spirits were pushed to their utmost limit.

Ye Futian’s eyes narrowed when he heard the solemn sound of the Great Path. He turned his gaze towards the nine great cultivators of the Lost Clan. A sense of uneasiness welled up inside of him.

They were…

Ye Futian suddenly thought of the faith held dear by the cultivators of the Lost Clan – they would transform their flesh into rocks and protect the continent.

At this very moment, could it be that they were still practicing their faith?