Chapter 2332 - Invitation to Battle

Chapter 2332: Invitation to Battle

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The various cultivators all looked at the person who had spoken. He clearly wanted to break through the Battle Matrix of the Rocks for him to have stepped forward. He also wanted to select people to follow him to break through the matrix. Obviously, he placed great importance in the Battle Matrix of the Rocks, and his true colors were showing.

This cultivator was from the Ancient God Clan of the Nantian Domain in the Divine Prefecture. He was an existence with exceptional ability.

He turned down the cultivators who had proactively stepped forward just now. He believed that the other party was unworthy of standing side-by-side with him in battle. If that were the case, the people that he wanted to select would certainly be figures of the same level as him. Was he planning to choose the most brilliant figures of the Divine Prefecture to follow him into battle?

If so, it was indeed possible for them to break through the Battle Matrix of the Rocks.

Among the cultivators here today, the lineup of cultivators from the Divine Prefecture was indeed the strongest. After all, in name, the Original Realm was still under the rule of the Donghuang Imperial Palace of the Divine Prefecture. The top forces of the 18 domains in the Divine Prefecture had all come here, including the Domain Chief’s Manors as well as the Ancient God Clan. Hence, it was possible to choose nine of the finest eighth-tier Renhuangs from among the various forces of the 18 domains.

The white-robed cultivator’s gaze shifted in a different direction. In that direction, a group of figures was radiating with golden divine halos. They were dazzling to behold, but their appearances were not outstanding. They quietly stood there, but they gave off an unshakable vibe. The temperament of these people was even similar to that of the nine great cultivators of the Lost Clan.

The gazes of many cultivators also turned to look in that direction. Ye Futian and the cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Academy were not familiar with the top forces of the Divine Prefecture. However, in the Divine Prefecture, many forces knew something about each other. When they saw this group of people, many cultivators from the top forces of the Divine Prefecture knew their identity.

They were from the strongest force from the Vajra Domain of the 18 domains in the Divine Prefecture. They were also part of the Ancient God Clan and had inherited the teachings of a Great Emperor.

When they saw the gaze of the white-robed youth, a cultivator from among this force walked out. He seemed to understand the intention in the other party’s gaze. The skin of this cultivator appeared golden. His eyes shone with a sharp, golden divine light. He looked at the white-robed cultivator and said, “If that is the case, let us experience the Battle Matrix of the Rocks of the Lost Clan together.”

The white-robed cultivator nodded his head slightly. He shifted his gaze again and looked in another direction. This time, he looked towards the cultivators of a top force from the Yuanshi Domain. Similarly, a cultivator immediately walked out from there. This time, the cultivator who emerged seemed older and gave off an otherworldly air. However, no one dared to underestimate him.

The cultivators from the Dark World, the Devil World, the Human Realm as well as the other worlds watched all of this quietly. They all realized that the Divine Prefecture was preparing to send their strongest lineup into battle. Among the eighth-tier Renhuangs, even though they might not be the strongest group, they would definitely be considered the finest. They were adamant about breaking through the Battle Matrix of the Rocks.

Right now, even the cultivators of the Lost Clan had serious expressions. They seemed to have realized the resolve of the other party. Although they were confident in the Battle Matrix of the Rocks, they did not dare underestimate this group.

Each cultivator who stepped forward made the cultivators of the Lost Clan feel slightly pressured. Any one of them could prove a match for Xiao Mu.

After that, the gaze of the white-robed cultivator continued to wander among the crowd. More and more people emerged. Not long after, seven cultivators had stepped forward. Including the white-robed youth himself, there were eight powerful cultivators.

When some of the forces of the Divine Prefecture saw these eight powerful cultivators, they had serious looks. If such a lineup could not break through the Battle Matrix of the Rocks, it would most likely be impossible for the other cultivators of the Divine Prefecture to do so.

There was still one more candidate to be chosen. Who would he choose?

The white-robed cultivator’s gaze landed in one direction. The various cultivators followed his gaze. Many of them revealed strange expressions when they saw where he was looking. He was actually looking in the direction where the cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Academy were. The person that he was looking at was similarly clad in white robes. His hair was also white like his robes, and he appeared extremely handsome.


Many people revealed strange looks. His cultivation was only at the seventh-tier. For the final candidate, this monstrous figure of the Nantian Domain had actually chosen him?

“I have heard that you are the top monstrous figure of the Original Realm. Would you be willing to join us in battle?” asked the white-robed youth. As expected, he was officially extending an invitation to this person. The final candidate he had chosen was Ye Futian.

This also surprised Ye Futian. His cultivation was only at the seventh-tier Renhuang Plane. The people that the other party had chosen before this were all eighth-tier Renhuangs. He could not figure out why the white-robed cultivator had chosen him as the last candidate.

However, he naturally knew that his own combat ability was sufficiently powerful. At the very least, he would not hold them back. After all, not long ago, he had defeated an eighth-tier demonic emperor and one of the direct disciples of the Devil Emperor, Xiao Mu. Hence, he was certainly qualified to join the battle.

“Isn’t it a little rash for him to be the ninth candidate?” said a cultivator who had stepped forward before this. Although he also knew that Ye Futian was the top monstrous figure of the Original Realm, he was still a seventh-tier Renhuang.

If Ye Futian was also an eighth-tier Renhuang like them, inviting him to join the battle was unquestionable. However, given that he was a seventh-tier Renhuang, he seemed to be out of place. The eight of them who came forward were all prominent figures renowned far and wide. It was not just in a city or a domain; even in the entire Divine Prefecture, they were still monstrous figures who stood at the peak.

If the seventh-tier Ye Futian were to join them in battle, he would be a misfit.

“I believe in Renhuang Ye’s ability,” said the white-robed cultivator. His temperament was otherworldly. He was still looking at Ye Futian, seemingly awaiting Ye Futian’s answer.

Ye Futian contemplated this as he looked at the other party. After a short while in deep thought, he then nodded his head and said, “Alright.”

As he said this, he stepped forward. He also wanted to experience how powerful the Battle Matrix of the Rocks was.

With their current lineup, Ye Futian realized that it might truly be possible to break through the Battle Matrix of the Rocks. Even without him, the possibility of doing so was still the same.

Since it was so, there was no harm in him participating.

He stepped forward, and immediately the gazes of the group from the Divine Prefecture landed on him. The other seven powerful cultivators were naturally curious towards the top monstrous figure of the Original Realm. As a seventh-tier Renhuang, he actually came forward to join the eight of them in battle.

All around them, the cultivators of the various forces of the Divine Prefecture looked towards the battlefield. They glanced across the nine cultivators. Every one of them was a prominent monstrous figure. They would certainly develop and become the group of people that stood at the very top of the Divine Prefecture. They might even control a top force and gain great authority in the future.

This group of people had joined forces to challenge the cultivators of the Lost Clan and break through the Battle Matrix of the Rocks.

With this lineup, could they break through it?