Chapter 40 Fang Yun counterattack

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Fang Yun quickly slithered through the branches, jumping from one to the other.

A lot of fruits flew from behind, either landing on a branch and making a loud noise or landing on him and making him uncomfortable.

Fang Yun couldn’t help but laugh at himself.

“I didn’t expect that the monkeys that I considered food would actually force me to flee.”

These hard fruits won’t bring him any injury, let alone threaten his life, but even so, those fruits striking on his body made him very uncomfortable.

There were even a few fruits that almost landed on his eyes, forcing him to dodge.

The group of monkeys in the rear, seeing that Fang Yun is fleeing, all let a joyful cheer, but they did not stop there, instead, they continued to chase him while throwing hard fruits.

”Damn, do they really think that I’m that easy of a target.”

Fang Yun was very annoyed, these monkeys unrestrained and mad act infuriated him.

They are just like a group of mosquitoes flying around him, biting from time to time, most individuals will get angry, not to mention that Fang Yun isn’t a kind-hearted and forgiving person, after all, someone with that nature will not survive for long in the jungle.

Coming to a full stop, Fang Yun planned to turn around and catch a monkey to vent his anger.

The “fruit grenade” of these monkeys is indeed fierce, most snakes won’t last much under the continuous strike of these “grenades”, but Fang Yun scales have been reinforced. He certainly can go head-on even with these fruits constantly impacting him.

“At most, I will suffer a little pain.” Fang Yun thought.

Of course, after this monkey group discovered him, it’s almost impossible to catch any monkey, but Fang Yun didn’t care anymore, he is already very infuriated, all he wanted is to catch these smug monkeys and teach them respect.

Just as he prepared to turn around and attack the monkeys, he suddenly stopped,

His eyes fixedly looked in front of him.

A smile crept across his face, he might have found the way to teach these monkeys a lesson.

Not far ahead, a huge hive is hanging on a fruit tree and around it, a large number of bees are flying around it.

Although he doesn’t know what kind of bee this is, he sure knows that it is the biggest bee he saw in both his lives.

This hive is the one he saw previously while exploring this area.

At that time, Fang Yun wanted to taste the taste of honey, but because he was afraid of the bees revenge, he suppressed his impulse and left this place. That was before his evolution, now with his upgraded defense, he is confident that the bees surely won’t be able to cause any harm to him.

Now that he saw the hive again, an idea dawned on him, perhaps he can use these bees to deal with the monkeys behind him.

Seeing that the monkey group in the rear is getting closer and closer to himself, Fang Yun sneered, quickly slithering forward, in a few seconds, he arrived next to the hive.

With a stroke of his tail.

Fang Yun separated the hive from the branch. With a bang, the hive landed on the ground.


A dense humming sound rang, a few seconds after the hive collided with the ground, a large number of bees drilled from the hive, at least 10,000 or more.

After these bees drilled from the hive, they spread around and looked for the initiator.

Fang Yun, hanging on the branch, coiled his body up and protected his head.

As long as these bees don’t go for his eyes or nose, he is confident that they wouldn’t penetrate his defense.

Sure enough, a lot of bees gathered on him, attacking him with their poisonous needle, but they couldn’t even scratch him.

Fang Yun actions also affected the monkey group behind him.

”Ayyy Ayyy Ayyy”

A monkey saw a bee flying towards him and immediately slapped it with his hand. At he slapped the bee, the bee also attacked his hand with its poisonous needle, penetration his flesh and blood.

The monkey immediately screamed in pain, waving his hand that was beginning to swell.

But at this moment, more bees flew from other directions and began to attack the monkey;

Although that monkey’s hair is quite thick, there are still some places on its body that are exposed, so it didn’t take long for the monkey’s face, hand and other body parts to swell.

”Ayyy woo Ayyy!”

That monkey screamed in horror, quickly escaping to the rear.

Not only him, but other monkeys were also frightened by this sudden bee attack. They all madly ran to the distance, their smug and arrogant gesture completely disappearing.

Fang Yun watched as these monkeys held their heads and cried in pain, and couldn’t help but grin.

“Did you really think you can act all that smug and still safely go back?”

He sneered in his mind.

At the same time, the bees around Fang Yun felt like attacking a rock instead of a creature, feeling that they couldn’t deal with him, they gave up on him and all went to chase the fleeing monkeys.

Bee needles are usually poisonous, their toxic degree varies according to the bee type.

Although Fang Yun does not know what kind of bee this is, with its size, he does not think that its toxicity will be very low.

“Being chased by such a large number of highly toxic bees, this monkey group is in a deep mold.” Thought Fang Yun, gloating.

As Fang Yun expected, the monkeys in this monkey group are scattered all over the mountains, around each monkey’s body, hundreds of bees are following them.

In corners all around the forest, monkey screams sounded everywhere.

”Ayyy woo Ayy!”

At this time, the monkey that was the first to be stung by a bee, that is, the adult monkey who first threw the persimmon at Fang Yun, it suddenly fell down from the tree.


Its body landed on the ground, its head swelled to double its previous size, and because of the fall to the ground, blood flowed from its mouth.

Fang Yun, who felt the ground vibration, looked over there

In fact, at this time, the monkeys had already run out of Fang Yun’s line of sight. He crawled to the place where he felt the vibrations from.

After crawling for two or three hundred meters, he saw the adult monkey, lying under a tree.

Looking at the monkey’s body, Fang Yun eyes shined.

Without hesitation, he quickly slithered to the side of the monkey, preparing to swallow it;

But when he saw the mess beside the monkey’s body, Fang Yun was stunned. At the moment, there are many bees bodies around the monkey’s body.

After bees pierce aggressors with their needle, the needle will remain in the skin of the aggressor along with its internal organ, so once a bee sting a creature, it will soon die.

Shaking his head, Fang Yun immediately swallowed that adult monkey’s body.

This monkey has a body length of more than half a meter. After swallowing him, it made his stomach look very bloated.

letting out a sigh of relief, Fang Yun felt much smoother his heart.

He originally planned to swallow the small monkey, but after being found by the monkey group, feeling that it’s impossible to catch him, he simply gave up.

But seeing the monkey group acting all that smug in front of him made him infuriated, so he decided to get revenge.

Suddenly, he felt the familiar vibration on the ground again, probably not far from here.

Because snakes are very sensitive to ground vibrations, Fang Yun felt that it’s likely another monkey who couldn’t stand the bees attack and fell down from the trees.

His eyes brightened, it seems that today harvest will be bountiful.

He guessed it well. When he came to the source of the vibration, he saw a small monkey lying on the ground:

This little monkey is not the one he planned to hunt previously, it looks smaller, providing him with 100 bio-energy point, 20 points less than the other one;

Counting this little monkey, today’s harvest is a total of 300 bio-energy point.

”I don’t know if the bees forgot this hive and left?”

Fang Yun looked at the direction where the hive was in, thinking that if the bees are far away, maybe he could occupy the hive and taste some honey. Making up his mind, Fang Yun crawled back to the hive.

But when he almost reached the hive, he found a figure cautiously licking the honey;

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