Chapter 33 Group Attack

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Under the sight of Fang Yun, a golden-brown, wolf-like animal slowly appeared.

The moment this animal appeared, it sent a wolf-like howl, then sprinted toward the goat.

The goat panicked the moment it heard that howl, looking at the animal that was sprinting towards it, it ran toward the other direction.

While Fang Yun was looking at the beast that appeared, the system prompt sounded in his mind.

“Target locked, Golden Jackal, mammal, carnivore, can provide 350 bio-energy point.”

The moment he heard the system prompt, Fang Yun look became dignified.

Jackals are relatively well-known carnivores, similar to wolves in appearance and often mentioned in the same sentence with them.

Like wolves, Jackals are also group animals. Small groups usually consist of 2 to 3 individuals and big groups consist of eight to more than a dozen individuals.

This Jackal appearing here means that its companions aren’t far from this location.

Sure enough, Fang Yun just thought of the jackal companion and one immediately appeared, just blocking the direction in which the goat was running.

Obviously, the jackal that first appeared was tasked with driving the goat straight into their encirclement, and he obviously succeeded.

Fang Yun is sure that there must be other jackals encircling the goat from other directions.

On top of the mountain, the goat seeing that another jackal appeared in front of it, turned and ran toward the left, but another one jumped from behind a rock, blocking its route.

Another two jackals emerged from other directions, completely blocking its escape.

The five Golden Jackals formed an encirclement, surrounding the goat in the middle, slowly narrowing the encirclement, without taking their eyes off the goat.

The goat surrounded by five carnivores in the middle was trembling, crying in panic, it kept looking around looking for any place it can escape to. Looking at the constantly approaching jackals, it finally couldn’t stand the pressure, crazily running to the left.

The Jackal on the left reaction was extremely fast, immediately intercepting the goat, biting straight on its hips, then striking its back with his sharp claws.

The goat still didn’t stop, running at its the fastest speed, but dragging the jackal hanging on its back slowed its speed momentarily. The other jackals didn’t waste this opportunity, jumping straight on the goat, biting its other body parts, and throwing it on the ground.

The final result was not surprising, the goat was killed by these bloodthirsty animals.

Five Jackals stood in front of a goat body, wildly eating its flesh and blood, causing a bloody smell to spread.

Seeing this scene, Fang Yun who was coiling on a tree branch was not uncomfortable but instead wanted to go there and take a share, after all, this level of blood and gore has long been normal to Fang Yun.

However, he did not act rashly, because if he fights with just one jackal, he can rub it on the floor, against two, he has a high chance of winning, three are dangerous, more than that is fatal. After all, jackals rely on teamwork and cooperation, with the addition of every member, their overall power will multiply.

After almost half an hour, the jackal group finally finished their meal, leaving just bones and a patch of blood.

Fang Yun watched as the group of five disappeared in the mountain, after their meal.

After the five Jackals went away, Fang Yun crawled down the tree, and went to the open mountain, completely leaving the forest.

Although there are carnivores such as jackals here, he still wants to explore the mountain.

Climbing on a tall rock, Fang Yun surveyed the terrain of this mountain. He saw that although this mountain was bare, it was very wide, at least he only vaguely saw a forest on the distant horizon.

After regaining his gaze from the distant forest, he looked over to the mountain situation.

On the ground not far from his location, he discovered patches of green tender grass, some places clearly have traces of being eaten.

No wonder there are goats here.

These seemingly tender grasses are the favorite food of goats.

At this moment, the setting sun shines on this piece of land, making a scenery that is very rare and beautiful.

Unfortunately, Fang Yun can not appreciate this scenery, after all, he is under constant pressure to grow and evolve, so he can’t afford the interest to admire the scenery.

Instead, his attention was drawn to a camouflaged hole under some rocks. If his guess is right, that should be a rabbit hole.

It’s common sense that rabbits make holes to live in, but few know that they live in small caves too.

There isn’t much time left for the sky to completely darken, but Fang Yun wasn’t planning to go back to his cave. In his previous conception, he was planning to explore this area in a counterclockwise manner until he ends back in the small lake.

But now, he isn’t planning to do so anymore, after all, it’s almost night. He is not used to being active in the night so he must rest.

The place where Fang Yun intends to rest in is not any other place, it’s the rabbit hole in front of him.

He flicked his tongue, making sure that this is a rabbit hole, not a snake hole before entering it.

If it was a snake hole, Fang Yun will surely find the smell of his kind at the entrance of this hole.

But he did not, indicating that it is not a snake hole.

The hole was not very wide, but it was more than enough for Fang Yun to get in with ease. Just as he crawled a few meters, suddenly, he heard the sound of an animal slowly digging from the other end of the hole.

“This must be a hare.” Fang Yun thought.

There was no light in this hole, causing Fang Yun to be unable to see anything in front of him.

However, his tongue has easily captured the smell of the hare.

Fang Yun who was already prepared, instantly launched an attack. The hare who was digging on the other end of the tunnel apparently did not expect a snake to appear in its nest.

At the moment Fang Yun attacked it, it was still stupidly staring at the snake that invaded its home, allowing him to bit it straight on its neck.

After bitting the hare, Fang Yun injected his venom into its bloodstream from his Fangs

Under the pain, the hare finally woke up from its daydream, struggling wildly, trying to break from Fang Yun bite, but it’s already too late, the moment the hare was bitten, its fate was already decided.

The struggle of the hare became weaker and weaker. After all, Fang Yun’s “fatal venom” skill has been upgraded three times, his venom toxicity is already top-tier.

In less than a minute, the hare completely stopped moving.

Its heart has stopped beating, dying under the toxic venom of Fang Yun.

Releasing the hare from his mouth, Fang Yun slowly swallowed it, then crawled into the deepest part of the hole.

After resting for a while, Fang Yun received the system prompt that the hare was digested, gaining another 100 bio-energy point.

By now, his bio-energy point has reached a total of 2,240 points, 760 points left to evolve.

The number of prey in this area is completely beyond his imagination, it’s not difficult to gather 760 bio-energy points, and that still is in a few days.

While Fang Yun was thinking, sleepiness overwhelmed him, before falling into dreamland, he heard the scream of beasts, but because he was inside the hole, Fang Yun did not worry about his safety, and soon after, he fell asleep.

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