Chapter 32 Exploring New Territory

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Fang Yun spent two days in this cave before finally adjusting his condition to its best state.

In these two days, he only went hunting once, and that still was fishing in the lake underneath the cliff.

Snakes are natural swimmers and Fang Yun is naturally no exception.

After casually grabbing seven or eight fish to fill his stomach, adding another 113 bio-energy points to his total, Fang Yun returned to the cave to rest.

By now, his bio-energy points have reached a total of 1924 points. His seventh evolution is not far.

Additionally, he noticed a thing he didn’t pay attention to before.

That being the small lake under this cliff is actually an excellent hunting spot.

In these two days of rest in the cave, he discovered that more than a dozen different type of animal came to the lake to drink water, that made him think about the way most pythons and boas use in hunting.


Fang Yun remembers that when he used to watch the animal kingdom in his past life, he saw pythons hide in the marsh water and patiently wait for prey. When prey enters their attack range, they immediately launch an attack.

Maybe, he can use this style of hunting too.

However, this does not mean that Fang Yun is going to give up on his active hunting method, he just wants to enrich his way of hunting.

While thinking of this, Fang Yun was preparing himself to do the thing he planned before.

That is patroling his new territory.

After crossing the small lake, Fang Yun crawled onto the shore, then as he planned before, he slithered to the left side, planing to explore this area from this side, then going around counterclockwise, finally returning back to this lake.

There are three purposes for doing this. That is exploring the type of prey that exist in this area, then their quantity and location, and finally the competitors, especially large carnivores.

The more detailed his understanding of this area is, the easier hunting will become in the future.

Fang Yun’s slithered on the ground, quickly entering the jungle.

Every time he crawled for two hundred meters, Fang Yun will stop and flick his tongue, remembering the smells in this area, at the same time look at the surrounding area, trying to remember the surrounding scenery.

Doing so for almost two hours, Fang Yun has crawled 3 to 4 km. Along the way, he didn’t meet with any sort of big animal, but the small ones he saw a lot.

He also saw a lot of colorful snakes hanging on branches along the way, most of them are probably poisonous, but Fang Yun didn’t care, most of these snakes are small ones with the biggest being just 1 meter.

They don’t pose the slightest threat to him.

He wondered that even if stood there letting them attack, they probably wouldn’t even penetrate his scales defense,

After some thought, Fang Yun gave up this tempting idea, after all risking his life to experiment doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Without mentioning that the mountain temperature has reached 20-degree celsius, and it’s still rapidly dropping, he estimates that in less than 10 days, most of these snakes will disappear, after all, they have to hibernate;

Additionally, he met a lot of frogs and lizards, although this time he isn’t specifically hunting, he still captured some of these stupid frogs and lizards to fill his stomach.

No way, who told them to stay still even if he crawled next to them, some of the stupider ones even took the initiative to jump straight in front of him.

These frogs and lizards provided a total of 92 bio-energy point to him.

After crawling out for another 2 to 3 kilometers, Fang Yun stopped moving and looked up at the sky, it was already afternoon, he thought that maybe it was time to change direction. He is going to crawl right next, so as to complete a circle, returning in the end to the small lake.

It’s worth mentioning that the trees here have more variety than the previous area.

Like the previous area, there are pine trees, birch trees, eucalyptus trees, etc…

There is also some type of trees that didn’t exist in the previous area, like fruit trees.

Fang Yun looked up at the bright red fruits on the branches, and couldn’t help but swallow. Since reincarnating he didn’t taste any kind of fruit or vegetable;

After all fruits and vegetables can’t increase his bio-energy, without mentioning that he can’t even taste them.

Helplessly sighing, Fang Yun was preparing to leave when he heard a buzzing sound, turning to look at the source of the sound, he saw that there is a honeycomb hive hanging on a tree not far away.

Next to the hive, a group of big bees is traveling around and big drops of orange-yellow delicious looking honey are hanging from the hive.

Fang Yun drooled again.

However, after weighing his options, he still chose to leave, mainly because the bees are a bit too big, seriously he had never seen a bee this big in his life, each being more than 3cm or 1.2inches long, they are kind of scary! Fang Yun couldn’t help but shudder when he remembered his phobia of big flying insects when he was human.

After leaving this area, Fang Yun began to crawl back to the lake in a roundabout manner.

What made Fang Yun feel a little surprised is that on this side of the forest, the trees became a lot sparser, the ground became flat, and there are also a lot of small animals here, including hares, pheasants, hedgehogs, and even wild cats.

Along the way, Fang Yun swallowed a few frogs and lizards. In addition, he also hunted a pheasant, bringing him a total of 124 bio-energy point.

While exploring the situation around, Fang Yun still continued crawling right, after another 5 to 6 kilometers, he discovered that the forest is becoming even sparser

Crawling a little further forward, his field vision became wider with hardly any obstruction. He has reached open ground.

Seeing this scene, Fang Yun was somewhat amazed. He didn’t expect that after starting from the left side of the cave and crawling counterclockwise, he would end up on a bare mountain.

Well, not completely bare, there are still a lot of weeds and bushes on this mountain.

”That is…?”

While surveying this mountain, Fang Yun caught a glimpse of a shadow, but because of the obstruction of a hillside, he couldn’t see exactly what it was.

Climbing up a tall tree, he looked at the direction of the shadow, finally seeing who its owner was.

It was a goat. A goat leisurely eating a patch of grass.

”I didn’t expect to see wild goats in this forest.”

After seeing the opposite goat, Fang Yun was stunned. This goat is an adult, being almost one meter long and half a meter tall.

“Target locked, Goat, Mammal, Bovidae, can provide 500 bio-energy point.”

At the moment Fang Yun stared at the goat, the system mechanical voice sounded in his mind. After hearing the system prompt, Fang Yun eyes shined.

Just a goat can provide so much bio-energy, as long as he swallows two goats, he can immediately evolve.

However, he can only dream about that for now, even if he hunted this goat, he wouldn’t be able to swallow it with his current size;

He felt that only after reaching 4 or 5 meters in length would he have the ability to swallow prey of that size.

After seeing this goat, he couldn’t help but get excited, because from what he observed, the prey in this area is very rich, and more importantly, he didn’t find any sort of competitor along the way.

In this area, it seems like he is the only top predator.

However, this thought just emerged and an accident happened.


Fang Yun heard an animal scream and looked in that direction.

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