Chapter 30 GoodBye Xiao Ma

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When Fang Yun returned to the tree hole, the sky had already darkened.

Seeing that Fang Yun finally returned, the squirrel who was worriedly waiting at the entrance of the tree hole was finally relieved, returning back to his corner, xiao ma curled into a ball and slipped into dreamland.

However, on the other side of the tree hole, Fang Yun didn’t fall asleep like him, but said in his mind, “System, undergo this evolution.”

The moment he said that. The hot feeling emerged in his body like before.

Fang Yun has long been used to this level of pain, but he still rubbed his body on the wall, to facilitate his shedding process. Ten minutes passed, and finally, his evolution has ended.

At this time, he clearly felt that his body has grown even bigger, feeling very crowded and uncomfortable inside this tree hole.

Despite feeling uncomfortable, Fang Yun called the system to bring up his properties panel; A panel immediately appeared in front of him.

Host property list:

Level: 7

Bioenergy: 35/3000

Skill Points: 9

Body length: 2.2m

Diameter: 4.5cm

Strength: 6.0

Defense: 6.0

Speed: 3.0

Agile: 3.5

Spirit: 5.0

Physical strength: 4.8

Skills: Fatal Venom (3/5), Skin Resistance (1/5), Fast Digestion (2/5)

Reputation value: 11024/10000000

After this evolution, his body length reached 2.2 meters and diameter reached 4.5 centimeters. Snakes of this size can already be considered small pythons.

After all, the length of most beds is less than 2 meters, Fang Yun current length is much higher than a bed.

According to Fang Yun’s current size, he can already be considered a giant in his species, as most gray snakes reach adulthood between 100cm and 183cm.

Looking at his own property panel, Fang Yun gradually calmed down from his excitement.

Because he discovered a problem.

After this evolution, his body size is so big that this tree hole can no longer accommodate him, after all, to even fit in his corner without bothering the squirrel, he has to squeeze himself, putting half his body across the wall, otherwise, he will occupy the squirrel corner.

In addition, his next evolution requires 3000 bio-energy point.

In this area, if he wants to gather this amount of bio-energy, he doesn’t know until which year he has to continue hunting, without mentioning that with each subsequent evolution, the amount of bio-energy required will multiply.

Perhaps, it’s time for him to leave.

Fang Yun looked at the squirrel that was sleeping in the other corner and couldn’t help but sigh.

To be honest, after staying with this squirrel for so long, the thought of leaving him made him a bit sad.

Although Xiaoma couldn’t communicate with him, he considered him his friend, whenever he came back from his day of hunting, seeing xiao ma relaxed him. His companionship prevented him from truly becoming a cold-blooded animal that only knew how to hunt.

If he leaves, he will have to go back to the days of being a lonely snake facing the cold and ruthless jungle. But, he has to do so.

If he wants to evolve quickly, complete the system task, and even go back home. He has to leave here.

Silent for a long time, Fang Yun sighed, converging his mood, he put his sight back on the system panel.

”I have 9 Skill Points now, I can upgrade “skin resistance” once.”

Fang Yun thought internally

“System, upgrade the skill “Skin Resistance”.

Instantly, the value after the skill “Skin Resistance” became 2/5.

After doing that, without bothering to look at the results, Fang Yun fell asleep.


Early morning of the next day, Fang Yun woke up, glancing at the squirrel who was rubbing his sleepy eyes, he couldn’t help but smile.

After seeing that Fang Yun has suddenly grown in size again, xiao ma couldn’t help but be surprised.

While he wasn’t as shocked as the first time, he still looked curiously at Fang Yun.

Fang Yun slowly crawled towards xiao ma, petting him gently with his own head.

Xiao ma squinted his eyes, showing a very enjoyable look.

This time, after a few minutes, Fang Yun stopped petting him, giving him a final deep look, making sure to etch his image into the depth of his mind.

The expression of xiao ma is particularly satisfied, seeing that Fang Yun was looking at him, he called him cheerfully.

Fang Yun slowly crawled out of the tree hole, when he reached the ground, he stopped moving and looked back at the pine tree.

He is going to leave today, making sure to remember this location, keeping these memories deep in his heart.

“Squeak! Squeak!”

The squirrel ran out of the tree hole, cheerfully crying a few times, he jumped on the branches and between the trees, disappearing in the forest.

Xiao ma obviously didn’t find the anomaly of Fang Yun.

Watching as his only friend completely disappeared, Fang Yun crawled to the east, he didn’t go deeper in the jungle but instead went to the grassland.

Because he still has one more thing to do before leaving.

Crawling out of the dense jungle, Fang Yun was completely exposed, clearly visible from the sky. Fang Yun didn’t intend to cover himself, but instead, unscrupulously crawled in the grassland.

Fang Yun leisurely crawled in the grassland for almost an hour, when suddenly a black shadow appeared above his head.

He stopped moving, then looked up at the owner of the black shadow.

Without any surprise, it’s the eagle who is flying above him.

Perhaps for revenge, or perhaps to remove a powerful threat for the squirrel, Fang Yun decided to kill the eagle before leaving.

Eagles are avian animals, spending most of their day flying in the sky, as a terrestrial animal, wanting to kill them is nearly impossible.

But if he lures it to the ground, it won’t be impossible anymore.

According to Fang Yun previous experience, this area should be the main hunting ground for the eagle, so he came here to see if he could meet the eagle.

Sure enough, this eagle has appeared.

Fang Yun violently moved, trying to make himself as conspicuous as possible to attract the attention of the eagle, he believes that as long as the eagle discovers him, he certainly won’t let go of this “Opportunity” to kill him.

After all, this eagle considers snakes as food, without mentioning that they still have hatred with each other.

As Fang Yun expected, after discovering him, the eagle circled around him, before diving straight at him.


The eagle swooped down like a fighter, its feather dancing with the wind. Not knowing if it recognized Fang Yun as the snake that ruined its hunting yesterday, or just consider him as a good meal.

But what is certain now, is that it’s trying its best to hunt Fang Yun right now.

A few seconds later, the eagle almost reached Fang Yun body, waving its claws, trying to penetrate Fang Yun head relying on its diving momentum.

Just as the eagle claws reached Fang Yun head, he suddenly dodged to the left, relying on his fast speed, all the eagle could catch was his after-image.


The eagle fell straight on the ground, rolling on the ground a few times, almost breaking its legs,

”It’s now.”

Fang Yun eyes flashed, lifting his head, he bit straight at the eagle legs.


Being bitten by Fang Yun, the eagle screamed in pain, kicking with its claws driving Fang Yun away, then waving its wings and flying away.

However, after flying for a few hundred meters, its body suddenly stiffened, feeling that its wings are getting weaker, the eagle powerlessly cried, then slowly fell onto the ground.


With another falling sound, the eagle fell into the ground, but this time he couldn’t stand up, lying powerlessly on the ground, flapping its wings from time to time, the eagle was getting weaker and weaker.

Fang Yun slowly crawled toward him, stopping a meter away from him, then just starring at the eagle dying struggle.

When the eagle saw Fang Yun, who was only a meter away, he seemed to be frightened, struggling even more fiercely, however, no matter how much it struggled, it couldn’t fly anymore.

Less than two minutes later, the eagle completely stopped moving, dead.

Fang Yun certainly won’t waste bio-energy, completely devouring it in minutes.

Although the eagle is certainly not small, now that he has grown to his current size, he can swallow prey the size of this eagle without pressure.

After swallowing the eagle, Fang Yun returned to the pine tree one last time, not finding the squirrel, he sighed, then resolutely crawled deeper in the forest.

In the evening, the squirrel returned to the pine tree, going inside the tree hole, finding it empty, he didn’t care much, his snake friend doesn’t return this early.

But when night has completely fallen, he began to feel uneasy.

Running a few circles in the nest, he ran out of the tree hole, standing on a tree branch, then looking around.

”Squeak! Squeak!!”

Looking at the dark forest in the distance, he called loudly, seemingly calling someone, but he didn’t receive any response.

After crying several times, the squirrel squatted on a branch, and quietly waited, two hours have passed.

It is already late night, the forest is completely dark.

The squirrel on the branch is already completely flustered, screaming while running around the branches, a particularly sad sight, feeling that he might have lost his friend, xiao ma screamed.


Screaming, he ran down the tree, but because of his fear of darkness, he just landed on the ground then climbed up again.

Repeating this action several times, he finally got the courage to rush into the darkness after running down the tree, looking for his friend.

After almost three hours, he returned to the pine tree without any gain, squatting on the tree branch and then looking at the distant darkness.

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