Chapter 3 Begins to evolve

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“Each egg can provide 1 bio-energy point? Doesn’t that mean, as long as I swallow these four eggs, I will evolve?”

Hearing the system’s prompt, Fang Yun’s mood immediately brightened. These days, because of the pressure of survival, his emotions have always been in a state of depression, only now did he relax a bit.

If he evolves again, his physical attributes will leap forward, which is more conducive to his survival in this jungle.

Especially his body size.

After the previous evolution, his length changed from 10 cm to 20 cm. After this evolution, his length, how much will it improve?

30 cm? Or is it longer?

In any case, a larger size can make him look more threatening. If he is unlucky enough to encounter some kind of natural enemy, the larger his size is, the more dangerous he will seem to the other side, making them hesitate whether it’s worth risking their lives to hunt him.

While thinking about this, Fang Yun opened his mouth and swallowed all four sparrow eggs into his belly.

The Sparrow’s nest suddenly became empty.

“Now that I think about it, I have just eaten the children of another living organism, once the parents of these eggs come back, I wonder if they will cry in heartbreak?”

This sounds cruel, but Fang Yun didn’t have any sort of guilt. After all, this is the law of the jungle, the strong eat the weak, maybe he will be eaten as a snack by a bigger bird in the future just like he ate the children of this bird.

Without mentioning that in the past ten days, he swallowed a lot of living things, so he doesn’t have the sort of guilt and disgust as he did on the first day. Although he doesn’t want to have that kind of cold and unfeeling heart, he is trying his best to adapt himself to this new environment.

“Everything is for my survival”. thought Fang Yun.

After swallowing these eggs, Fang Yun quickly climbed out of the bird’s nest. If he stays any further, he risks being caught by the bird when its back. Although the fighting power of sparrows isn’t good, his current defense is not that high.

After leaving the birds nest, Fang Yun crawled back to his nest.

At this moment, the sky was beginning to darken. The cold wind blew in the jungle, and a lot of fallen leaves were blown. A dry leaf fell on Fang Yun body, almost scaring him to death.

The current Fang Yun mind is particularly nervous, anything in this forest can scare him.

He wants to return to his nest as soon as possible, but after eating the four eggs, his body has become very bloated, hence lowering his not so fast speed even further.

On the road back, Fang Yun discovered a few cockroaches. Each cockroach can give him 0.5 bio-energy point, but now he is already struggling with his bloated body as he is, he doesn’t think that his stomach can fit any other thing, without mentioning that with his almost current turtle-like speed, he can hardly catch them.

So after thinking about it, he eventually gave up the idea of preying on those few cockroaches.

After seven or eight minutes of slow crawling, Fang Yun finally returned to his nest.

The dark and narrow nest gave Fang Yun an unparalleled sense of security. He finally put down his hanging heart;

As in the past, he hid his body in the deepest part of the nest, then quietly waited for the digestion of the earthworm and the four sparrow eggs in his stomach.

This time, it took about two hours for the prey in his stomach to get digested.

“Ring, the host successfully gained 5 bio-energy point.”

The mechanical sound of the system sounded in Fang Yun’s mind. He snapped him of his reverie, then his eyes immediately brightened, looking forward to the next prompt.

Sure enough, the system did not let him wait at all, immediately sending him another prompt.

“Ring, Detecting that the host has enough bioenergy, the host evolutionary conditions are reached.”

”This evolution will take ten minutes, the host should ensure the safety of the surrounding environment.”

“Do you want to Undergo this evolution?”

Hearing the last prompt of the system, without hesitation, he immediately said in his mind: “Evolve!”

The moment Fang Yun thought of evolving, a warm feeling filled his body, making him very comfortable. But as time passed, it was becoming hotter and hotter, eventually becoming boiling hot!

His body getting hotter and hotter made Fang Yun very uncomfortable, he couldn’t help but rub his body on the ground, the pain was becoming so intense that he began to scream!

After ten minutes of grueling pain, this evolution finally ended.

”It’s finally over.”

Fang Yun let out a sigh of relief, his body seemed to have unloaded a heavy burden and became a lot lighter. Thinking back to that pain, he could not help but sigh at the difficulty of being a snake.

It’s difficult to hunt prey to get bio-energy, but when he finally gathered enough bio-energy to evolve. He experienced the pain of being burned by flames.

If his will didn’t become stronger than before, his consciousness would have been destroyed by this pain in the previous evolution.

Slowly calming his mood down, he crawled around in the nest.

He felt that his body seemed to have become more powerful, making him let out a sigh of relief. Suddenly, he felt that he touched something with his tail, something very frail.

With the last experience, Fang Yun immediately knew that what his tail has touched is the skin that he shed after this evolution.

“I was hatched for about 10 days, but I already shedded twice. I’m probably the only being in nature who did this.”

Fang Yun thought, strangely proud. Shaking his head and throwing these weird thoughts out of his head, he called the system panel in his mind, ready to look at the changes this evolution bought.

“Ring, the host’s second evolution was successful, the level is upgraded to level 3, rewarding 2 skill points.”

”Detecting that the host has enough skill points, does the host want to see the available skill?”

Fang Yun just opened the system panel and these two messages popped up, surprising him. After reading the messages he was immediately overjoyed.

After his first evolution, he was particularly interested in skills. Seeing that this system is capable of traversing universes, he expected something like fireballs or wind blades.

However, because his skill points are not enough, he couldn’t see what skills he could learn, so he can only look at the skills column longingly.

Unexpectedly, after this evolution, his skill points finally met the requirements!

Without any hesitation, Fang Yun immediately said to the system his mind.

“Check the currently available skills.”

The light curtain in front of Fang Yun refreshed, showing him another text;

“The current skill points can be used to activate the following two skills.”

”Discoloration Camouflage: active skill, choosing this skill, this skill makes the host have the ability to change his color according to the surrounding environment, achieving the effect of camouflage.”

”Each upgrade consumes 3 skill points, current level: 0/5″

”Fatal Venom: Active Skils, choosing this skill, the host will grow a venom blader, enabling the host to use venom to kill opponents, thus increasing the host attack power.”

”Each upgrade consumes 3 skill points, current level: 0/5″

Looking at these two skills, Fang Yun was slightly stunned, these two skills are somewhat different from what he expected, only physical skills, which made him a little disappointed.

But then, he cheered up again. Sighing secretly, he is too greedy.

Although it’s only a physical skill, these skills are definitely good for him now.

After cheering up, he carefully read the detailed description of these two skills, deliberating about which skill to choose.

To be honest, these two skills are exactly what he needs now. Camouflage will allow him to avoid natural enemies and increase his chances of successfully hunting prey.

The venom can increase his attack power.

However, his current skill points are simply not enough to learn two skills, he can only choose one. After thinking for a while, Fang Yun made up his mind.

“Activate the skill ‘fatal venom’.”

This is not his hasty decision, but he feels that in the current situation, what he needs more is a type of attack skills.

After all, To grow up as soon as possible, he must hunt more prey, and after getting the “fatal venom” skills, if he accidentally encounters his natural enemies in the future, he won’t be so helpless;

More importantly, the color of his scales already provides a certain camouflage. So he doesn’t the camouflage skill for now.

Immediately instructing the system in his mind, Fang Yun felt an itch in his mouth and neck. After a moment, the itching finally stopped. He felt that his fangs were somewhat different. As if hollow from the inside.

Fang Yun opened his mouth. He had a feeling that he could release the venom from his fangs as long as he thought about it.

Of course, he also perceives that the amount of venom in his blader is not much, the toxicity probably isn’t that high either;

“But I believe that as long as the level of this skill is raised in the future, the amount and toxicity of venom will certainly be improved.”

After selecting the skill, Fang Yun let out a sigh of relief and then looked at the change in his various attributes on his property panel.

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