Chapter 27 Zhang Wei

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While Fang Yun was looking at the squirrel, the latter jumped from the branch, climbing down the pine tree, then came to him.

The squirrel stood in front of Fang Yun and danced, looking very excited.

Seeing this funny scene, Fang Yun grinned.

It’s clear that the squirrel is happy that he returned, Fang Yun returning this late probably made him worried.

“Who would have thought that after becoming a snake, I will experience the feeling of being cared for in this cold and ruthless jungle.”

Lamented Fang Yun, touched by this little guy action.

Fang Yun rubbed the squirrel head with his.

This action was done by Fang Yun, so the squirrel did not dodge, but squinted his eyes, seemingly enjoying this close gesture.

After rubbing the squirrel head for a while, Fang Yun took back his head and climbed toward the tree hole.


The squirrel screamed, seemingly dissatisfied that Fang Yun stopped petting him, but after seeing the scar on Fang Yun tail, he suddenly became shocked.

”Squeak! Squeak!”

He hurriedly ran in front of Fang Yun, waving his arms and screaming anxiously, seemingly asking what happened to him.

Fang Yun stopped crawling, seeing that the squirrel is concerned about himself but don’t know how to express it, Fang Yun smiled softly, gently rubbing the squirrel head, the climbed in the tree hole.

Lying on the soft fur, Fang Yun thought about his current situation.

“Although my injury isn’t fatal, it will definitely affect my ability to act, I probably shouldn’t leave this jungle or any place that isn’t covered, so as to not be stared at by the eagle, at least before my injury has healed.”

The problem would be that the number of prey in this jungle area has decreased a lot, so the hunting efficiency will drop a lot, causing his next evolution to be postponed, at least in the next few days he doesn’t see any chance of evolving.

If he is not worried about the eagle sharp claws, Fang Yun really wanted to climb onto the eagle nest and fight 300 rounds with him.

Now time is very tight for him, he urgently needs to evolve to get skill points, after all, he doesn’t want to hibernate.

And he would have likely done so in a mere two to three days.

However, now, his chance was ruined by the damn eagle.

Fang Yun felt his teeth itching from hatred, thinking that once he upgrades the skill “Skin Resistance” another time, maybe he should look for a way to kill the eagle.

While the process of meeting the eagle today was both dangerous and thrilling, it also made him understand one thing.

And that is his scales defense has reached a pretty good level, as the eagle even with his diving momentum and sharp claws, has failed to completely penetrate his flesh.

If he were to upgrade “Skin Resistance” just one more time, the eagle claws aren’t likely to injure his scales like before.


A scream suddenly snapped Fang Yun out of his thoughts.

He looked at the source of the sound, he saw that xiao ma came to his side, handing him something.

At first, Fang Yun thought that he gave him a chestnut or another fruit, but then he found that it turned to be a sparrow egg in the squirrel hand.

“Target locked, sparrow eggs, can provide 1 bio-energy point.”

Squirrels usual menu consist of fruits and seeds, but they sometimes eat insects and eggs to change their taste.

It seems that xiao ma should have raided a birds nest today.

Seeing that Fang Yun was hurt, so he handed him the egg to comfort him.

As for why he didn’t give him some seed or fruit like before, Fang Yun guessed that after repeatedly refusing his gifts, xiao ma understood that he didn’t like plants.

Thinking of this, Fang Yun couldn’t help but get moved.

Animals are also spiritual.

The current actions of this squirrel are proof.

He swallowed the eggs that xiao ma gave him, patted him with his head to show his gratitude, then laid down in his corner and rested.

 The squirrel squeaked in joy a few times, seeing that Fang Yun has closed his eyes, resting, he also went to his corner, curled into a ball and slept.


”Sister Wei, where did you go before?”

On the bed, Chen Meng, wearing a T-shirt and shorts, turned her head, looking at Zhang Wei who is closing the bedroom door, and asked her.

Finding That Zhang Wei has a parcel in her hand, she couldn’t help but ask.

“Sister Wei, did you buy something?”

After hearing Chen Meng question, the other two girls turned to look at Zhang Wei who is standing next to the bedroom door.

“Sister Wei, have you bought another snack?”

Lying in the bed opposite to Chen Meng, Song Ran eyes shined brightly at the mention of Zhang Wei buying something, but she was disappointed upon a closer look at the bag in Zhang Wei hand.

Because the bag in the hand of Zhang Wei looks flat, like a book or a box, unlike the way snacks look.

”Xiao Meng, I didn’t buy anything, this is a courier that someone sent me.”

Zhang Wei said with a smile, acting mysteriously.

Seeing the way Zhang Wei is acting, Chen Meng slightly stroked her chin, then somewhat hesitantly asked.

“Sister Wei, did you get a boyfriend?”

As soon as this statement came out, Song Ran, who was previously disappointed, looked at Zhang Wei with a burning look.

Even Meng Ning, who was on her phone, stopped doing her thing and looked at Zhang Wei with curiosity.

Seeing the fire of gossip burn in her three girlfriends eyes, Zhang Wei couldn’t help but stiffen, then she looked a Chen Meng, and growled.”Xiao Meng!!”, sighing she said.

”Forget it, I will just tell you. This is the courier sent to me by the editorial team of the legendary magazine. sisters, The photo I previously took in the mountains was included in the magazine, this is the sample they sent me.”

While proudly talking about that, she handed the courier over to Chen Meng.


When she heard this, Chen Meng eyes lit up, climbing down from the bed, she took the box from Zhang Wei’s hand, the teared it up.

Sure enough, inside the package, there is a legendary magazine.

”It’s really a legendary magazine!”

Song Ran and Meng Ning also came together, getting amazed at the sight of the magazine sample.

The four girls gathered together, skipping the catalog of the magazine, they went straight to the photography column.

On one page, there is a photo of a snake and a squirrel.

In the picture, a gray snake peeped out of a tree hole, looking straight at them in the photo, with a squirrel hanging on its head looking at them curiously.

Under the picture, the photographer name is marked.

Photographer: Zhang Wei.

“The editorial team of the legendary magazine called and said that they printed 50 000 copies of this issue. And that it would be in major book stores in two days..”

Zhang Wei looked at the picture in the magazine and smiled and said: “Thanks to this snake and squirrel, I can finally realize my dreams, after a while, we should have some free time, let’s go visit them.”


Chen Meng nodded heavily.

It’s thanks to the little squirrel and snake that her fans in the Tsukitake live platform have broken through 100,000, so she has to thank them.

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