Chapter 25 Life and Death Battle

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When he heard the system mechanical sound, looking at the black snake, Fang Yun eyes changed.

Originally, he just wanted to drive it away, but now after hearing the system prompt, he thinks that maybe, he can use this snake as his own food.

Although the size and shape of this black snake are almost the same as himself, it’s not venomous.

Moreover, apart from the instantaneous burst of speed when they attack, speed is generally not the forte of snakes, plus the distance between them is not far, even if the black snake wants to escape, he can quickly catch up.

This is simply bio-energy sent to the door.

Thinking of this, Fang Yun smiled internally, his eyes looking at the black snake, wondering where to bite first.

At this time, the black snake opposite is still hissing at Fang Yun, seemingly wanting to drive him away, and occupying his hare.

While this black snake was thinking about snatching his prey, Fang Yun was planning to eat it.

It seems that because Fang Yun has no retreated, the black snake slowly crawled toward him, opening its mouth slightly, seemingly ready to attack.

Seeing this scene, Fang Yun was a bit surprised, he did not take the initiative to attack, but this snake did, it seems that he was underestimated.

While Fang Yun was a bit surprised, he still twisted his body, protecting the place slightly below his neck.

This is one of the weak points, and the most dangerous one of snakes, the place where the heart is located.

The so-called hit the seven inches to kill the snake, which means to strike in its heart.


Suddenly, the black snake attacked Fang Yun with lightning-fast speed, bitting straight at his head, but Fang Yun reaction speed is not slow, easily dodging the black snake attack, the bitting back at it.

The black snake barely dodged Fang Yun attack, but Fang Yun was prepared, tightening his muscles, he made a double attack in the air, bitting straight toward the black snake body.

This time, the black snake couldn’t dodge at all, causing it to be bitten by Fang Yun at its waist.


Under the pain, the black snake couldn’t help but scream, turning its head, wanting to bite back at Fang Yun, but Fang Yun would not give it this opportunity, releasing the snake waist, Fang Yun flashed to the side, then quietly stared at the black snake, a hint of a smile on his face.

The opposite black snake fell straight into the ground, then climbed back, hissing at Fang Yun seemingly wanting to continue its attack, but suddenly it twitched slightly, seeming to suffer from some kind of pain.

Over time, its twitching amplitude is strengthening, twitching more and more, in the end, it constantly rolled on the ground.


Finally, after the black snake uttered its last scream, it stopped moving, its eyes losing their luster.

Seeing that the black snake stopped moving, Fang Yun bit its tail, the dragged it to the bushes, hiding it, deciding to swallow the hare first, then come back to it later.

After swallowing the hare, Fang Yun hid in the bushes waiting for the hare to be digested, somewhat uncomfortable, mainly because the hare limbs are scratching his stomach. After half an hour, the hare was completely digested.

Fang Yun didn’t waste time, immediately swallowing the black snake.

After half-digesting the black snake, Fang Yun crawled from the bushes, looking at the sky, it’s almost dark.

”It’s time to go back.”

Fang Yun sighed, his current position is a bit far from the pine tree, he guessed that by the time he returned to the pine tree, the sky would have long darkened.

”Hey, hey.”

As Fang Yun quickly crawled back, the sound of leaves cracking sounded.

At this time, the black snake in his stomach has been completely digested.

He also got 80 bio-energy point.

”System, bring up my properties panel.”

Fang Yun, who was still crawling back, said in his mind, immediately a light screen appeared in his mind.

Host property list:

Level: 6

Bio-energy: 530/1000

Skill Points: 1

Body length: 1.5m

Diameter: 3.6cm

Power: 3.0

Defense: 5.0

Speed: 2.5

Agile: 3.0

Spirit: 4.0

Physical strength: 3.8

Skills: Deadly Venom (2/5), Skin Resistance (1/5), Fast Digest (2/5)

Reputation value: 9225/10000000

“Bio-energy has already reached 530 points, 470 points and I can evolve again.”

Looking at his own property panel, Fang Yun somewhat relaxed, although 1000 bio-energy point seems like a lot, for the current him, it seems like it won’t be a problem.

The bigger he gets, the bigger the prey he can hunt and swallow, that means he can get more and more bio-energy.

As long as he can capture one or two preys the size of today hare, he can quickly gather enough bio-energy to evolve.

Of course, Fang Yun understand that he can’t always be this lucky, the most difficult task in hunting is finding prey that he can swallow and provide enough bio-energy for it to be worth the effort, for example, he stopped eating insects, as the effort he does to catch them isn’t worth the bio-energy they provide.

While checking his property pannel, he couldn’t help but get surprised.

He found that there was another change apart from the bio-energy, that being his reputation value, changing from 7400 to more than 9000.

After thinking about what could have caused this, he guessed that someone recorded the previous girl stream, then posted it on a video platform.

However, it seems that the video did not get that popular, causing his reputation value growth to be limited.

It’s not that hard to understand, the video publisher probably isn’t that famous, causing it to be submerged under the massive amount of other videos.

”I hope that it gets more popular, at least provide me another 800 reputation value.”

Fang Yun prayed. If his reputation value grows by another 800, it can break through 10,000. According to the previous example, he will get a certain amount of skill points once his reputation value increases by ten times.

And the number of points he will get this time will be 5.

If he gets these 5 points, plus the points he will get after his next evolution, he will have enough points to upgrade the skill “Skin Resistance”

After two upgrades, without mentioning the defense increase, his cold resistance will surely increase, which means that he is less likely to hibernate.

Even if the temperature in the mountain suddenly decreases, he won’t have to worry about it.


While Fang Yun was deep in his thoughts, he suddenly heard the sound of an animal scream. and most importantly, it sounded right above his current location.

At the same time, in the corner of his eyes, a black shadow was falling straight down to his location.

”It’s the eagle!”

In an instant, Fang Yun understood, a cold shiver going straight in his spine.

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