Chapter 2 Finding Prey

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Looking out from the layers of leaves, the sun was setting the sky into a deep orange shade. Soon this jungle will usher in a new night.

A snake’s vision is quite poor, but because of Fang Yun human soul, he mutated after hatching.

Vision, hearing, etc. are similar to humans, and there is also a snake’s unique sense of smell and thermal imaging organs.

So at this time, he can clearly see the surrounding area without any sort of problem; the ground covered with fallen leaves, the messy grass and tall trees covering the clouds, at least from his perspective.

As he observed the surrounding environment, he continuously flicked his tongue, collecting the chemical signals in the air to detect the presence of prey.

It is a pity that he didn’t find any sort of prey in this area.

Fang Yun, disappointed, hanging his head and crawling even further ahead, started to feel somewhat uneasy, he’s never roamed this far from his nest.

He had gone much further than he expected and If he encountered danger, he wouldn’t be able to quickly escape back into the nest to take refuge.

But the desire to eat and evolve forced him to continue to take risks.

The black-spotted frog that he previously ate gave him a lot of energy, enough for him to spend two or three days without eating, but Fang Yun wanted to grow up as soon as possible, so he has to hunt more prey.

After moving forward another 100 meters, Fang Yun changed direction and crawled towards the right. He can’t risk continuing forward anymore. He is going to establish his hunting zone in this 300-meter radius.


Suddenly, Fang Yun felt the vibrations of an animal stepping on the ground. Although it was very subtle, snakes are particularly sensitive to vibrations, so the moment Fang Yun felt them, he immediately became alert.

He hid his body in a lush bush nearby and peeked through the gap between the leaves, looking at the source of the vibrations.

An adult pheasant dragging his long tail behind him as he slowly walked forward, his colorful plumage being particularly eye-catching.

Pheasant, omnivore. For plants, they generally like to eat herbaceous plants, seeds, etc… As for meat, they like to eat insects, EarthWorms, and small amphibians. Fang Yun remembered the knowledge he learned in his last life.

Fang Yun’s current size is not much different from a large Worm. “If the pheasant finds me, I am afraid that I will be eaten as a snack!”.

Thinking of this, he curled his body and then hid further into the bushes, trying to make himself look unremarkable, like a stone.

The pheasant slowly walked over, his claws sweeping the ground from time to time, turning the fallen leaves on the ground, its sharp beak pecking between the fallen debris.

Sometimes it picked up an acorn seed, sometimes it picked up a tender white worm.

Fang Yun was very successful in hiding; this pheasant did not find his existence from beginning to end.

About three minutes later, after the pheasant walked away, the huddled Fang Yun in the bushes slowly relaxed. slithering out of the bushes, he flicked his tongue and continued to wander around.

During his search for prey, Fang Yun also saw many other animals.

For example, a creature similar to the black-spotted frog that he had eaten before. This time, the black-spotted frog he met was already an adult, which had great strength, and a body length about four or five centimeters; too big for him to hunt.

“If I want to prey on this frog, I am afraid that I have to wait until my next evolution.”

”Shi! Shi!”

Fang Yun tongue flicked in the air, then shrank it back into his mouth, placing it onto the olfactory receptors inside his mouth, analyzing the chemical signals collected.

Suddenly, Fang Yun got excited.

This time, he perceived the smell of prey.

Fang Yun flicked his tongue in the air several times, determining the direction of the smell, then crawled over there.

After moving for a few minutes, he stopped.

At the moment, there is a group of dense black spots in front of him constantly moving, a group of ants who are returning to their nest.

Under the observation of Fang Yun, almost every worker ant in this ant colony carries a small piece of food. This is not the thing of Fang Yun’s focus though. The thing of his focus is a large ant cluster that is tightly tied together, dragging a worm about five centimeters long.

“Target locked, earthworm, insect, can provide 1 bio-energy point.”

The mechanical voice of the system sounded again in Fang Yun’s mind, making him unhesitant in deciding to rob this ant group, directly crawling over, grabbing the worm with his mouth and taking it away. After dragging it a certain distance from the ant group, Fang Yun swallowed it into his stomach.

As for the ants, Fang Yun did not care about them. He tried eating them before. The biological energy gained by eating ants is too little, and for a group like this with a large number of ants, if he gets swarmed by them, he may just capsize this already precarious ship. Being devoured alive by a group of ants doesn’t sound like a good end, does it?

After slithering forward for a distance of more than ten meters Fang Yun stopped crawling, then rolled a few times on the grass, removing the ants from his body.

”Counting this earthworm, I got a total of 2 bio-energy points, this harvest can only be considered a pass, I will go for another look around. If I don’t find any other prey, I will go back to the nest.”

Fang Yun glanced at the sky. At this time, the light had begun to become dim. The sky will probably completely darken in another hour or so.

Perhaps because of his past life, he does not like to hunt at night, without mentioning that there are also many dangers at night, owls, mice, and his peers.

Therefore, after every hunting trip, Fang Yun will return to his nest to sleep, resting in the night.

As the sky continued to darken, Fang Yun sighed helplessly, just as he was about to go back to his nest,

Suddenly, his sensitive sense of smell caught a whiff of something special!

He carefully screened the direction of the smell, then turning his head in that direction, without any hesitation, he crawled over.

Two minutes later, Fang Yun’s body paused, lifting his head slightly towards the direction of a tree branch.

Located above the tree branch, there is a bird nest parched there.

When He saw the birds nest, Fang Yun couldn’t help but feel a touch of joy, because he smelled the eggs that came out of this bird’s nest.

The bird nest is only the size of a bowl, apart from the eggs, there is no other creature, obviously, the nest owner is looking for food right now.

Fang Yun climbed the tree, getting into the nest.

Immediately, he saw that in this nest, four eggs quietly laid there.

“Target locked, sparrow eggs, each providing 1 bio-energy point!”.

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