Chapter 19 Strengthening Determination

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“System, bring up my properties panel.”

After a momentary shock, Fang Yun quickly snapped back and called the system in his mind. He did not expect that his first increase in reputation was actually in such a funny way.

He chose to live with the squirrel because he thought that the tree hole has enough space, easily able to accommodate him and the squirrel.

Furthermore, he can also use the other party as a companion, adding a little color to his dull and boring life.

But he did not expect that the scene of his cohabitation with the squirrel will be seen by people, furthermore, it’s still an outdoor streamer, which brought attention to himself and increased his reputation value.

Suddenly, a flash of light flashed in Fang Yun’s mind.

He has been wondering about what methods he can use to increase his reputation. His current experience has given him some inspiration. Perhaps he can increase his reputation without entering human society.

At this moment, a light curtain appeared in his mind, making him converge his thoughts.

Host property list:

Level: 5

Bioenergy: 180/250

Skill Points: 14

Body length: 1m

Diameter: 2.8cm

Power: 2.0

Defense: 1.0

Speed: 1.5

Agile: 2.0

Spirit: 3.0

Physical strength: 2.8

Skills: Fatal Venom (2/5)

Reputation value: 5241/10000000

”More than five thousand reputation value?”

Seeing the number behind the column of reputation, Fang Yun got very surprised, he was exposed to a live broadcast for less than a minute but he already got this much reputation value.

What’s even more unexpected is that the increase in reputation value can actually earn skill points. According to the notification previously displayed by the system, it can be seen that for a different amount of reputation value, the system rewards a different amount of points.

For 1 reputation point the system rewards 1 skill point, For 10 reputation point the system rewards 2 skill points, and so on and on, the next time he reaches 10000 reputation point he will get 5 skill points.

But as he is watching the increase in his reputation point, his heart sank.

Gradually, his reputation growth rate has begun to slow down. At this rate, it’s almost impossible to grow to 10,000 points today.

”It seems that the popularity of this girl’s stream is about to reach the limit.”

Thinking for a moment, Fang Yun immediately thought of the answer.

He hesitated in his mind, should he do something unusual, earning him more points on this rare opportunity?

Although the popularity of this girl’s stream has reached the limit, if he reveals something special, he will definitely cause an uproar, thus increasing his reputation points.

However, after careful consideration, he still pressed this impulse.

A snake and a squirrel cohabitation can still be explained through the magic of nature, but if he were to act in a supernatural way, for example writing on the ground, something a snake should never be able to do. He will surely attract the wrong kind of attention.

Although he does need reputation, he doesn’t want to be caught in a laboratory for research.


Suddenly, the squirrel hanging on his head, feeling that the four girls opposite doesn’t seem to be a threat, jumped out from the tree hole to the tree branches, and then after several more jumps, fell on the ground. Then disappeared in the jungle.

”Oh… the squirrel ran away.”

After seeing the squirrel jump and leave, the four girls standing opposite exclaimed, somewhat disappointed.

Then, their eyes fell back on Fang Yun.

”Since reputation temporarily can’t be improved, I shouldn’t stay in this hole anymore.”

Fang Yun glanced at the four girls opposite.

The opportunity to increase his own reputation value is in sight, but for his own personal safety, he still has to give up this opportunity.

As for waiting for the next opportunity to come, he doesn’t know how long it will take.

Taking a deep breath, Fang Yun slowly crawled down the tree.

Under the vigilant eyes of the four girls, Fang Yun disappeared into the forest. Since he can’t stay here anymore, he won’t continue to waste his time.

“It’s a pity that I won’t be able to stay with Xiaoma again.” Fang Yun thought sadly.

”Evolution, I have to evolve quickly.”

Fang Yun’s couldn’t help but have a feeling of grievance.

He is too weak right now, not only that he can’t guaranty his survival, but he even had to give up on the opportunity to acquire reputation value because of scruples.

”I am still too weak right now. If I was strong enough, I don’t have to worry about anything at all, If someone dares to plot against me, I could use force to crush him. So for now, I have to devour more prey and speed up the upgrade!”

Chen Meng and her three girlfriends watched as Fang Yun’s figure slowly disappeared into the jungle, and all had a feeling of wonder.

When they snapped out of their reverie, Fang Yun has long disappeared.

They were surprised because this is the first time they saw a snake watching them calmly, without hissing at them or running away.

”Sister Wei, Xiaoning, how do I feel that that snake is not afraid of us at all?”

Chen Meng said with some surprise, still looking at the direction at which Fang Yun disappeared.

Although Snakes are a scary animal, they are usually very timid. When they meet with people, they will generally take the initiative to escape.

But Chen Meng felt that the snake they met did not seem to be afraid of them.

Zhang Wei, Meng Ning, and Song Ran nodded.

They also have this feeling.

You could say that their feeling is indeed very accurate, perhaps they didn’t care much about it, a few women did not care much, even going to an open place to sit down.

Meng Ning took out a bag of realgar powder from her backpack and sprinkled it on the floor, then spread a mat and called her girlfriends.

”Sister Wei, Xiao Meng, sister Ran, come over to ea.”

”It’s finally time to eat.”

Song Ran eyes lit up, running towards Meng Ning, sitting down on the mat, picking up a sandwich, and then wildly eating it.

“Climbing for a long time, I’m really hungry.”

Feeling the judging gaze of Meng Ning, Song Ran said innocently.

“But I’m really hungry.”

Followed by Zhang Wei who came to see Song Ran gorging on her food, causing her to smile, then in a very lady-like manner sitting down, picking a sandwich and eating it elegantly, then calling Chen Meng.

“Xiao Chen, hurry up or nothing will be left for you.”


Chen Meng said to Zhang Wei, and then turning the mobile phone to herself. When she saw the number of online viewers in the live room, she couldn’t help but be shocked.

Up to now, the number of online viewers in her live room has exceeded 70,000!

And her registered fans have exceeded 100,000!

”OMG, I didn’t expect my subscribers to reach 100,000/”

Chen Meng was delighted, having 100,000 subscribers on the live platform is already among the first line streamers.

Although she does live broadcasts just for fun; but accumulating so many fans this quickly, caused her to have a sense of accomplishment.


Taking a deep breath, Chen Meng calmed down her racing heart and excitedly smiled at the camera. saying.

“Thank you all for watching, we will meet again next time.”

After Chen Meng voice fell, a variety of surprised and reluctant comments quickly flooded the screen.

”Xiao Meng now is the most popular time in the live broadcast, cutting off the stream right now will make you lose some fans.”

”I was looking at the squirrels and the snake. so I didn’t see the host, sending ten bamboo branches as a new fan.”

”Xiao Meng, you still stream for a while, to stabilize your popularity.”

Seeing the retention of many fans in the live room, Chen Meng said that she was moved, but still insisted on ending the live broadcast, finally closing the stream.

After putting the phone back in her pocket, Chen Meng walked toward Meng Ning, Song Ran, and Zhang Wei.

”Sister Wei, what are you doing?”

She saw that Zhang Wei took out her laptop, putting it on her lap, using it with one hand and eating with the other one.

”I am going to send the photo of the squirrel and snake that I took before to the editor of the legendary magazine to see if it can be published in the legendary magazine’s field photography column.”

Zhang Hao raised her head and said to Chen Meng with a smile,

Chen Meng eyes brightened, then said, “Sister Wei, this time the picture you took will definitely be published!”

Meng Ning and Song Ran on the side also nodded in affirmation.

Seeing this, Zhang Wei smiled excitedly.

She is determined to be a field photographer and has always wanted to publish her work in a magazine, but she has never succeeded before.

After all, the places she used to go before are just ordinary mountains and forests.

Most of the scenes that she captured can be easily seen in the wild, resulting in no explosive content, so they are rejected every time.

But this time it’s different, the scene of a snake and a squirrel cohabitating in the same nest was never captured before.

Maybe this time she can really achieve her dreams.

However, the previous rejection of her works still caused her to be very nervous.

This time, will she really succeed?

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