Chapter 17 shocked Chen Meng

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”Haha, everyone is too enthusiastic.”

The gift that suddenly flocked in the live room shocked Chen Meng. She had done so many live broadcasts. While she had received quite a lot of gifts, receiving so many gifts in the same live broadcast is definitely the first one.

But then she quickly calmed down. After all, she doesn’t lack money. She did so many live broadcasts just for fun, so while she was happy to receive so many gifts, she didn’t think much of it.

”There are a lot of small animals in this jungle. While climbing the mountain, we saw several pheasants and hedgehogs. If you want to experience wildlife, you may want to visit this mountain sometime in the future.”

”But when everyone comes, please remember not to damage the environment or disturb the wild animals here.”

While Chen Meng was advertising for the mountain. she continued to rotate the selfie stick around so that everyone could see the scenery around her.

”Sister Meng, you couldn’t have gone into the mountains by yourself, could you?”

”This forest looks very lush. There may be snakes or poisonous insect inside, Xiao Meng, you must be careful.”

”I didn’t expect that Xiao Meng who usually looks very cute, is so powerful.”


Seeing the words of concern that appeared in the chat, Chen Meng smiled and explained: “Thank you for your concern, but I went up with my three good sisters.”

”It turned out that Xiao Meng’s classmates have gone with her, well that’s a relief.”

”I still remember that last time a grasshopper jumped on Xiao Meng head in the park, they freaked out so much they ran in circles.”

”Sister Xiao, turn the camera to your roommates.”

”Upstairs you grab Xiao Ning and sister Wei, Xiao Meng is mine.”

”I am different from you guys, I like the chubby one.”

Looking at the barrage of the live friends in the live room, it’s clear that they are quite familiar with Xiao Meng three roommates, and in fact, it’s indeed so.

They appeared quite a lot of times in Xiao Meng’s streams.

Plus as her three friends are also very beautiful, causing Chen Meng fans to be very impressed with them.

”Oh, yes everyone, I’m going to show you a good thing.”

Chen Meng looked at the camera, suddenly smiling mysteriously, then slowly turned the camera to the big pine tree next to her.

Previously, she deliberately ignored this large pine tree while showing her fans the surrounding environment, leaving this large pine tree as a “surprise” to shock the fans in the live room.

When this large pine tree appeared in the live room, it was not surprising that her fans in the live room immediately boiled up.

The very thick trunk of this large pine tree, plus the green pine needles, are particularly eye-catching, making this pine tree stand out from the rest.

”This pine tree is really big, it should be at least five hundred years old.”

”Who would have thought that there is such a rare landscape in this Wulong Mountain. I have to go there to see when I have time.”

”Sister Xiao, can you get closer?”

Seeing the fans request in the live room, Chen Meng immediately approached the big pine tree, but when she got there, she suddenly became surprised.

”Xiao Ning, sister Wei, sister Ran, you have to come to see, there is a tree hole here.”

Chen Meng looked at the tree hole in front of her. The tree hole was about 180 cm or 6 feet from the ground. being more than ten centimeters higher than her eyes, making it hard to see what’s inside.


Zhang Wei, Meng Ning, and Song Ran, who were resting there, heard Chen Meng’s words and looked up to her side.

”You said, will there be squirrels inside?”

Chen Meng’s face suddenly showed a touch of interest. She knew that most squirrels like to nest in tree holes, she also heard Meng Ning say that there are squirrels on the mountain.

However, they indeed saw a lot of small animals while climbing all the way up, but they did not see even a glimpse of a squirrel, which made her a little disappointed.

So when she saw this tree hole, she couldn’t help getting excited.

Inside this tree hole, would there be a squirrel?

”Squirrel? Where are the squirrels?”

After Song Ran, who was sprawled on the ground, heard Chen Meng’s words, she propped up her body, quickly standing up. Zhang Wei and Meng Ning, who were sitting next to each other, also quickly stood up in surprise.

For squirrels and other small cute furry animals, Few girls are able to resist their charm.

”Xiao Meng, don’t get too close, in case it’s a snake hole.”

Song Ran, who was running towards Chen Meng, saw her tiptoe, trying to look inside the tree hole and could not help reminding her.

Her words also made Chen Meng, who was trying to look inside the tree hole stiffen, immediately turning her head to Song Ran, shouting, “Shut up, you are a crow mouth!”

”Ha ha ha, things that miss Ran predict, usually aren’t wrong.”

”In fact, it’s very simple if you want to know if it’s is a squirrel hole or a snake hole. just insert your hand inside the tree hole, If you aren’t bitten then it’s not a snake hole.”

”Yes, this method can indeed identify whether it’s a snake hole or a squirrel hole. I used this method last time I stumbled upon a tree hole. Now I’m chilling in the underworld.”


Chen Meng glanced at the chat floating on the live room, her mouth twitching, speechless, shaking her head helplessly, she was about tiptoe and look inside the tree hole to see if she could find any squirrel. Suddenly, she saw that not far from her, Song Ran, Meng Ning, and Zhang Hao stopped their footsteps, The look on their faces is somewhat wrong.

”Sister Ran, what happened, why do you look so pale?”

Chen Meng not knowing what’s the problem, she asked Song Ran.

Song Ran, whose face was bloodless, stiffly raised her right hand, then pointed it at the tree hole next to Chen Meng.

Chen Meng brows slightly wrinkled, slowly turning her head, looking over to the tree hole, but after one glance, her complexion changed immediately, uttering a harsh scream.


Standing stiffly in the same place, like a wooden figure, looking at the tree hole opposite her in horror.

At the moment, outside the tree hole, a reptile head was sticking out.

That is a snakehead

No wonder Chen Meng will be scared to scream.

She didn’t expect Song Ran previous warning to be true. This tree hole is not a squirrel nest at all, but a snake nest.

Chen Meng was shaking, wanting to run away quickly, but her legs are a little soft, resulting in her inability to move.

”Xiao Meng, quick, run!!.”

Song Ran, Meng Ning, and Zhang Wei finally resumed thinking, quickly urged her to run.


Chen Meng wanted to say something, but suddenly, she became extremely surprised, her mouth turning into an O shape, not only her, but also Song Ran, Meng Ning, and Zhang Wei who are watching on the side.

They saw a rounded head coming from the tree hole.

That is a squirrel.

They saw this squirrel hug the head of the snake, his rounded, beady small eyes staring at Chen Meng and her roommates outside.

A snake and a squirrel?

The four girls mouth became gaping open, surprised at this extremely rare scene.

Zhang Wei suddenly recovered, grabbed the camera hanging on her chest, pointed the lens at the opposite tree hole, and pressed the shutter.


An extremely rare scene was thus captured.

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