Chapter 13 Exploring The Area

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”The rain has finally stopped.”

Fang Yun’s head slid out of the tree hole and looked at the gloomy sky that stopped raining.

He is really afraid that this rain will last for weeks, stopping him from hunting. If so until when would he undergo his fourth evolution?.

In the first two days of rain, he swallowed a bird, which allowed his bio-energy to reach 32 points, but there is still a long distance from the 90 bio-energy points needed for the upgrade.

“I don’t know how much prey is in this area, whether it does have more prey than the previous area.”

While thinking about it, Fang Yun suddenly looked at the branch on his left side, and the squirrel whose nest was seized by himself stood there.

Compared with the previous few days, this squirrel is obviously not so afraid of himself anymore.

Looking away from the squirrel, Fang Yun looked at the grassland a 100 meters away. At this moment the sun is rising from there, indicating that the east is in that direction.

Converging his thoughts, Fang Yun is preparing to crawl toward the grassland, when suddenly…


A loud eagle scream sounded, Fang Yun’s body couldn’t help but shake. In an instant, he turned his head, looking at the place where the eagle’s humming sounded.

The place he is looking at at the moment is the steep cliff at the end of the grassland.

He saw that above the grassland, in the sky, there is a black eagle hovering, flying ina circular manner, seemingly tracking some prey. Fang Yun looked as the eagle dived, appearing to attack something.

Then after he rose to the sky again there was one more thing under his iron claws, a fat hare.

”Is that the eagle I met before?”

Fang Yun’s mouth was pumping. While he was in the ant cave a few days ago, he still thought about trying to avoid this eagle as much as possible. As a result, he still stumbled into him.

”Is this what they call bad luck?”

Fang Yun was speechless and also discouraged.

“Do I have to move again?”.tought Fang Yun depressed.

Shaking his head, “No… I don’t have to move again. This forest should enough to block the vision of the eagle. What I need to note now is whether this forest can provide enough prey for me to grow.”

Thinking this way, Fang Yun’s heart was put down a little.

As long as he doesn’t run out of this forest into the grassland, he won’t have to worry about the threat of this eagle. After sorting his thoughts, he couldn’t wait to climb down the tree and investigate the situation in this area.


Suddenly, a cry attracted Fang Yun’s attention. He looked back at the squirrel and found that the latter was shivering at the moment.

Obviously, the appearance of the eagle gave the squirrel a fright. It’s estimated that he wants to go back to his nest to calm his mind down, but Fang Yun is blocking the hole, making him afraid to go.

After Fang Yun understood the squirrel thoughts, he crawled down to the bushes without hesitation.

There is cold icy water hanging on the moist grass, although the temperature in the jungle is slowly rising, it’s still very cold.

Fang Yun spent a whole day trying to understand the situation of this area.

He crawled for a long distance. Except for the grassland in the east, he probed the area within a radius of 500 meters.

Although It’s a pity that he did not find a place suitable for his own residence.

But there is also good news, that is, the prey in this area is very very rich.

Frogs, mice, birds, lizards, and small animals like rabbits, this area could be said to have everything in it.

Additionally, in the south direction, that is, the direction in which the mountain is in, he found a small lake with a lot of fish in it.

”When I’m in the mood, I could go there to prey on fish and expand my menu.” Thought Fang Yun gleefully.

While exploring this area, not far from the pine trees,He met a one-meter long bamboo green snake.

This kind of snake is a relatively common poisonous snake species. It is difficult to find once hidden on a tree branch or in the grass. However, Fang Yun is also a snake. Making his sense of smell very sensitive. This bamboo green snake can’t hide in front of him.

After he glanced at this bamboo green snake, he left. Although the two are living in the same area, there is plenty of prey here, so there is no need to dispute.

In this day’s exploration, he did not forget to hunt.

After his third evolution, the success rate of hunting has increased greatly. During this exploration, he has captured a sub-mature gecko, a mature tiger-like frog, and four mature black-spotted frogs.

Once he returned to the pine tree hole, the prey in his stomach was all digested.

Successfully obtaining 23 bio-energy points.

The gecko provided him with 5 bio-energy, the tiger frog provided 10 bio-energy point, and the four black-spotted frogs provided 8 bio-energy.

His current total bio-energy points have reached 55 points!

Slowly climbing up the tree hole in the middle of the trunk. once Fang Yun approached the tree hole, he was slightly surprised.

Because at the moment, in the tree hole, the horrified screams of the squirrel were sounding,

Flicking his tongue in the air, Fang Yun immediately perceived an unusual smell. This smell did not belong to him nor did it belong to the squirrel.

Combined with the screams in the tree hole, it’s already obvious.

The squirrel was attacked.

Just thinking for a moment, Fang Yun came to such a conclusion.

Without any hesitation, he quickly crawled into the tree hole. going inside the nest, he immediately saw the scene inside the tree hole.

I saw that in front of him at the moment, there are two figures facing each other.

One of the figures is the squirrel he is familiar with.

The other figure has black and white stripes on its long body with dark spots on its mouth.

While Fang Yun was staring at this uninvited guest, The sound of the system resounded in his mind.

“Target locked, Skunk, Mammal family, Omnivore, can provide 25 bio-energy point.”

After hearing the system sound, Fang Yun’s pupils shrank.

This creature turned out to be a weasel.

Skunks are not a natural enemy of snakes, but it is difficult for snakes to deal with them because while skunks are small, they are very aggressive and fierce, most importantly they have a feature.

In the event of a crisis, a very disgusting stench will be released, making them one of the least favorites preys for any animal.

After Fang Yun appeared, this skunk was slightly shocked. At the moment, its body turned slightly, facing Fang Yun, appeared to be somewhat stunned.

It seems that it did not expect that while he is hunting, a third party would break-in.

But the squirrel, on the other hand, seeing that Fang Yun appeared, his hair that stood up relaxed slightly. At this time, Fang Yun also saw the squirrel’s hind legs were injured, with blood flooding out.

Obviously, the squirrel is the losing side in the fight against the skunk.

”Squeak! Squeak!”

The skunk finally reacted, and immediately roared toward Fang Yun, making an attacking pose, and slowly approaching Fang Yun.

Looking at it like this, it seems that it wants to add Fang Yun on the menu with the squirrel together?

Fang Yun’s body slightly coiled up, lifting his head, also making an attacking posture.

A skunk in the district, want to scare him away? what a joke.

At this moment, their eyes are looking directly at each other, and the distance between the two sides is constantly getting closer under the movement of the skunk.

The battle is on the verge!.

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