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26th November 2021

07:25 pm

Outer Bridge Crossing, Charleston, New York.


The multitude of migrants cheered as they took seats anywhere they could find. Stephen watched them settle down tiredly. The group of five hundred and eighty people had gone through a lot to get to New York. They had been more numerous than that. Unfortunately, he had to watch many of them die during the journey- older adults, children, sick people. He was sure of one thing: more than half of the American population had died from the migration. Many more were going to die in the days coming. It saddened him. He turned to Bucky.

“Watching these people celebrate their death sentence breaks my heart,” he said in Bucky’s ear. Both chuckled ruefully.

“But, really, what could they do? They can’t see it coming. They trusted their president to take care of them; meanwhile, it was their president that brought this on them,” Bucky whispered back.

“We still have to get them to New York Harbor, and that’ll take, at least, a full day of walking to reach,” Stephen stated.

“You’re eager to see that Russian lady again, aren’t you?” Bucky asked, smiling.

“Well, yes. But not for the reason you’re thinking. I want to know where we’re going with this. I hope she’s not putting us on some wild goose chase.”

Bucky nodded quietly.

“I guess we’ll know all that on the third of December,” he said. Suddenly, he put his hand to his face. “And to think December used to be my favorite time of the year.”

Stephen smiled ruefully at Bucky’s words.

“I’ll miss Christmas karaoke at the Base,” Stephen said, and Bucky laughed.

“You were awful at it,” Bucky said.

“At least, I tried. Someone else was too shy to get on the stage,” Stephen said as he took his bag off his shoulders.

“Not everyone likes to be embarrassed, man,” Bucky said as he watched Stephen search his bag. Finally, Stephen pulled out a tablet. It was the tablet that Suzanne had given him.

“What are you doing, man? I thought she told you not to turn it on or allow anyone to see it,” Bucky whispered nervously.

“Chill out, man. I’m not turning it on. I’m just looking at it,” Stephen said as he turned the tablet over and looked at the plain white back.

“Well, people are going to see it and they’re going to wonder what you’re doing with a tablet. We know that there is a Russian agent among us, but we don’t know who it is. We’re at a disadvantage. We can’t afford to give any clue of what we’re doing,” Bucky said. “Put that thing back in the bag now!”

Stephen sighed and wrapped the tablet in a thick sweater again before putting it in the bag.

“I think we should turn this device in to authorities like the CIA. It could give them clues as to what is happening. It could just be the advantage we need against the Russians,” Stephen said.

“That’s not what the lady said you were to do with it,” Bucky said as he furrowed his brows.

“Damn Suzanne and what she said.”

“You don’t trust her, do you?” Bucky asked. When Stephen didn’t answer, he sighed.

“Bro, you’ dumb like shit! After all that you’ve seen, you still don’t realize that this is way bigger than you are. What authorities are you talking about? The ones that are Russian in disguise? You could get yourself killed if you want; I don’t care. Just don’t mess up what Suzanne is trying to do. She is the only one who knows what is happening. She is probably America’s only hope,” Bucky said as he turned to go elsewhere. Stephen had always been headstrong for as long as they had known each other. He just hoped that Stephen would think things through before acting.

Victor, the soldier he had been paired with to lead the migrants, walked up to him just then.

“Hey, Buck, I think we should walk a couple of hours still. We must get to the harbor. That’s quite a long way to go,” he said.

Bucky shook his head.

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