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Suzanne held her breath in preparation.

The next second, she swung her legs, raking him to the floor. She rolled over him and pulled out the tranquilizer dart from her hair. She stabbed it into his thigh and pushed it in so that he cried in pain before falling off to sleeping.

Suzanne stood up and picked the gun back up.

“Live by the sword, die by the sword, Adrik. Enjoy your sleep,” she said as she pulled the trigger.


What next…

3rd December 2021

1:30 pm

Chestnut Avenue, Rosebank, New York.


Aaliyah stood up from the couch as she heard a motorcycle downstairs. Her arm still hurt where she had been shot, but Ted had helped her bandage it. He had been watching for her all the time she was on the ship. The moment he had seen her jump into the water, he had followed her and had saved her from drowning.

She went to the gate and opened it as Xander and Suzanne came up. Xander had to support the lady.

“You made it,” Aaliyah said as she took Suzanne from Xander and led her to a seat.

“Yes, we did- barely, though,” Xander said. “What of Stephen and Bucky?”

“Not here yet,” Aaliyah said.

“And Joel?” Xander asked, looking around.” He was with you, right?”

Aaliyah bowed her head in her palms.

“Tell me nothing happened to him,” he said.

“I’m sorry, Xander. He went into the cabin. By the time the ship exploded…” she took a deep breath. “He was still in the ship,”

“No!” Stephen cried. Tears ran down Suzanne’s face though she said nothing.

They waited a couple more hours for Stephen and Bucky. By some minutes past six pm, the soldiers arrived and told how they had annihilated the president. The others relayed their stories too. However, there was an unasked question hanging in the air.

What next?

What would happen to the Americans whose last hope had just been destroyed? What would happen to them? None of them would remain the same after this.

They slept early that day.

Like a dream, Aaliyah heard someone knocking on the gate. She woke up slowly. The knocking continued. It wasn’t a dream. She wondered who it was. The others had woken up too.

Aaliyah frowned as she lit a candle and went to check it out. The others waited for her.

The moment she went beyond the door, she screamed.

“Guys, it’s Joel!”

Joel stood beyond the gate with a bandage around his head, smiling at her. Troy was with him. The others ran out to see them. Aaliyah opened the door and let him in.

“How in the world?” she said.

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