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“No?” Troy said. “These people are ready to go.”

Aaliyah and Joel raised their hands.

The soldier above nodded, and, with the help of another soldier, they let down the ramp.

Aaliyah and Joel went on aboard the ship and looked around. There was a six-deck cabin. On the ground, there was a manhole.

“More ships are coming, huh?” Aaliyah asked.

“Yes, Pretty. We’re hoping to have at least thirty ships moving over the next couple of days. But this first batch is for smart people like you,” the soldier said, looking her over.

Aaliyah and Joel looked around.

There weren’t many soldiers on the weather deck.

Joel punched the soldier.


3rd December 2021

11:00 am

North Star Hotel, 5th Avenue, Manhattan, New York,


Stephen and his crew had almost given up searching. They had gone through eight floors. He stood and looked out of the glass panes that overlooked the city. The search was tiring. Tanner stood on the stairs, sniffing as though something intrigued him.

Suddenly, he heard rotating blades. A helicopter came from the side of the building and hovered beside the floor above them.

At the same time, four Russian agents came out of a room on the floor above him. With them was the president. Three of them focused their firepower on Bucky and Milo, while the last one concentrated his bullets on the glass. Milo and Bucky took cover behind pillars. The Russians kept engaging them with bullets. There was no freedom to aim at Billy.

Stephen heard the glass above break and watched as the agents on the helicopter tried to help the president get on. Billy Munroe was more agile than he appeared.

Eric raised his gun to shoot, but Stephen held him.

“No. We’ll just draw too much attention to ourselves. They will have weapons too. We might end up getting killed instead of the president. I have a better idea,” he said, taking out his grenade. Tanner had come to stand beside his master.


He remembered his training. He was going to need them now.

“Guys, are you seeing this?” Bucky shouted from above. He was still engrossed in a crossfire.

Soon, the president was on the helicopter, and the helicopter began to move.

“Shoot the glass down now,” Stephen said as the helicopter moved further away slowly.

Eric obeyed.

The moment the glass shattered, Stephen pulled out the pin of his grenade and hurled it.

The men inside the helicopter began to shoot in their direction. Stephen and Milo ran for cover.

The grenade landed in the helicopter before the

Russians realized what was happening.

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