Page 22 of Revelations (The End 5)

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“I added your device as an administrator on the Wormwood software so you can have access to all their correspondence. You would have done the work from here, but I also need us to bust as many as are involved in this. Their tracker ID can only be accessed from the main computer, so you’ll go with me. I’ll get you to the computer room, and you’ll work from there. However, I also want you to send one more document to the United Nations. I’ll send it to you now. Xander, please, promise me you won’t open this document and read it,” she said.

Xander frowned.

“Why? What’s in it?” He asked.

“You don’t need to know that. I need you to trust me on this, and I need to know I can trust you,” she said with pleading eyes.

“Okay. I’ll do as you say. I just hope it won’t get us into more trouble,” he said.

“It won’t. It’s actually going to make things a whole lot better. This is just not the time for it to be unveiled yet. I’m sending the instructions to your device now, and we’ll leave immediately. The computer and all the software on it use the Russian language. I’ll send you the instructions to change them to English, and I’ll also send you the English equivalent of the characters on the keyboard. Is your bag ready?” she said as she pulled out her mini tab.

Xander nodded and mumbled a ‘yes’.

When she was done, both went down the stairs and hopped on her motorcycle.


3rd December 2021

8:15 am

Verrazzano Narrows Bridge, New York.


Stephen and Bucky, once again, alternated between running and jogging. This time, though, they had an extra person with them, Troy. Tanner ran with them happily. This time, Bucky was the one who held his leash. The dog seemed to be excited about the mission more than they were.

By the time they arrived at the military camp, Troy would relate the news with his comrades, and, together, they would strategize on the best way to take out the president. Then, they would select a team to handle the operation while the others would head off to the Harbor to support the civilian resistance.

The good thing about the EMP was that it took out all means of electronic communication. The puppet president wouldn’t be able to see them coming.

On the other hand, there was no way of getting a clear picture of where they were going. They were going to have to work with their imagination, especially if no soldier had been there.

He knew that Fort Hamilton would most likely be sanctioned for organizing a strike on the president without authorization from higher-ranking officers. However, there was nothing anyone could do about it. If the lives of millions of Americans would be saved, someone had to do something.


"Can you climb trees?"

3rd December 2021.

9:22 am.

Ray of Hope HQ, Staten Island, Richmond County, New York.


Suzanne and Xander snuck through a row of buildings. Suzanne had stopped the motorcycle some distance from the row of buildings and had instructed him to come with her.

It had snowed the previous night, and so, the ground was white. Though the streets were empty, Suzanne had spotted some fresh footprints in the snow, causing her to become more vigilant.

They stopped behind a building that stood opposite what looked like a five-star restaurant. The restaurant was empty too.

“We’ll wait here,” Suzanne said as she pulled out a dart gun from her belt. She opened the barrel to reveal tranquilizer needles. She counted them before closing the barrel again.

“Let’s hope someone comes out quickly,” she said, peering over the side of the building.

And they waited.

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