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Suzanne laughed a bit.

“Bro, I wish it was a joke. But it isn’t. My name is Vivien Romanov Dmitri,” she said, unleashing her Russian accent. “And I have quite some stories to tell you.”

She told him of her migration to Russia and her meeting Adrik. She told him how she had joined the Ray of Hope and had given them the idea that had enabled them to infiltrate America. She told him of their base in New York and how many political, social, and military leaders in the US were actually Russians. When she was done, Troy’s head was in his hands.

“My God!” he exclaimed. “Seeing my commander today with a Russian tablet was one shocker. I just had to verify the facts. This is too much.”

“Look, we’re past the stage of lamenting here. We need to stop this before tomorrow is over. I hope you are with us on this one,” she said.

He watched her, then he nodded.

“What’s the plan?” he asked.

“Good. The Ray of Hope is as trapped as we are. The only way for them to return to Russia is on the ships that are coming tomorrow. From the correspondence between the Headquarters and Billy, some international bodies had managed to come to America to discuss what had happened. They pinned it all on President Sergei Olga. The United Nations wants to begin talks on setting things right again; however, we all know how that will turn out if the Ray of Hope still leads this nation. They have four major points keeping them alive: their brain, which is the governing council. Two of them were dispatched to coordinate the whole process. They are at the base not far from here. Then, there is their heart, which is the president. He is at the North Star hotel in Manhattan. Their arms, which is the infiltrated military. You guys are a part of it. And their feet, which are the frightened masses. If we can hit them at all these points, we’ll completely finish them off. All their operations here and in every other nation would come to a halt. We’ve secured the masses. Currently, they’re ready to cause mayhem. Troy, if your base is with us on this, we might have enough coverage on the military side. Were you able to get the ammunition I asked for, Steve?” she asked.

He raised a brow and nodded at a big bag by his seat.

“What do you think is in there?” he asked.

Suzanne smiled a little.

“Good. Give some to Aaliyah and Joel. They’ll need it to cripple the ships coming in. Aaliyah, work with Joel and come up with a strategy. Co-ordinate your troops and strike with wisdom. Create confusion and cripple as many ships as you can.

“Stephen, get a small team of soldiers from the base and head off to Manhattan. The goal is to annihilate the president. Think constructively before you act. Remember you don’t know who is Russian and who is not.

“Troy, coordinate the soldiers from the barracks as they come here. Protect the civilians and wipe out as many Russian soldiers as you can discover. Everyone must be back before nightfall. The last person to return will be ridden like a donkey by all of us.”

Everyone laughed at that.

“What about you and Xander?” Aaliyah asked.

“Xander and I will be going to the Headquarters. Xander, you’ll forward all the details of the organization to the United Nations. I’ll handle the headshot.”


The Strike


"I can't guarantee that you'll live through this..."

3rd December 2021

8:15 am

Hylan Boulevard, Rosebank, New York.


Aaliyah knocked on the door of the apartment she shared with the Hankins. It was only a matter of seconds before the door was opened. Elizabeth’s eyes watered when she saw her.

“Aaliyah! You’re back. Are you alright, child?” she asked as she opened the door wide and hugged the younger girl.

Aaliyah felt at home in the embrace. The irony of it all was that she was hardly related to the woman. Maybe it was because the world was about to end; she suddenly felt a strange connection to the Hankins family.

“I’m fine, Mrs. Hankins. I’m sorry for leaving suddenly. I met an old friend and decided to hang out with her shortly before we leave for Spain,” Aaliyah said.

“It’s okay, Aaliyah. You don’t owe us an explanation. I just want you to know that you’re always welcome to be here with us. I just made breakfast- stewed meat. It’s not all that tasty. We’re still learning to cook with wood. Care to join?”

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