Page 17 of Revelations (The End 5)

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The man nodded.

“I shall appoint some brothers to go with you. This is very sensitive,” he said.

“Thank you,” Stephen answered.

The commander called in a soldier and gave him a list of people to call.

“Tell them to report here now!” he ordered. The soldier left the room.

“So, who are you going back to?” Stephen asked.

“My daughter’s family. She is all I have left.”

Stephen nodded.

Suddenly, he pulled out his gun and shot at the commander. He missed.

“Bucky block the door. No one comes in till I’m done,” Stephen called as he took cover beside a bookshelf. Bucky locked the door and turned back. He was exposed. There was nowhere in the room to hide.

“Treason!” the commander shouted aloud from beneath his desk as he loaded his gun. “All soldiers report to this office immediately!”

He aimed at Bucky. Just as he was about to shoot, Stephen shot from beside the shelf. The desk took the bullet.

Someone turned the knob from outside but couldn’t open the door. The person began to shoot at the lock.

“We have company. We need to hurry,” Bucky said. As he looked down at the desk, he saw the man was aiming for him again.

“Oh man!” he said as he dived out of the bullet’s way. The bullet knocked on the door. Bucky was on the floor with a perfect view of the commander. Before the man could fire again, he pulled out his gun and shot at the man. The bullet barely missed.

Stephen took advantage of the distraction and went behind the desk.

“Hey, commander,” he said before he shot twice. The room became quiet.

Bucky stood up.

“Are you crazy? Now we have the whole barracks on our heads,” he shouted. The military-grade lock was about to give way.

“Just shut up and help me find his tablet,” Stephen said as he searched the man’s body. Bucky searched his drawers.

“Eureka! It seems they all hide it in the same place,” Stephen said as he pulled out a mini tab from a pocket inside the man’s shirt.

The lock gave way finally, and the door opened to reveal over a dozen soldiers, ready to shoot.

“Before you shoot, we have something to say. Your commander is not who you think he is, and we have proof,” Stephen said from behind the desk where he and Bucky hid.


2nd December 2021

3:22 pm

Vanderbilt Avenue, Clifton, New York.


“Bye, Shaiera, I have to take my dad home now. Get ready to fight for freedom. Remember; don’t tell the police or soldiers,” Aaliyah said as she and Joel walked out of the door.

Shaiera, the biker mom, her husband, Joe, and the rest of their crew stood at the door and waved, stunned by what they’d heard.

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