Chapter 34 – Coiling Dragon Stream

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Hey guys! Sorry for the delayed chapter release, I had a heck load of exams this week and school finishes next week! Since my summer holidays are coming up, I've decided to take on a side project! Three Marriages [三嫁惹君心] by Ming Yue Ting Feng. The first 3-4ish chapters have already been translated by Inno. I will soon start to release chapters once I have them translated and sorted out. Look out for more updates then. Enjoy.

Chapter 34 - Coiling Dragon Stream

After walking for a short while, an enormous; it literally stretched across the heavens and earth, mountain stream appeared. A powerful gale blew towards him as if it was greeting him, nearly knocking him over in the process.

Turning around and lifting up his head Kai Yang stared blankly ahead.

How could it be here? The channel in front of him was a thousand foot wide and appeared almost bottomless it was one of the most mysterious and dangerous places in Sky Tower - Coiling Dragon Stream!

Now that you mentioned it, the very existence of this mountain stream was truly strange. This was because Sky Tower wasn’t even located in a mountain range, but rather on a flat piece of land. Although it was called a mountain stream, it would be more suitable to call Coiling Dragon Stream a giant crack in the earth itself. It was just that this crack was a bit too big.

Coiling Dragon Stream, the most forbidden place of all the forbidden places in Sky Tower! This is because once you entered, fierce winds blew. A single moment’s carelessness could cause you to slip and fall, plummeting to your death.

This place was also the place were exiled or traitorous disciples were sent. In the past several hundred years, whenever a disciple committed an unforgivable act, they would be given a few rations and exiled to Coiling Dragon Stream.

This made Kai Yang extremely confused. For if a disciple really committed an unforgivable act, wouldn’t it better to immediately execute them rather than exiling them? Giving them a few rations and abandoning them there is equal to death itself.

Of course, apart from being the place where traitorous disciples were exiled, it was also the number one choice for lovers to commit suicide.

There were many such stories floating around Sky Tower. Tear jerking and heart wrenching these stories certainly were, they were about lovers who came to Coiling Dragon Stream to die when their partner had perished.

In the school, each male disciple would tell one or two of these stories when they were chasing after girls. If they could make these beautiful females cry, then they would then use their broad and warm chest to comfort these crying females.

You couldn’t know how many hearts were stirred by these heart wrenching stories, but nevertheless they were all kept in the hearts of the male disciples when pursuing love!

In regards to the information Kai Yang held on Coiling Dragon Stream, he reviewed it once more in his mind. Slowly, he took a few steps forward and looked ahead in doubt.

How could there be Yang qi inside? Not to mention that this reaction was different from all the previous reactions. This time it indicated there was a very strong concentration of Yang qi and that it was also slowly drifting upwards. Even though he was standing next to this place, Kai Yang could still sense a small warm feeling from the open air.

This warm feeling was not from the sun, it was several folds more pure than the sun’s energy.

Thinking for a while, Kai Yang ended up simply sitting down on the ground and diligently started to absorb the energy, disregarding the reason for the dense concentration of energy. To cultivate the True Yang Tactics, the more concentrated the Yang qi was in the area, the quicker you mastered it.

Since his current amount of World Qi was very small, the transfer speed of his True Yang Tactics was also slow, but with all this Yang qi to aid him, his speed should be greatly increased.

The sun had set and it was now evening, even without the sun’s qi, Yang Kai could sense that his efficiency was much higher than it had been the past few days.

With his cultivation, he had unexpectedly cultivated the entire night away. It was only the next morning, that Kai Yang opened his eyes and inspected his progress.

Cultivating with Yang qi and without Yang qi, it was truly different. Although he had previously trained under the sun’s light, it took him three entire days to produce that one small bit of World Qi. But with just one night’s cultivation, he had already achieved the same result that took three days worth of cultivation without the aid of dense Yang qi. It truly made one speechless.

The amount of World Qi within him had also increased, it was no longer like a flickering flame caught in a storm.

Also, with the increase of his World Qi, his control over it had improved.

Since it was the start of a new day, Kai Yang didn’t continue but instead stood up to practise his half an hour of tempered body record training.

Next to Coiling Dragon Stream, Kai Yang sweated profusely. Although he had trained the entire night, he didn’t consume much stamina, and his mental health was bursting with vigour.

After he completed his tempered body record training, he quickly went to complete his daily sweeping. Afterwards, he hurried (bounced back happily) back to Coiling Dragon Stream.

Since he had just about consumed his stock of his Three Leaved Chaos Spirit Flower and Dead Jedi Tree Grass, the incense burner was temporarily unusable. That left him with only one option of training.

Originally, Kai Yang had wanted to go and find Su Mu’s group and challenge them to a duel, but it was very strange. Ever since that night, Su Mu’s group of people had vanished into thin air, never to be seen in Sky Tower again.

Although Kai Yang had some problems with them, it wasn’t to the point of utter hatred and revenge seeking. And his finding them to battle was only to find some entertainment whilst also verifying his growth. So he didn’t take their night raid very seriously.

If he was bullied, as long as he gained enough strength, he would retaliate and make them suffer so as to never to have the idea to come and bully him again.

Sitting down next to Coiling Dragon Stream and ignoring the blistering wind, strong enough to blow a human away, Kai Yang closed his eyes and concentrated. Slowly, the World Qi within his meridians surged and started to circulate.

The circulation of his World Qi felt like it was pulling out a mysterious inner power. This caused all of the pores in his body to open up and suck in the Yang qi in the air into his body; like a kitten who had just smelt a delicious fishy scent.

His entire body heated up, like he was bathing in hot water, making Kai Yang feel extremely comfortable.

Two days flew past and Kai Yang's work had been very rewarding.

After these two days of cultivation, the World Qi inside of Kai Yang had expanded greatly. And within this World Qi was small ball of flaming Yang energy.

This was a distinct characteristic of cultivating the True Yang Tactics. Since the World Qi within him grew by absorbing Yang energy, it would naturally be Yang attributed.

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