Chapter 2203 - Good Seedling

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Chapter 2203, Good Seedling

“Wait a moment!” Yang Kai suddenly spoke up.

“What’s wrong?” Upon hearing this, Chen Qian furrowed her delicate brow and tilted her head at Yang Kai, not knowing what he wanted to do.

Everyone else also glanced in his direction.

Yang Kai had a calm expression as he glanced towards Wen Zi Shan, cupped his fists, and said, “Junior is willing to turn over all his extra Star Seals, since this was what was agreed upon beforehand and all I need is one for myself; however, before that, Junior would like to ask Temple Master Wen a question.”

“Oh?” Wen Zi Shan smiled upon hearing this and nodded as he answered, “Say it, what do you need from this Temple Master?”

Yang Kai replied, “As Elder Gao previously mentioned, all extra Star Seals must be turned over to the temple, and this Junior was only able to enter the Four Seasons Realm thanks to the quota provided by Azure Sun Temple, so naturally I have no objections in giving my six star seals to the temple,” he paused for a moment before saying, “Elder Gao also mentioned before that after turning over the additional Star Seals, the temple would give an appropriate reward…”

“So, it’s about this matter!” Wen Zi Shan chuckled. “You can rest assured about this matter. Although you’re not a disciple of my divine temple, we won’t bully you, and we’ll give you the appropriate reward that you deserve…”

“May I make a request then?” Yang Kai inquired.

“What’s your request? Let’s hear it.” Wen Zi Shan looked at him with some interest.

“Temple Master Wen should still remember this Junior’s original goal in entering the Four Seasons Realm, yes?” Yang Kai replied with a question instead of answering.

Wen Zi Shan thought for a moment before nodding, “For the Tribulation Fruit? Right, I still haven’t asked you yet, did you manage to obtain it during this trip?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “No, but I did discover a Tribulation Fruit Tree in the Realm of Winter; unfortunately, it seems someone got there first and picked the fruit…”

“That’s truly unfortunate,” Wen Zi Shan also had an expression of pity.

“Junior would like to request the temple’s assistance in finding that spirit fruit! If Temple Master Wen can agree, I’ll gladly hand over all six of my Star Seals!” Yang Kai quickly said.

After Yang Kai said this, the Emperor Realm Masters in the temple couldn’t help furrowing their brows.

It wasn’t that Yang Kai was asking for too much with his request, but rather… This was truly difficult to do.

Countless Sects and families from almost the entire Southern Territory had entered the Four Seasons Realm, and nobody had seen who obtained the Tribulation Fruit from the Realm of Winter. If Azure Sun Temple tried to search for that person, they would have to invest a tremendous amount of manpower and effort.

What’s more, even if they found who obtained the fruit, it still might not be possible to obtain it. The other party would definitely ask for something in exchange. In other words, Azure Sun Temple would have to pay a certain amount before being able to obtain the Tribulation Fruit.

It would be fine if some small Sect or a disciple from some small family had obtained the Tribulation Fruit, as Azure Sun Temple would simply need to apply some pressure for the other party to submit.

However, it would be worrisome if a disciple from Orthodoxy Temple, Heavenly Martial Holy Land, or even Star Soul Palace had obtained the fruit. At that time, it would no longer be just about a single spirit fruit, but rather an issue between two top-level Sects. If it wasn’t dealt with properly, then a tremendous favour might be owed in the end.

Yang Kai might not know all the complex relationships between the top Sects of the Southern Territory, but the Azure Sun Temple’s leaders did.

That was why everyone fell silent after Yang Kai made this request.

Upon seeing them like this, Yang Kai simply remained quiet and waited instead of urging them to answer.

Wen Zi Shan finally spoke up after a long time, “If I recall correctly, that Tribulation Fruit wasn’t something you needed for yourself, but was for someone else, correct?”

“Indeed!” Yang Kai nodded.

“Since you weren’t able to obtain it in the Four Seasons Realm, you’ve already put forward your best effort, so why continue pursuing the issue? You could instead ask for something beneficial to yourself, for instance…” At this point, Wen Zi Shan suddenly took on a dangerous aura as his words became filled with extremely strong temptation, his voice turned low as he continued, “This Temple Master could help stimulate your potential and greatly increase your cultivation.”

Yang Kai furrowed his brow as he answered, “I made a promise, and promises should be kept. Temple Master, why test me like this?”

“Haha…” Wen Zi Shan didn’t feel awkward at all about being seen through, instead smiling as he heartily declared, “Good, this Temple Master will agree to your request. The temple shall help you to search for the Tribulation Fruit.”

“It must be found within three months!” Yang Kai quickly said. “If it takes any longer than that, I’m afraid… the one who needs it won’t be able to endure any longer.”

“Three months is more than enough!” Wen Zi Shan smiled slightly as he turned to look at Qiu Ran, “Vice Temple Master, you shall be in charge of this matter. You must deliver the Tribulation Fruit to this little brat surnamed Yang within three months.”

Qiu Ran stood up, cupped his fists, and answered, “Subordinate understands. I will absolutely live up to the Temple Master’s expectations!”

After saying this, he actually immediately left the hall, seemingly preparing to deploy some people to search for the Tribulation Fruit right away.

Yang Kai couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief seeing this.

With a powerful Sect like Azure Sun Temple helping to search for the spirit fruit, it would definitely greatly increase the chance of success. If even Azure Sun Temple was unable to find it now, then Yang Kai really wouldn’t be able to do anything and would have to return to Maplewood City and inform Qin Zhao Yang of what happened.

“Will this suffice?” Wen Zi Shan smiled and looked at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai gently nodded, turned to look at Chen Qian, and continued “Please go ahead, Elder Chen!”

Chen Qian didn’t say a word as she scanned Yang Kai with her Divine Sense. She then used one hand to hold the incense burner while her other hand made a seal before she poked Yang Kai several times.

The next instant, Yang Kai felt a warm energy reverberate inside his body and a flow of heat appeared on his arm. It felt as if something had shot forth, and at the same time, an indescribable feeling of discomfort arose in his heart.

He couldn’t help groaning slightly when this happened.

“Eh…?” Wen Zi Shan had a look of astonishment in his eyes when he witnessed this.

That was because everyone before Yang Kai had differing degrees of discomfort when their extra Star Seals were stripped from their bodies. Murong Xiao Xiao, Xiao Bai Yi, and Chen Mu Ji had taken several steps backward, and although Xia Sheng hadn’t retreated, his face had still paled.

Although Yang Kai’s reaction was similar to Xia Sheng’s, Yang Kai had six Star Seals stripped from him! Yet, he still stood right where he was despite only having a First-Order Dao Source Realm cultivation.

This was really shocking.

The others noticed this as well and couldn’t help showing interest in him.

*Shua Shua Shua…*

Six beams of light flew into the air, but Chen Qian immediately bound and dragged them into the incense burner.

After Chen Qian finished, she finally spoke to Yang Kai in a gentle tone, “I left a five-pointed Star Seal for you, use it well if you really enter the Shattered Star Sea.”

“Many thanks, Elder Chen!” Yang Kai took a deep breath in order to calm the roiling vitality in his chest.

Of the seven Star Seals that he obtained, the highest-level one was a five-pointed Star Seal, which he obtained from trading with Wu Chang. As for the six-pointed, seven-pointed, or eight-pointed Star Seals that Lan Xun had previously mentioned, Yang Kai had not seen any such thing, so he was clueless about whether they truly existed in this world or not.

Overall, Yang Kai was quite satisfied with the final result. Chen Qian had also been considerate of him and left him the highest-level Star Seal rather than leaving him a random one.

Yang Kai still didn’t know what difference there was between the Star Seals’ different levels, but now wasn’t the time to ask. Regardless, he was going to stay in Azure Sun Temple for some time, so he intended to find someone to ask later when he had the chance.

“All of you have worked hard, you may go and rest now.” Wen Zi Shan waved his hand at the Dao Source Realm disciples before adding, “As for the temple’s reward for you… we’ll discuss it and inform you later.”

“Yes!” Xia Sheng and the others responded before bowing and exiting the hall.

After they left, Elder Di Rong finally muttered, “Such a good seedling!”

Although he didn’t refer to anyone with his words, everyone present knew who he was talking about. Naturally, it was Yang Kai.

“It seems you all have noticed as well,” Wen Zi Shan smiled slightly, “This little brat surnamed Yang… he’s a bit different from others. I think that Elder Gao and Elder Chen should understand better than anyone else, since the two of them watched the entire fight between Yang Kai and Xue Yi back on Soaring Swallow Peak.”

Chen Qian nodded and confirmed, “That’s right, Xue Yi wasn’t even a match for him!”

“He’s not just a ‘bit different’ from others, he’s a one in a billion genius!” Gao Xue Ting quickly said.

“Oh? Elder Gao has such a high assessment of him? Isn’t that a bit much…?” Di Rong turned to look at Gao Xue Ting and exclaimed in disbelief.

“You wouldn’t think that if you knew what he did in the Four Seasons Realm,” Gao Xue Ting replied in a light tone.

Wen Zi Shan smiled as he asked, “Since you say that, did he do something incredible in the Four Seasons Realm?”

“Does successfully refining a batch of Extraordinary Treasure Pills count as something amazing?” Gao Xue Ting turned to look at him.

Everyone’s expressions changed dramatically after hearing this.

“Extraordinary Treasure Pills!?” Di Rong shouted, “The legendary pill that can permanently increase a person’s chance of breaking through to the Emperor Realm after taking it?”

“I don’t know if the legends are true or not, but he indeed refined Extraordinary Treasure Pills!”

“In that case, an Extraordinary Treasure Lotus appeared in the Four Seasons Realm this time?” Wen Zi Shan arched his eyebrows.

“Indeed,” Gao Xue Ting nodded as she explained everything that she knew. She also explained just why Yang Kai came to possess so many Star Seals.

After hearing this, the Emperors present all fell silent.

“Although this boy is just a First-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator, not only does he possess astonishing strength, he’s actually a Dao Source Grade Alchemist as well?” Di Rong’s expression was quite animated as he muttered this.

“He’s also no ordinary Dao Source Grade Alchemist!” Chen Qian answered in a low voice, “He successfully refined four pills in a single batch of that grade. He has to be at least a Dao Source Grade Mid-Rank or even High-Rank Alchemist in order to accomplish this. No newly promoted Dao Source Grade Alchemist could possibly do such a thing!”

“When Elder Gao said that he was one in a billion… it seems she was not exaggerating,” Wen Zi Shan quickly said. “Out of all the rising stars in Dao Source Realm, you probably can’t find anyone in the entire Star Field that could accomplish what he did apart from a disciple of a Wondrous Pill Great Emperor, right?”

“Perhaps there are those with more aptitude than him in the Martial Dao, and perhaps there are also those with more talent than him in the Alchemic Dao, but there’s probably none who are as skilled as him in both simultaneously!”

“Temple Master, have you considered recruiting such an excellent seedling into our Sect? This boy doesn’t seem to belong to any other force, right?” Di Rong had an eager expression as he made this recommendation.

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