Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: Seize the Spirit of the World

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The indifferent young man’s heavy landing shook the arena and made the floor crack.

“Senior Brother Ye Mo.” Jian Meng’er looked at him, “What are you doing?”

“Junior Sister.” Ye Mo shot a glance at Jian Meng’er, “Great Master and I are here today to see your excellent presentation for the campaign of Sword Pavilion Master. Instead, you’re being humiliated on stage. As a Great Master, she can not help you in respect of her status. However, as your Senior Brother, I can not just stand by and watch.”

Ye Mo looked at Jian Wushuang again after that, and said in a deep voice: “Jian Wushuang, as a man, does it give you a sense of achievement to bully a woman?”

“A woman?” Jian Wushuang could not help laughing, “I couldn’t tell she was a woman when she taught me an unforgettable lesson two months ago, that strength mattered the most in the world?”

“Well, you’re right.” Ye Mo nodded, hummed in a cold voice: “As you said, only strength matters in this world. But I will tell you with confidence that my Junior Sister, as well as the disciples of the Great Master, are not easy to bully.”

“I will let you know that you are just a narrow-minded person and a contemptible scoundrel!”

As the voice fell, a strong Spiritual Power was emitted from Ye Mo.

The Spiritual Power was much stronger than the Peak Profound Spiritual Sea Realm emitted by Jian Meng’er.

“Exceptional Spiritual Sea Realm”

“How could Ye Mo already be an expert in the Exceptional Spiritual Sea Realm?”

“How old is he? He looks about our age. How could his Cultivation of Spiritual Power be so high?”

“It was already surprising that Jian Meng’er achieved the Profound Spiritual Sea Realm at 16 years old, not to mention her Senior Brother!”

The Drill Ground was immediately filled with exclamations.

“Shui Hanxin, there really are a lot of geniuses in the Tianyuan Sword Sect.” Bai Chong looked at Shui Hanxin meaningfully.

“The reason why my Tianyuan Sword Sect is strong is that there are plenty of generations of genius disciples attracted by our rich resources that keep gathering there. Meng’er is only at the top in talent, but she is not the strongest,” Shui Hanxin said.

“But your disciples’ behavior goes a bit too far, right? The moment Jian Meng’er was defeated, he jumped out. If Jian Wushuang was defeated, would all of your top disciples in Tianyuan Sword Sect jump out to help him? “Bai Chong said in a cold voice.

“So what? There are indeed many apprentices in my Tianyuan Sword Sect. What’s more, he is also 16, the same age as Jian Wushuang. It is fair for the two of them to fight.” Shui Hanxin said and laughed.

“That is different.” Bai Chong shook his head and said, “Although they are at the same age, the cultivation they have is rather different. While your disciple gets top resources from the Tianyuan Sword Sect, including Cultivation Methods in swordsmanship, guidance from experts at the Peak of the Gold Core Realm, as well as from some stronger disciples in the Tianyuan Sword Sect. Jian Wushuang learned all this by himself. How could they be the same?”

“Then who is to blame? It is he himself.” Looking pale, Shui Hanxin shot a glance at Bai Chong and spoke in a low voice, “Bai Chong, Jian Wushuang has nothing to do with you. He is from Sword Marquis Mansion, and you are the Supervisor of the Gladiator Arena. Even the Sword Marquis Mansion Master allowed this disciple to jump out. Why are you are complaining?”

Bai Chong, stunned, couldn’t help looking at the experts from Sword Marquis Mansion.

They were either Elders from Red Martial Hall or alchemists from Pill Refining Room, except for Jian Xinhong. But People from Sword Pavilion were not here. People from Red Martial Hall and Pill Refining Room did not support Jian Wushuang. As for Jian Xinhong, he hesitated for a while, however, when he saw the cold complexion on Shui Hanxin, he swallowed his words.

Because he could tell that Shui Hanxin was enraged. If he supported Jian Wushuang at this moment, he would offend an Elder who had great power in Tianyuan Sword Sect, in the name of Sword Marquis Mansion.

So, he chose to swallow his words.

Bai Chong couldn’t say anything because even people in Sword Marquis Mansion didn’t support him. How could he blame an outsider?

Spiritual Power at the Exceptional Spiritual Sea Realm came from Ye Mo on the arena. It made the disciples from the Marquis mansion feel stressed.

“Exceptional Spiritual Sea Realm?” Jian Wushuang felt surprised.

Exceptional Spiritual Sea Realm is a higher Level than Jian Meng’er’s. Ye Mo became an apprentice of Shui Hanxin a long time ago. What’s more, he has been training in Tianyuan Sword Sect with Cultivation Methods and secret Sword Arts. His swordsmanship must be more excellent than Jian Meng’er’s since his cultivation is much stronger.

Jian Wushuang had already tried his best to defeat Jian Meng’er. As for Ye Mo, he felt very unsure. However, he sensed that he had to fight with Ye Mo when he saw the icy stares of Shui Hanxin and the complicated expressions from everyone around him.

“I have no right to refuse the fight, yet I never wanted to refuse. So let’s begin!” Jian Wushuang clasped his hands tightly, showing a little insanity in his slightly narrowed eyes.

“Soul-Devouring… Secret skill!”

Hum… the Void shook with insanity.

Jian Wushuang’s body seemed to become a dark hole capable of capturing anything. Natural power from all things of the universe came to him at a surprising speed.

As the natural power poured into his body, Jian Wushuang’s spirit raged.

His Cultivation of Spiritual Power was only at the Peak of the Eighth Heaven of the Divine Path, almost at the Profound Spiritual Sea Realm. However, now his Cultivation of Spiritual Power exceeded the Eighth Heaven of the Divine Path into the Ninth Heaven of the Divine Path.

At the same time, a piercing pain made Jian Wushuang’s face contort.

Finally, when this Soul-Devouring Secret Skill reached the peak, the pain in his body reached its Peak too. His Cultivation of Spiritual Power promoted to the Ninth Heaven of the Divine Path at that moment.

Grinding his teeth tightly, Jian Wushuang’s face contorted. The moment he raised his head, a light filled the Void. Jian Wushuang spoke with great arrogance and obstination that resounded in the people’s hearts.

“You are Ye Mo from Tianyuan Sword Sect, right? If you need to be convinced, then I will convince you with my fists!”

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