Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: A Frightening Battle

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Jian Wushuang became the focus on the Drill Ground.

“I heard this boy achieved the peak of the Sixth Step as early as a month ago. I wonder if… he has reached the Seventh Step yet.”

“Achieving the Seventh Step in a month? Ridiculous!”

“The way I see it, he’s probably still at the Peak of the Sixth Step. Though his Cultivation is considered decent even among us disciples here, he’s still far beneath Jian Meng’er.”

“If he challenges her without achieving the Seventh Step, then he’s a fool. Even if he’s somehow lucky enough to achieve it, challenging her who has achieved the Profound Spiritual Sea Realm is just bringing disgrace on his own head.”

The other disciples started discussing among themselves in whispers.

Jian Wushuang eventually stopped in front of the Spiritual Power Gem in the arena. Looking at it, he took a deep breath.

“Two months worth of earnest cultivation…” He recalled the past two months where he dared not even spend a minute relaxing.

He stayed in the Cultivating Room and endured the massive pressure, continuously turning the torment into something he could be proud of.

In the Gladiator Arena, he risked his life to join the challenge so he could get his hands on all the First-class Spirit-Cultivating pills he needed.

In Nine-wolves Mountain, he fought against the Bloody Lion and absorbed a whole pool of Primordial Spiritual Liquid.

He had spent two months frantically cultivating and now it was time to show them all his hard work.

“Everyone looks down on me. They all think I’m overreaching to challenge Jian Meng’er. In that case, you all better open your eyes wide and watch carefully.” With a heat gleamed in his eyes, he touched the Spiritual Power Gem with his hands. Using Heavenly Creation Skill, the Spiritual Power began to pour out from within.


A dazzling violet light emerged from the Spiritual Power Gem almost instantaneously.

The sixth level of the ten-layered Spiritual Power Gem lit up after Jian Wushuang’s Spiritual Power flowed into it. The same brilliant light marked the Seventh Step of the Spirit Path.

“The seventh layer lit up!”

“The Seventh Step of the Spirit Path?”

“He actually achieved it?”

Cries of surprises resounded throughout the Drill Ground. Amidst the crowd was Jian Lin, who had gone pale. This time, he had reached the Seventh Step of the Spirit Path as well and thought he had finally caught up to Jian Wushuang…

The constant flow of Jian Wushuang’s Spiritual Power sparked the violet light that filled the seventh layer of the Spiritual Power Gem, which was truly glaring!

And it was still going.

After the seventh layer, the violet light instantly lit up the eighth.

“The eighth level?” Jian Lin’s eyes widened in shock.

The eighth layer represented the Initial Spiritual Sea Realm. The bright violet light was still going, inching towards the ninth layer.

“It’s just as I thought. The Spiritual Power Gem tests the Cultivation of Spiritual Power based on its force. Though I haven’t achieved the Spiritual Sea Realm yet, I’ve reached the Peak Eighth Heaven of the Divine Path in the Heavenly Creation Skill. That’s equivalent to the Peak of the Initial Spiritual Sea Realm. The strength of the Heavenly Creation Skill is far stronger than the similar ones. And the ninth level…”Jian Wushuang’s gaze turned sharp and he shouted,

“Light it up!”


Light abruptly filled the ninth layer of the Spiritual Power Gem.

That meant the layer that represented the Profound Spiritual Sea Realm was lit!


On the arena, Jian Lan was the first to make noise. There was no trace of any smugness on his face, only a distorted expression that looked almost mad.

“Jian Lan, earlier you said this boy hadn’t even gathered his Spiritual Power two months ago?” said Situ Qingyue, looking directly at him.

“I-I….” Jian Lan could not find any words to retort.

“The ninth layer? How’s that possible?” Jian Xinhong’s eyes were round.

“The Profound Spiritual Sea Realm!”

“He actually achieved the Profound Spiritual Sea Realm? How’s that possible?”

“It must be a lie! A lie! It’s completely impossible. Two months ago, he couldn’t even gather Spiritual Power!”

Everyone had gone mad!

The whole Drill Ground had completely gone mad!

“The ninth level?”

There was finally a change in Jian Meng’er arrogant expression that she had maintained on her beautiful face since the beginning of the competition. An unprecedented fearful expression crept onto her face.


Yes, even Jian Meng’er was shocked!

She was a peerless genius who had started her cultivation at the age of 12. Four years since then, she had achieved the Peak of the Profound Spiritual Sea Realm. Her achievement was remarkable. How could Jian Wushuang compare?

Everyone knew Jian Wushuang was once trash who could not even gather Spiritual Power.

Everyone knew he was just an ordinary man without a trace of Spiritual Power two months ago.

Everyone thought him wanting to challenge her today was the world’s biggest joke.

But now, who dared to laugh at him whose Spiritual Power Gem had lit up the ninth layer, representing the Profound Spiritual Sea Realm?

Who dared to say Jian Wushuang did not qualify to challenge her?

If people had found Jian Wushuang lamentable after he had surprisingly pulled off the Eleventh Move of the Wave Superposition Sword Art in the first round, then the Cultivation of Spiritual Power he had just presented was truly shocking!



These two words inevitably appeared in everyone’s minds.

Jian Meng’er started cultivating at 12 and achieved the Peak of the Profound Spiritual Sea Realm at merely 16. She could already be considered a peerless talent. Yet Jian Wushuang had only spent two months to go from an ordinary person to someone in the Profound Spiritual Sea Realm. What was he if not a Monster?

And just then, the person who everyone regarded as a Monster had slowly withdrawn his palm. With his dark pupils, he swept everyone with his gaze, carrying a hint of disdain.

Standing high up on the arena, Jian Wushuang looked down upon the disciples of Sword Marquis Mansion. Each of them who met his eyes could not help bowing their heads.

On the entire Drill Ground, there was only one person who dared to meet his gaze, all while carrying a trace of stubbornness.

It was Jian Meng’er.

Jian Wushuang’s gaze finally landed on her. There was no need for any words. In that moment, their burning battle intent to fight had risen to the surface.

“Jian Meng’er, get the f*ck up here!”

His cold growl was akin to a thunderbolt, resonating through heaven and earth.

The entire Drill Ground instantly became ablaze with excitement.

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