Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: The Gathering Of All Parties

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With his eyes wide open, Jian Wushuang stared at his surroundings in wonder, a dozen meter radius where the earth was a lifeless land of death. Further away from the circle the land was green and vibrant.

It was at this exact moment that Jian Wushuang understood how the Soul-Devouring Secret Skill had been named, it devoured the soul.

What was soul-devouring?

The skill would take the soul of the earth, creatures, and nature.

He understood what the strange and intricate power flowing into his body just now had been. It had been the natural power of the nearby creatures. The Soul-Devouring Secret Skill worked by taking the power of all living beings within reach and keeping them for his own use.

“This skill really is horrible. Unless it is absolutely necessary, I will never use it again.” JianWushuang warned himself.

After this first taste, Jian Wushuang dared not to try it again. Instead, he continued to study the detailed steps of carrying out the skill. Three days later, Jian Wushuang was in the creek in the very middle of Nine-wolves Mountain. He cupped his hands to drink from the creek and then stood up.

“It is the end of the month, and I am only two days away from the battle. It is time to go back now.” Jian Wushuang looked at the endless sky above him. He smiled and jumped up into the air, then headed in the direction of Sword Marquis Mansion.

In the early morning, dawn was just breaking.

In Sword Marquis Mansion, when the first blush of the rising sun from the far horizon began to light the earth, everyone fell into an uproar. The disciples and tribesmen of the Mansion poured out from each building and gathered in the Drill Ground at the center of the Marquis’s mansion.

Each party and tribe of the whole Bashui Commandery, as well as those from Sword Marquis Mansion, had dispatched their experts to Sword Marquis Mansion.

Today, the annual Sword Marquis Token Battle was being held in the Mansion. Actually, the so-called Sword Marquis Token was only a title for the strongest person among the youth. An expert would grow up and eventually advance, so the Sword Marquis Mansion attached great importance to the cultivation of young disciples.

Every year, Sword Marquis Mansion invited all the parties and tribes of the commandery to watch the Battle. Under normal circumstances, an invitation from Sword Marquis Mansion, the top most-recognized power in Bashui Commandery, would not be refused by any party. This year was no exception. The Sword Marquis Token Battle was of special significance, especially this year.

It was universally acknowledged in Bashui Commandery that there was a rare super genius in Sword Marquis Mansion. This super genius was only sixteen and had already reached the Profound Spiritual Sea Realm. What’s more, her swordsmanship was unfathomable. Such a young girl was going to take charge of the Sword Pavilion which enjoyed a significant position in the Mansion. Her deeds made every prominent persons in Bashui Commandery full of curiosity and expectation.

And this exceptional genius was of course Jian Meng’er, the God’s chosen Daughter in the Sword Marquis Mansion.

It was the perfect time for Jian Meng’er to flex her muscle in front of all the experts and to shoot for fame. After today, the Sword Pavilion would officially be in Jian Meng’er’s charge. She would be the one crowned in the Mansion.

A great number of people had already swarmed into the wide Drill Ground. There were two platforms. One was used as the ring for disciples to show their strength, while the other one was the stands for the audience. Jian Xinhong, the current Sword Marquis Mansion Master, was seated in a chair, having a casual conversation with several great personages who sat by him.

Since these people could sit side by side with the Mansion Master, one could infer that their background was not normal.

“Look! That must be Situ Qingyue, the Master of Tribe Situ.”

“That’s Ye Xiu, the Master of Tribe Ye. Their family also focuses on swordsmanship. However, compared with our Sword Marquis Mansion, they are far worse.”

“It is unexpected that this Sir Bai Chong, the mysterious Supervisor of the Gladiator Arena would come.”

A lot of disciples of the Mansion were carefully discussing many things around the Drill Ground. They fixed their eyes on the stands from time to time to have a good look at these famous experts whom they seldom saw.

The Situ and Ye tribes enjoyed a little less power and position than Sword Marquis Mansion, but the gap was narrow. As for the Gladiator Arena, it boasted great strength. In addition, the Arena held an aloof position and didn’t participate in the conflicts. Even the Mansion Master, Jian Xinhong, was wary of Bai Chong.

“Mr. Bai Chong, it is really a surprise that you have come to the Sword Marquis Token Battle personally this year. In recent years, you often sent a gold-robed servant from the Gladiator Arena on your behalf,” said Situ Qingyue, while wearing a smile.

“It is a great honor for me and the Mansion, that Mr. Bai Chong has chosen to participate in this battle in person,” said Jian Xinhong.

“This battle is much different from those before. It is normal that I should come in person. I am also curious about this exceptional genius and want to see exactly how talented she is,” Bai Chong replied with a smile.

“Trust me, she won’t let you down.” Jian Xinhong said and laughed, showing his confidence in JianMeng’er.

“Really?” BaiChong lifted his eyebrows. He laughed uncannily but didn’t say anything more. Looking around the Drill Ground, he immediately noticed Jian Wushuang in a corner. He was leaning against the wall with his eyes closed. Bai Chong could not help smiling.

“The little boy is so calm. I wonder whether his strength has improved since the journey through Nine-wolves Mountain.”

Bai Chong was quite concerned for Jian Wushuang because of his friendship with Jian Nantian. He had provided Jian Wushuang with the opportunity to gain a whole pond of Primordial Spiritual Liquid. His consideration for Jian Wushuang could be seen from what he had done.

He had come mostly because of Jian Wushuang.

“It’s almost time. Let’s start,” Jian Xinhong said on the platform.

Jian Lan, who stood close to Jian Xinhong, nodded his head gently. Then he took a few steps and came to the very center of the platform. He cleared his throat and said, ” Attention! Would all of the disciples participating in this battle, please come up.”

As the Great Elder of the Redly Martial Hall, Jian Lan was supposed to host the Sword Marquis Token Battle this time.

There was a disturbance in the Drill Ground. The young disciples who had acquired their position in the battle by getting through the Fifth Level of the Trial Tower went to the center of the ground. They hustled and bustled. There were a good dozen young disciples at first sight, all of whom were geniuses in the Sword Marquis Mansion, including Jian Wushuang.

At the same time, a beautiful white figure was walking slowly towards them.

Suddenly, everyone on the Drill Ground gave their full attention to her. Not only the disciples on the Ground, even the personages on the platform turned their gaze to this white figure.

As the God’s chosen Daughter in Sword Marquis Mansion, disciples in the Mansion adored Jian Meng’er as if she was a goddess. She was so beautiful, along with her cultivation and even her gift in Sword Principle. She had won great admiration.

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