Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: So What?

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Outside the Trial Tower, all was silent!

No sound was heard except for the subtle sound of Jian Wushuang’s Long Sword sliding back into its sheath.

Ignoring the great shock in the eyes all around him, Jian Wushuang slowly turned away to leave. But before going, he stopped to glance at Jian Lin and said coldly, “This time I only chopped into your shoulder. But if there is a next time, I will chop off your head.”

Hearing this, Jian Lin was shocked and humiliated, feeling ashamed and resentful.

And the disciples of Marquis mansion did not recover from their surprise until Jian Wushuang had completely disappeared from their sight.

Then, everyone present could not stop talking about what had happened.

“Brother Jian Lin was defeated. How could this happen!”

“One move. Only one move!”

“There is quite a big disparity in strength! Not only in their Spiritual Powers, but the disparity between their Martial Arts Techniques is even greater!”

And it was.

Jian Wushuang surpassed Jian Lin in explosive Spiritual Power. And as for Martial Arts Technique… It should be known that Jian Meng’er, whose attainments in swordsmanship were marvelous, was regarded as the First Genius in the Sword Marquis Mansion. But her swordsmanship was taught to her by Jian Wushuang.

Even Jian Meng’er herself knew that she was not qualified to compete with Jian Wushuang in Martial Arts Technique.

In the entire Sword Marquis Mansion, it seemed that there was no one better than Jian Wushuang in Martial Arts Technique.

Because of the great disparity in their Martial Arts Techniques, Jian Wushuang had defeated Jian Lin with only one move and had hurt his shoulder. If Jian Wushuang had wanted to, he could have killed Jian Lin just now.

The news that Jian Wushuang had passed the Seventh Level of the Trial Tower and defeated Jian Lin with one move swept over Sword Marquis Mansion like a hurricane.

Suddenly, the Sword Marquis Mansion was in total shock.

Naturally, the news also came to Jian Meng’er at once.

“Meng’er, something happened in the Marquis’s mansion today.” It was Jian Lan, the father of Jian Meng’er, who told her the news. “Jian Wushuang had consolidated Spiritual Power and become a Warrior. Moreover, his Cultivation had reached the Sixth Step of the Spirit Path. Today, he passed the Seventh Level of the Trial Tower and defeated Jian Lin with only one move.”


Even Jian Meng’er felt quite astonished upon hearing that.

“Before our friendship broke up, he often said that he would be a real Warrior soon. At that time, I thought he was just comforting himself. But now it seems that he wasn’t.” After being a little astonished, she slightly smiled and obviously did not take it seriously.

“Meng’er, I’m afraid that you should attach some importance to this,” Jian Lan said seriously. “Though many people in the Marquis’s mansion thought that Jian Wushuang had been concealing his strength, you and I know that there was indeed no Spiritual Power in his body just one month ago.”

During the last four years, Jian Meng’er was together with Jian Wushuang all the time. No one knew him better than they did.

“In only one month, he went from an ordinary man without any Spiritual Power to a warrior of the Sixth Step of the Spirit Path and defeated Jian Lin so easily. What terrifying progress he has made,” Jian Lan said.

“So he has.” Jian Meng’er nodded in agreement, “But, so what?”

Jian Lan was stunned for a second.

“Father, you’re worrying that he will be a powerful opponent in the battle next month, aren’t you?” Jian Meng’er asked.

Jian Lan nodded.

Jian Wushuang had taken a blood oath that he would compete against Jian Meng’er in the battle. That news spread throughout Sword Marquis Mansion. At first, none of them took it seriously. But now, they changed their minds.

If Jian Wushuang defeated Jian Meng’er in front of all the people of Sword Marquis Mansion and the other strong experts present, she would fail to be the Sword Pavilion Master. Furthermore, she and her father would be laughed at by everyone.

Jian Meng’er, universally acknowledged as the top genius in Sword Marquis Mansion, was completely surpassed by someone within two months. Was that not a big joke?

“Father, you worry too much.” Jian Meng’er did not care about it at all and said, “It’s normal that Jian Wushuang could eventually consolidate Spiritual Power and make normal progress after practicing for four years. Although he could go from an ordinary man to reaching the Sixth Step of the Spirit Path within one month, he won’t be able to reach the Seventh Step of the Spirit Path by next month. What do you think, father?”

“Reach the Seventh Step in one month?” Jian Lan was stupefied for a moment and then shook his head firmly and resolutely. “Impossible. Absolutely impossible.

“There is a great disparity between the Sixth and Seventh Steps of the Spirit Path. Even a genius in cultivation like you spent a full half-year advancing from the Sixth Step to the Seventh Step of the Spirit Path. Moreover, you couldn’t have succeeded without the assistance of lots of elixirs and some Natural Treasures—let alone an ordinary person. Therefore, no matter how fast Jian Wushuang cultivates, he can’t reach the Seventh Step of the Spirit Path in one month,”

Jian Lan said resolutely and decisively.

And indeed, that was true. A great disparity did exist between the Sixth Step of the Spirit Path and the Seventh Step of the Spirit Path. To make a breakthrough within one month was definitely wishful thinking.

“Yes, it’s almost impossible. Besides, even if he did succeed, what could he do?” Jian Meng’er said disdainfully.

Hearing what Jian Meng’er had said, Jian Lan relaxed the frown on his face and then smiled.

Indeed, regardless of whether or not Jian Wushuang could reach the Seventh Step of the Spirit Path in a month, he could do nothing even if he did make it.

Presently, Jian Meng’er possessed Cultivation at the Profound Spiritual Sea Realm. No matter how extraordinary Jian Wushuang was in swordsmanship, he could not compete with Jian Meng’er unless he was in the Spiritual Sea Realm.

“Maybe I am overthinking this. Jian Wushuang can’t threaten you.” Jian Lan smiled in relief. “Don’t talk about him. Tell me about the master behind you. Is there any reply to the message?”

“I have gotten a reply,” Jian Meng’er answered with expectation, “Great Master said that she would present herself at the battle in one month to witness me becoming the new Sword Pavilion Master!”

“Haha, that’s great. If she could present herself at the battle, you would no doubt be the winner.” Hearing the good news, Jian Lan felt very delighted.

In the Sword Pavilion, the Four Great Elders, headed by Elder Hong, were gathered.

“Haha. Young Pavillion Master passed the Seventh Level and defeated Jian Lin with one move. That’s awesome.”

“It’s amazing that the Young Pavillion Master could have made such rapid progress in such a short period of time, isn’t it?”

“If the Young Pavillion Master keeps improving at such a speed, he is likely to defeat Jian Meng’er in the battle next month.”

Having heard the good news, these Elders were all talking and laughing.

“Elder Brother, we concealed that matter from the Young Pavillion Master because he was previously not even a Warrior. But now, should we tell him about it?” another Elder suddenly asked.

“No hurry,” Elder Hong shook his head and said, “it’s too early. We should tell him a bit later.”

“By the way, I’m going to write a letter and send it to the master in the Golden-dragon Palace. He will be glad to know that the Young Pavillion Master has made such rapid progress.”

The whole Sword Marquis Mansion was shocked by the battle between Jian Wushuang and Jian Lin. However, Jian Wushuang, the hero of the battle, did not care about it at all. After getting permission to join in the battle, he directly left for Nine-wolves Mountain.

Jian Wushuang was very eager to get to the pond full of Primordial Spiritual Liquid.

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