Chapter 806 - The Contracts Have Been Leaked

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Chapter 806: The Contracts Have Been Leaked

The content of the photo was very simple. It was a copy of the Bet-On Contract between Jiadian Group and Han Yi about “Legend Of Wu Zetian”. If “Legend Of Wu Zetian” did not become first in viewership ratings of the year, or if it did not reach top five in the history of viewership ratings, Jiadian Group would compensate 200 million yuan to Han Yi.

If “Legend Of Wu Zetian” got the highest viewership rating and reached the top five, then Han Yi would sign a ten-year contract with the Jiadian Group.

Actually, the netizens did not pay much attention to the Long-Term Contract. In the information era, almost everyone knew a thing or two about the entertainment industry. Due to the special nature of the artists’ profession, Long-Term Contracts were the most common ones signed.

However, what everyone was paying attention to was the… Contents of the bet!

Getting first place in the viewership ratings every year was already very difficult, but there was still at least one winner every year.

As for the top five in history… This was really something that could only be chanced upon.

After all, 13 years had passed since viewership ratings were introduced in ’02. All the major satellite channels had filmed thousands of TV series, so it was extremely difficult for them to enter the top 5.

Under such circumstances, how confident would they have to be to make a Bet-On Contract?

Yet, Jiadian Group had actually done just that!

If that was all Jiadian Group did, perhaps the netizens would not be so shocked. After all, there were too many people who liked to brag or make promises that could not be fulfilled.

However, the problem was that not only did the Jiadian Group do it, they won the bet!

According to the recent viewership ratings of “Legend of Wu Zetian”, the series had almost no problem to surpass a viewership rating of three. At that moment, the drama that placed fifth historically had a rating of 2.8.

Therefore, it could be said that Jiadian Group had won the bet.

Thus… The winner takes all.

If Jiadian Group did not win, then the bet would just be a joke. However, after Jiadian Group won, everyone started to wonder why they were so confident in the first place.

After this contract went viral, many media outlets called Jiadian Group to ask about the authenticity of the contract.

Because there were too many people asking about it, after consulting Su Yang, Jiadian Group issued a statement to confirm the authenticity of the contract and gave their statement.

In the statement, it mentioned that the entire project of “Legend of Wu Zetian” and the Long-Term Agreement were all decided by Su Yang, the chairman of the Jiadian Group personally.

This project was also decided by Su Yang personally, and it was tailor-made according for Han Yi. From the start, he had absolute confidence in her, which was why he dared to make such a bet.

This answer did not satisfy the curiosity of the netizens. After all, 200 million yuan was a huge sum of money, and the success rate of the film project was very low. To have such confidence, one had to be very confident in their own judgment!

All of a sudden, the topic “Su Yang’s foresight” dominated the trending search rankings of various websites. Slowly, people started to dig out things related to Su Yang’s foresight. For example, when Yang Meiyue was a trainee, Su Yang had already taken a liking to her and thought that she could become an A-list celebrity. Now, she has indeed become popular. Apart from that, “Wolf Warriors” had been looking for investments everywhere but they just could not find it. Yet, under Su Yang’s investment, the box office sales had exploded and it was ranked at the top of the annual movie rankings!

At that moment, everyone realized that Su Yang’s judgment was very accurate.

‘This can also explain why Su Yang has a net worth of 100 billion yuan before he’s even reached 20 years old.’

While the netizens were discussing this matter, Han Yi gave Su Yang a call.

When he received the phone call, Su Yang was lying on the sofa and playing a game. Because he had a cheat system for “Honor Of Kings” and had been torturing noobs everyday, he grew bored of it. After that, he found a new game… “Passion Leads Army”.

Yes, it was just a battle royale style FPS mobile game.

After the first time he played the game last night, he had managed to kill more than a dozen people. After that, when he won first place, he had fallen deeply in love with this game, so he had played it until that moment.

Picking up the phone, Su Yang steered his character forward as he asked, “Why are you so free to be able to call me? Haven’t you got a show to attend today?”

Han Yi’s pleasant voice came from the other end of the phone. “Mr. Su, have you seen the Weibo trending topic?”

Su Yang stopped what he was doing. He recalled that Little Deeny seemed to have mentioned the Bet-On Contract to him had landed on the trending searches earlier, so he explained, “I saw it, but I didn’t ask someone to upload the photos of the contract, nor am I forcing you to sign the Long-Term Contract with me right now. I’m still investigating who it was that leaked it.”

Hearing Su Yang’s words, Han Yi explained in embarrassment, “Mr. Su… That was leaked by a friend of mine.”

Su Yang asked curiously, “Your friend, why did they do it?”

Han Yi coughed and explained softly, “Two days ago, when “Legend Of Wu Zetian” broke the viewership rating of “Legend Of Wu Zetian”, I was a little happy. When I was chatting with my friend, I accidentally spilled the beans.

“But, I told my friend not to tell anyone.”

“In the end, my friend told his friend about this. Of course, he also told him not to tell anyone.

“In the end, my friend’s friend told his friend’s friend again, so the story slowly spreaded…”

Su Yang was speechless when he heard this.

‘As expected, once a second person knows about the secret, it would no longer be a secret.

‘After all, everyone believes that their friends wouldn’t tell another person. Similarly, that friend would also believe that his friends wouldn’t tell anyone else.

‘But, don’t forget, almost everyone in the world is someone else’s friend, so once you spill the beans, it will no longer be a secret.

‘Unless… You have [Absolute Verbal Contract].’

After listening to Han Yi, Su Yang comforted her and told her not to mind. After all, it was not a bad thing. She might even be able to promote the drama.

Su Yang then asked about Han Yi’s recent situation.

According to Han Yi, ever since she became popular, her schedule had been packed to the brim. As the female lead of “Legend of Wu Zetian”, the variety show interview, and a bunch of other matters that required her to handle, she was extremely busy.

However, she didn’t have any complaints. After all, she was the female lead of “Legend Of Wu Zetian”, so all these were her duty.

Furthermore, “busy” was never a derogatory term in the entertainment industry. Only “idle” could prove that one was not popular.

After chatting with Han Yi, Su Yang hung up the phone. Then, he continued to lie on the sofa while controlling his character to shoot in the game.

On the other hand, in Hangzhou, which is not too far away from Shanghai, a huge storm was crashing at that moment…

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