Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: Advanced Random Mission

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She tied her hair into a ponytail and wore a pink dress. A breeze blew and fluttered her skirt, revealing her slender and straight legs. They were so fair that they looked like cream.

Every time he saw Chu Xia, it felt like the girl came out of a painting.

When Chu Xia also spotted Su Yang, her fair and delicate face broke into a smile. “What a coincidence!”

Su Yang raised his hand to greet her, “Yeah, what a coincidence, Ms. Secretary.”

Chu Xia walked closer and patted his shoulder. She said as if she were his best friend, “You were quite popular last night, Mr. Star.”

“I was popular? I was just singing,” he said.

Chu Xua shook her head and begged to differ, “You have no idea. I came to the campus to settle some tasks today and I’ve heard at least seven to eight groups of people talking about you. How are you not popular?”

Su Yang was also surprised. He thought that the clip was only circulated among the people he knew. He did not expect it to reach the whole campus.

“Are you serious?” he asked.

Chu Xia clicked her tongue twice and said, “Of course, I am. you are a big star now!”

Su Yang sleazily looked around before he lowered his voice and said, “When should I get a cap or a pair of sunglasses to disguise myself since, you know, I’m famous now?”

Chu Xia sized him up carefully and played along. “I think you should.”

Su Yang put his hand out. “Can you lend me 500 yuan for a cap and a pair of glasses? When I become famous, I’ll make you the president of my fan club.”

Chu Xia’s jaw fell to the ground. “You are trying to cheat my money!”

Su Yang laughed. “Oh, so you’ve noticed!”

She grunted softly. She knew that Su Yang was trying to tease her, so there was no reason for her to be mad. Her pout faded and she nudged Su Yang with her elbow gently. “Let’s be serious. Are you interested in joining the campus singing competition?”

“Can I win money?”

“No, there’s no money for you to win.”

Su Yang spread his hands open. “Then, I’m not interested. Actually, I don’t really care about the prize money. I have to study. Do you know what studying is?”

He then patted Chu Xia’s shoulder. “Well then, Great Secretary of our class, I have to get busy. See you around.”

As she watched his back leave her sight, she grumpily stomped her feet. “You little…”

After parting ways with Chu Xia, Su Yang was thinking about what his little fame could get him.

He was a practical person. Fame should be converted into something useful. If fame could not be converted, what use would fame be? To realize one’s life value?

Su Yang had not reached such a state in his mentality, especially when he was on a mission to earn 1 million yuan in six months. For the Silver Points, he must work harder! But what should he do?

As he pondered about his fame, Su Yang reached the lecture building of the Faculty of Information.

He walked to Room 302. The class has not begun. Su Yang looked around and saw Li Runze sitting in the second row, so he walked over and sat down despite everyone else looking at him. He then took out Li Runze’s notes and returned them to him.

Throughout the entire process, Su Yang clearly heard the other students whispering about him.

“This guy looks like the one who sang last night.”

“Yeah, he does! Even his shirt looks the same.”

“What singing are you guys talking about?”

“Don’t you know? Last night, there was a godly busker singing at our campus entrance. His singing was divine. It was orgasmic to listen to! Everyone in my Friend Circle is spamming about him.”

“I don’t, actually. I fell asleep very early last night. Do you still have the video? Let me have a look.”

Su Yang tried his best to suppress his emotions. He really tried but failed. He could not help but grin in delight. However, after the little grin, he scolded himself in his heart, “A little praise and you are over the moon? Tsk, tsk, Su Yang, you are really worthless.’

Despite that, being praised felt really good. No wonder people loved to hear flatteries.

Li Runze took the notes. He flipped through them and said, “I saw your video last night.”

In shock, Su Yang looked at Li Runze who was checking his notes with his head down, as if he had not said anything. “The performance was quite nice.”

“T-thanks…” Su Yang was truly shocked. A straight-A student, who barely had any entertainment activities and lived like an apostle, was praising his singing?! It seemed like his singing was really outstanding last night.

After some chit-chat with Li Runze, Su Yang left the classroom before Ms. Yuan arrived. He then left the Faculty of Information.

However, at the moment he stepped out of the building, he received a message from Wang Dong in WeChat.

Su Yang thought it was just a courteous reply, but when he checked it, his heart sank.

‘Brother, I’m sorry. Something came up. I don’t think we can work together anymore.’

Su Yang frowned. ‘What? Can’t work together anymore? Didn’t we make a deal yesterday? Why the sudden cancelation?’

Su Yang had just promoted the job for a second time earlier and 40 students signed up for this. If this collaboration was called off without a reason, his reputation would be affected, so he must get to the bottom of this.

With that in mind, Su Yang got back into the building and entered an empty class. He called Wang Dong.

The dial tone rang for more than 10 seconds before Wang Dong picked up.

Before Su Yang could say anything, he heard Wang Dong’s heavy sigh. “Brother, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, but I can’t even save myself now.”

“Brother Dong, what happened?” asked Su Yang.

“I had a little too much beer last night and got up late today. I rushed to work, but I ran into my boss. I was already an hour late. The boss called me and my supervisor into the office and scolded us. I was fired on the spot.”

Another deep sigh later, Wang Dong added, “I just packed my things and walked out of the office.

Su Yang was astounded. He thought of a million possibilities when he received the message from Wang Dong such as someone trying to sabotage their working relationship, Wang Dong’s supervisor not approving the job, or even the property company canceling the event.

He never would have thought that things had gotten this bad. Wang Dong was fired because he was late, or rather because of his excessive drinking last night.

Just as he was reeling from the baffling shock, he received a beep in his mind.

[Advanced Random Mission.]

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