Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: Starting The Points Adding Again

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The caller ID showed an unregistered number. Tang Jing had probably borrowed her friend’s phone to make the call. When Su Yang answered the phone, what he heard was Tang Jing’s nervous tone. “M-master Su, Xiaomi is lost again!”

“Yup. She’s at my place,” said Su Yang.

“Please help me fi-…She’s at your place?!” Tang Jing reacted to the situation halfway through her anxious plea. Her pitch was probably 8 dB higher than usual and was filled with disbelief.

Understanding her shock, he explained, “Xiaomi wanted to deliver your phone to you, but she forgot your office name and locked herself out, so she took a taxi to my place.”

Tang Jing failed to respond to the mysterious turn of events immediately. Only after a while, she came back to her senses and thanked Su Yang sincerely, “Oh, oh, I see now. Thank you so much, Master Su. I’ve troubled you again.”

Su Yang shook his head. “It’s okay. I’m having a good time here with Xiaomi too.”

“I’m really sorry to trouble you again. I’ll make my way there right now,” said Tang Jing. She then hung up after sounding like she was really worried.

Su Yang shook his head as he looked at his phone.

‘Human beings are really strange creatures. When they get busy, they can simply forget their child, and when they can’t find the child, they get all worried and concerned. But why didn’t she call her own phone?’

With that in mind, Su Yang took Tang Jing’s phone from Xiaomi and realized Xiaomi might have accidentally silenced the phone. The phone had actually received eight missed calls.

‘No wonder she’s that worried.’

Since Tang Jing was on her way, Su Yang got up and intended to take Tang Xiaomi to the entrance of his neighborhood. Allowing a child to see some weird stuff was not a problem, but if an adult saw his room of unusual things, that would be a big problem.

With Gru in her hand, Tang Xiaomi looked at Su Yang with sympathy. “Su Yang, can I come another day to play with Twiggy?”

Twiggy was her new name for Gru.

“Say goodbye to your Twiggy,” teased Su Yang.

Tang Xiaomi’s big, round eyes were instantly covered with a layer of glistening tears. She was about to break down in tears.

Su Yang quickly caressed her head and stopped his sick habit of teasing the little girl. “Yeah, yeah, you can come if you want to.”

‘Maybe I’ll get more Random Missions from her.’

Only then did Tang Xiaomi smile through her tears.

Su Yang quickly tidied up his basement before he took Tang Xiaomi out. The two of them held hands as they walked towards the entrance of the neighborhood. Tang Xiaomi looked up at him and said, “Su Yang, do you need a lot of money?”

“Of course, who doesn’t?” Su Yang nodded.

“Why don’t I steal my mom’s car?” Tang Xiaomi asked with a serious expression.

Su Yang was amused by how naive the little imp was. ‘Even if you wanted to, can you even drive the car with your little hands and legs?’

He rubbed Tang Xiaomi’s head vigorously. “Shut up.”

“Oh…” Tang Xiaomi obediently kept her mouth sealed.

The two of them waited at the entrance for a while before Tang Jing’s Porsche came by and stopped in front of the two of them. Tang Jing nervously got down and hugged Tang Xiaomi firmly. “Xiaomi, please don’t go wandering off yourself next time, okay?”

Tang Xiaomi nodded at her mother but winked at Su Yang as if she was really a little imp with mischievous ideas.

Su Yang had a feeling that the little imp must be planning her next ‘Prison Break’.

After she lectured the little imp, Tang Jing stood up and thanked Su Yang once more. “I’m truly sorry to bother you again, Master Su. Thank you for taking care of Xiaomi.”

Tang Jing was still dressed in her formal wear today. In her black stockings, a short skirt, a white shirt with floral lace at the edges, and a fitting coat, it made her typical office lady look a little more fashionable. She even looked a lot gentler. The high-quality clothes that she wore granted her the charm of an intellectual lady. Her current appearance was much more fitting to her temperament compared to her previous one.

Her character was gentle and somewhat meek after all. She seemed to possess the tenderness of a southern woman.

Su Yang returned the phone back to her and offered a kind reminder. He did not hold the mother and daughter up for too long since it was starting to get late.

After he saw the tail light of the Porsche disappear at the corner of the road, Su Yang headed back into his neighborhood. Just prior to reaching his basement, he received a notification on his phone. It was a 300 yuan transfer from Tang Jing. Tang Xiaomi must have told her mother about the expenses that he spent on her today and the money must be the reimbursement.

Su Yang did help her take care of her daughter after all, and she should reimburse him with the money that her daughter spent. Su Yang did not try to be courteous as he accepted the money succinctly.

As the Porsche sprinted across the highway, Tang Jing caught a glimpse of Tang Xiaomi in the passenger seat. “Xiaomi, what are you doing with my phone again?”

“Su Yang paid my taxi fee and dinner, so I’m giving him the money back,” said Tang Xiaomi righteously.

Tang Jing nodded. “Okay, it’s the right thing to do.”

A little pause later, she added gently, “You shouldn’t call someone older than you by their name. You must call him ‘uncle’.”

“Oh…” Tang Xiaomi answered with pouted lips and did not continue the conversation.

Since Tang Jing was driving and Tang Xiaomi did not want to talk, the interior of the Porsche returned to silence and darkness.

Two minutes later, Tang Xiaomi suddenly said, “Mommy, Su Yang needs money.”

Tang Jing glanced into the rear mirror for oncoming cars before she replied, “How much?”

“A million.”

The revelation did not shock Tang Jing at all while her eyes remained straight ahead. “Did he tell you to say that?”

Tang Xiaomi shook her head. “No, I found out by myself. He has to earn a million in six months.”

“Hmm…” Tang Jing did not continue the conversation.

Tang Xiaomi looked at her mother expectantly. “Is there any way to help him?”

Right after Su Yang stepped into his basement, a beep sounded in his head.

[Random Mission Completed.]

It was probably the easiest Random Mission ever. He did not need to fight anyone. All he did was sit at home and entertain the little girl with Gru and he even got takeaway as dinner.

‘What a pleasant day…Hmm, speaking of Gru…’

Gru was not just a useless withered twig. After Su Yang came back, it extended its sprout and signed ‘1’ in front of Su Yang’s face.

Su Yang understood what Gru wanted. “Okay, okay, I’ll give you a packet of milk.”

Gru had done a great job after all.

Su Yang played some music for it with his phone and poured a pack of milk into its pot.

While Gru wriggled happily, Su Yang’s eyes were searching around his house.

Adding points was like a drug to him. He would feel terrible if he did not do it. He had just gotten a Random Point and was eager to use it.

“Which one of you cuties is going to be your master’s next subject?” Su Yang uttered gibberish with a perverted look. His eyes then landed on a bolster on his bed.

It was a long rectangle bolster with a husky’s head printed on it. It was a present that he had gotten from his supervisor from a job at the mall last semester.

His basement did not have a sofa, so he simply put the bolster on his bed. He used to hug it in his sleep or use it as support for his arms.

The husky printed on the bolster was looking at him with its large, googly eyes as if it was displeased with Su Yang’s choice.

“I choose you!”

Su Yang headed to the bathroom to wash his hands. He used the piece of soap and rubbed his hands carefully. While washing his hands, he suddenly remembered that he did not wash his hands during his last ability-drawing because he had been so focused on smashing his face with the brick.

‘Maybe that’s the reason why I didn’t get any abilities related to English…’

With that in mind, Su Yang prayed in his heart.

‘Please let me add the point to another evolution in life.’

After his prayers, Su Yang walked out of the bathroom. He hugged the husky bolster in his arms and opened the Point System.

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