Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: I Can Locate That Person

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‘This woman is like a drug! This is the third mission! The third!

‘I’ve beaten Old Sixth Liu up for over a week every single day and can’t trigger a second mission, yet Qu Xiaomeng has easily triggered three?! And there are two Bronze Missions!? 

‘Have mercy on Old Sixth Liu. Spare his pride, please!’

Su Yang recalled the missions that Qu Xiaomeng triggered. It seemed like all of them were Bronze Missions.

‘Is this woman the hidden daughter of the system or something?’

Su Yang felt conflicted as he gazed at the significant [Bronze] tag beside the mission interface.

He really could not reject it. After all, a Bronze Mission could grant him abilities!

The last Bronze Point that he got gave him [Close Combat] and he had been able to easily beat three gangsters up alone. If he got some other powerful or useful abilities from this one, he might not have to worry for the rest of his life.

However, whenever he thought about passing the English test, Su Yang’s heart cried a river.

In the past 20 years, the best result he had gotten in an English test was during his high school years, when his mind and soul had somehow gone over the moon, and he had passed the test with borderline marks. Other than that, he had never passed an English test before.

If it was not for the other languages, Mathematics, Biography, Chemistry, and Physics, which he scored with flying colors, he might not have even made it to Shanghai University.

Therefore, it was not about one or two semesters’ worth of English tests. He might have to study for all the English tests that he had failed since he was young.

However, he did not have the heart to give up on this mission, so he sighed. ‘I’ll cross the bridge when I come to it. I’ll take the mission first…’

With that in mind, he accepted the mission with a conflicted expression.

Qu Xiaomeng was beside him and did not understand why his expression went through multiple changes and gradually looked worse. She could not help but ask, “Are you okay, my dear student?”

Su Yang looked into the sky at a 45° angle. “I’m fine. I’m just expressing my deep love for my country.”

After brushing off Qu Xiaomeng with some lame excuse, Su Yang returned to his basement and started to plan how he should complete this mission.

While he barely had any solid skills, he knew his own shortcomings. He knew that he was not skilled in English and that it was nearly impossible to pass the test with studying alone.

Moreover, he had to test the system, earn money, and change his life for the better, so it was impossible for him to solely focus on studying.

Therefore, after some heavy thoughts, he still had to rely on the system to clear the mission.

Even though the abilities that the Bronze Mission provided were entirely random, theoretically speaking, there should be something like [English Ability] or something similar, would there not?

Coincidentally, he got the [Lucky Disfiguring Brick] yesterday, and if he got another Bronze Mission and smashed himself with the brick hard, there might be a high chance for him to get the [English Ability].

‘If that’s the case, I might be able to clear the mission!’

With that in mind, Su Yang could not help but feel excited about it. He believed his plan was plausible, except for one thing: how was he going to trigger a Bronze Mission?

Su Yang went through all the missions that he had gotten so far and realized a common point. Other than the latest mission of passing the English test, all the other missions were either related to saving or helping someone.

Could he explore further in this particular direction?

After having the experience of beating up Old Sixth Liu like the Boss in an online game that could respawn infinitely, Su Yang understood he could not trigger a mission if he intentionally hurt the person just for sake of triggering a mission. He must actually help or save someone in need.

Su Yang started to think of anyone among his friends that might need help.

Until the sun set and the moon rose, he finally remembered Little Boss Tang from Dafa Gold Shop in the recesses of his memory.

Su Yang searched for Little Boss Tang’s WeChat contact and started to scroll around his Friend Circle, attempting to locate some clues.

However, Little Boss Tang did not post anything on his Friend Circle in the past two days.

Since he was clueless, the only way was to intentionally start a conversation.

He pondered about the words before he typed a message to Little Boss Tang: ‘Little Boss Tang, my friends said you also know about fortune-telling. Is that right?’

In Dafa Gold Shop at No. 26 Yongan Alley.

Tang Dafa was sitting in his office with a gloomy look on his face. He had been troubled by nervousness and helplessness for the past few days, and it was because something had happened to his side business. Something had gone wrong with his fortune-telling.

A regular female customer had lost her daughter and the police failed to locate her. In the end, the customer placed her last hope on him, begging him to locate her daughter.

However, fortune-telling was not real, so how could he know where a person was without any clues? Therefore, Tang Dafa rejected her and said he did not have any accomplishments to locate a person and that he could not help her.

He thought the matter would subside after that, but that female customer was a simple-minded person. She was resilient and came to his shop every day, crying and begging for his help.

It had since gotten out of control and even affected his gold business.

The troubled Tang Dafa was only in his late 20s yet he already had white hair on his head.

“Sigh, how could I not see that she was just a persistent and a stubborn person? I thought she was sincere and would listen to everything I said. Never did I think that she would believe me to this extent…” Tang Dafa was gazing at the altar of the Five Path Fortune Gods while he deliberated the problem.

“It’s already the modern age and there are still people believing superstitions blindly. Am I unlucky or what?”

Just as he sighed, his smartphone on the table received a notification from the WeChat app. He picked it up and saw that it was a message from the student who came to sell his golden card two days ago.

‘Little Boss Tang, my friends said you also know about fortune-telling. Is that true?’

Tang Dafa’s first reaction was to ignore the message, but on second thought, since the young man was Jiang Yan’s friend, he had to show the latter some respect and entertain him. He unlocked his phone and replied with his fat fingers: ‘Yes’.

In less than 10 seconds, the young man replied.

‘I saw a woman in formal wear and short skirt at your shop that day who was trying to locate her daughter. Is it possible?’

Tang Dafa was surprised when he saw the message.

‘Does this young man know about the woman too? Is he trying to locate his relative or whatnot?’

With that in mind, he twisted his fat face together and replied: ‘You have to be sincere about this.’

After the reply, he pushed the phone away. He did not have any bad impression of Su Yang, or rather, he had no impression of the kid at all.

If not for Jiang Yan’s introduction, he would never have cared about a seemingly poor student from a powerless family who did not have any benefits.

Therefore, Su Yang’s persistence irritated him. He felt like this university student was dumb and could not grasp the situation properly.

As expected, he received another message in less than a minute.

Tang Dafa frowned when the notification rang from his phone. Adding Su Yang’s WeChat was a mistake as he could not see an end to this.

He intentionally did not want to reply, but since he had nothing to do at the moment, his slight OCD made him pick up his phone and read the message.

To his surprise, the message from Su Yang read: ‘I might be able to locate the girl.’

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