Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Qu Xiaomeng’s Purse

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Right after Su Yang caught the dorky lecturer’s gaze, his jaw went numb.

The dorky lecturer must have remembered him.

Thankfully, Qu Xiaomeng only spared a glance or two at him and did not say anything.

Su Yang heaved a sigh of relief. He quickly used a textbook to cover his face and acted like an ostrich. ‘If I can’t see you, you can’t see me either.’

Qu Xiaomeng came in dressed in a formal suit, a white shirt plus black long pants that made her doll-like face appear mature and granted her the temperament of a lecturer.

However, her white loose shirt somehow seemed tight around her bust and made it look like it was going to burst. Her breasts were like two bulging hills and the buttons clung tightly together for dear life as if they could rupture at any moment.

Su Yang carefully sized Qu Xiaomeng up and unintentionally switched his gaze to Chu Xia.

‘Aren’t the two of them women? How could the difference be this big?’

Chu Xia obviously knew what Su Yang was thinking with a single glance. She clicked her tongue and mumbled softly, “Hmph, men.”

“Sigh, women!” Su Yang replied with a grin. He then took out his smartphone while hiding behind his textbook and started his ‘great undertaking of distraction.’

Maybe because of her experience in the first class, Qu Xiaomeng seemed a lot more at ease this time. She did not take the attendance herself this time. Instead, she told Chu Xia to do it for her while she got prepared for the lecture.

“Chu Xia.”


Chu Xia called her own name and answered herself.

Su Yang could not help but laugh at her. Calling her own name while taking attendance was probably the funniest thing that could happen. It made Chu Xia look dumb which did not match her ‘Wonderwoman’ image.

Chu Xia did not respond to the teasing, but she stepped on Su Yang’s foot. She waited for his painful squeal before she curled her lips into a winning smile and continued taking the attendance.

Ever since she had shared her secret with Su Yang, she had obviously become more open with the young man.

“Chu An.”


Soon enough, a total of 187 student’s names were called. Only five were absent.

Qu Xiaomeng was done with her preparation as well. She looked at Chu Xia with her doll-like face and asked, “Is it done?”

Chu Xia obediently nodded. “Ms. Qu, everyone is accounted for. Apart from 187 students, five are absent, so…”

“1…” Su Yang whispered softly as a reminder, but Chu Xia went ahead and said confidently, “182 present.”

“Okay.” Qu Xiaomeng nodded and started the lecture.

After Chu Xia sat down, Su Yang stared at her with an astonished look. “You aren’t so bad yourself.”

Chu Xia put her index finger over her mouth and signaled him to keep quiet. She then removed a sticky note on the attendance list. On the sticky note, there were scrawlings of 186, 185…all the way to 182.

‘I see now. No wonder she wrote on the list. I thought she was ticking the names off, but she’s actually cheating. Smart girl!’

There was a reason why she could conceal her secret for so long.

The English class carried on without any problems. Qu Xiaomeng’s replaced her dorky traits with her vast knowledge of the subject. Although it was just an English class, she was able to recite and quote many literature works, making it sound like History. She was able to relate a common greeting to some lines spoken by actors in some scenes of an American drama and even joked about it.

Unfortunately, most of the students had never seen such an unpopular drama, thus she was the only one giggling at the front of the lecture hall while the students watched her with in speechlessness.

It was a disaster.

Regardless, none of it had anything to do with Su Yang. A university student should never rely on the lecturer but should rely on oneself to pass the subject. Su Yang relied on his own luck in this class to barely pass. He once did an experiment on a multiple-choice test and he found out that he got 20 marks higher than if he had taken the test seriously.

From that day onwards, he knew that English would be the Achilles’ heel of his life.

If English was a person that could speak to him, Su Yang would want to ask English to spare him.

The class ended without any unexpected incidents. Qu Xiaomeng never asked a question throughout the lecture and she did not call Su Yang at all. She was like a dog without a leash, roaming wild in the grasslands and sprinting as far as she could. Su Yang felt extremely happy about it.

Right after Qu Xiaomeng ended the class, Su Yang quickly tidied up his things, bowed at her, and wanted to slip away sneakily.

It was then that Qu Xiaomeng took a sip of water before she called out, “Su Yang? Is Su Yang here?”

Su Yang’s body was petrified, and he suddenly felt the entire class’s gaze on him.

He awkwardly nodded at the class but dared not answer Qu Xiaomeng’s call. He carefully turned around and had a peek at the podium through the seams of the table and chairs. Qu Xiaomeng was standing on tiptoe to search for him.

His mind spun rapidly for a few moments. He believed that while a monk could flee, the temple could not. After all, what went around came around. He would have to face this sooner or later.

He tidied up his shirt, stood up straight, and looked at Qu Xiaomeng with a straight face. “Yes, Ms. Qu?”

Qu Xiaomeng waved at him. “Come to my office for a while.”

She then walked out of the lecture hall and Su Yang sighed deeply.

‘It seems like she’s coming at me with hostility.’

He then followed Qu Xiaomeng out of the lecture hall and followed her to the office. After two minutes of walking together, Qu Xiaomeng’s doll-like face that contained a tiny bit of baby fat showed a faint smile, making her look like a dork. Su Yang could not read the lecturer’s thoughts at all.

Truth be told, he had saved her twice and also scammed her for 21 yuan. During the second time, his mission felt like he was trying to assert his dominance, so he was really clueless about what was going on in the girl’s mind.

It might be good, it might be bad, or it could be both good and bad together.

Just as Su Yang was pondering what might happen to him, Qu Xiaomeng suddenly squealed. He looked at her and realized that a student had accidentally bumped into the dorky lecturer and knocked her lecture notes to the floor.

The student quickly apologized and squatted down to help her pick up the notes. Su Yang also bent down to help.

After he picked up a few pieces of notes, he realized that there was a little purse with flowery patterns sewn on it. He curiously picked it up and it felt slightly heavy. Although it was as big as a baby’s fist, it was as heavy as two bags of salt.

Su Yang weighed it properly and he heard clinks and clunks from within.

‘What’s this?’

Before Su Yang could find out, a hand reached out to his face. He focused his gaze and saw Qu Xiaomeng. He passed her back the purse and the two of them continued onward to her office.

Along the way, Su Yang’s curiosity got the best of him and he asked, “Miss, what’s inside your purse?”

Surprisingly, Qu Xiaomeng did not hide it from him. She stopped and fished out the purse from her pocket and opened it up for him to see.

When he saw the contents of the purse, his eyes widened. Inside the purse were strips of gold and silver taels.

The gold strips even had Huaxia Gold’s logo on it, and it must weigh at least 50 grams per strip. There were seven to eight stripes inside. If they were converted into RMB, it would be around 14,000 yuan! The rest of the silver taels were not eye-catching at all among the gold strips.

Su Yang looked at Qu Xiaomeng who meekly explained, “This purse is my treasure box. I’ve been thinking that if I were to be struck by lightning and returned to the past, with this purse, I will at least have my first bucket of gold. With a smart mind like mind, I can use the money to become even richer and maybe become the wealthiest person in the era.”

Su Yang was speechless.

‘A smart mind? This girl…Is something wrong with her head?’

Maybe because Su Yang initiated the conversation, after Qu Xiaomeng explained her purse, she added, “I called you out because of two things.”

Su Yang concentrated and listened carefully. He knew that something important was coming his way.

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