Page 5 of Happy Ending (Fisher Brothers 4)

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When I cleared my throat, Ryan looked up, his blue eyes locking on mine. His gaze followed the open fabric down my breasts and to my stomach, and lingered on my legs. He looked at me like he wanted to eat me up, even though his actions said otherwise. Ryan had become gentle in the bedroom, too gentle. I was starting to think I was going to have to go all Viking warrior princess to get him to have sex with me the way he used to.

As I walked toward him, he pushed himself up to a sitting position. Perfect, I thought as I moved onto the mattress and then on top of him.

“Sofia.” His voice sounded strained as I straddled him, then slowly moved my hips, grinding against him.

I smiled when I felt that he was already hard.

“Don’t you dare say it, Ryan,” I warned.

He widened his eyes, faking innocence. “Say what?”

“That you’re going to hit the baby in the head. That you think the baby will see your penis and be scarred for life. Or any of those things.”

“But I don’t understand how I’m not hitting him,” he said as I narrowed my eyes at him. “Or her.”

“You’re just not, okay? You’re not hitting the baby. Your giant penis is nowhere near your child, but it’s going to be on the floor if you don’t stick it inside me right now.”

“Good God, woman, being pregnant has made you mean.”

Just like that, the waterworks started as I rolled off of him.

“I know. I’m sorry, but please have sex with me. Why are you making me beg?” The tears refused to stop, and I knew I was being completely irrational and annoying, thanks to these hormones. “You don’t think I’m sexy anymore, do you? Is that the real reason why you don’t want to do it?”

Ryan’s eyes grew wide. “Are you kidding? Have you seen yourself?”

“Of course I’ve seen myself. That’s why I’m asking,” I snapped at him, practically biting his head off.

My body had changed, and it would be ridiculous to pretend otherwise. My face was rounder, my hips wider than ever, and there was extra fluff on every square inch of me. I didn’t feel the least bit sexy or attractive. No, I felt like a walrus or a hippopotamous, one of those large, ungainly animals.

“Sofia, you’re stunning,” he said softly as he reached for me. “You glow without trying, and I get hard whenever I look at you.”

“Really? Even now?” I glanced at the crotch of his jeans, noticing the unmistakable bulge there.

“Even now. Nick yelled at me today because I couldn’t stop staring at your picture.”

Ryan’s lips found my hand, my knuckles, and my wrist, then moved up my arm and landed on my neck. I groaned because every touch felt so damned good.

“I want you,” I breathed out as he nipped at my flesh.

His lips were instantly on mine, his tongue pressing inside my mouth like desire was fueling him from the

inside out. My mouth opened for him, my tongue searching for his.

“You’re so beautiful, angel. So fucking beautiful.” He kissed me again, his hands gently kneading my sensitive breasts. “Does that hurt?”

“No,” I said, and his mouth moved to my nipples, sucking one inside and then biting it gently, eliciting a half moan, half scream from me. My hips ground in a circular motion as I begged, “Don’t stop.”

“I’m not going to stop until I make you come.”

His words alone were almost my undoing. “I love that dirty mouth.”

“Being pregnant has changed you,” he said, teasing.

I reached for his neck, pulling his head again toward my waiting breasts, and he eagerly obliged my nonverbal request. I threw my head back in pleasure, loving every single thing this man was doing to my body.

His fingers entered me, curving and finding my spot. He worked them in and out as he traced a line lower on my body with his tongue. Lowering his head between my thighs, he licked, softly at first, then dived in like it was his last meal.

“Holy fuck.” The thought in my mind flew right out of my mouth without restraint.

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