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“No shit. I’d better. Good thing I did.” Frank’s smile reappeared. “But I’m sure it didn’t hurt that we’ve been trying ever since.”

“Who else knows?” I asked.

“It’s still so early,” Frank said, “and she’s nervous something could happen. But I’m sure by the end of today, everyone in this bar will know.”

“You’re going to be a dad.” I slapped his back and squeezed his shoulder.

“I figured if you could do it, anyone could,” he shot back.

We all laughed, raising our glasses. Then without a word being spoken, Frank and I stared expectantly at Nick, who threw one hand in the air.

“We’re not ready for kids yet, so stop giving me that look.”

“But you’re going to have kids, right?” I asked, realizing that none of us had ever talked about it. I’d always just assumed my brothers wanted the same things I did.

“Hell yes. I’ll help populate the world with little Fishers at some point. Just not now.”

His answer was good enough for me. “Here’s to all the little Fishers . . . the ones on the way and the ones yet to come.” I held my glass in the air, and

we all clanked them together before downing our shots.

Life was good, and it was just getting started.

The End

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