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The rest of us in the wedding party grinned at each other, eager to get the party started. Weddings were romantic as hell, but the reception was always the best part.

Frank and Claudia disappeared somewhere with the photographer. The rest of us in the wedding party filed into one of the rooms in the back, waiting for our cue to head out to the cars that waited to drive us to the reception.

“I couldn’t take my eyes off you,” I whispered into Sofia’s ear as I brushed a strand of her hair off her shoulder.

She gave me a knowing grin. “I noticed.”

“You liked it.”

She shook her head. “I loved it.”

“That’s going to be us real soon.” Pressing a kiss to her cheek, I lingered for a moment and breathed her in.

“Soon, huh?” She leaned back and gave me a look.

“You’ll see,” I promised.

“Stop whispering,” Nick said as he pulled a flask from his jacket pocket and handed it to me.

“Tequila?” I asked.


I shrugged, then took a pull and handed it back to him.

Jess gave him a little shove. “You didn’t even ask me if I wanted some.”

“You don’t like bourbon, babe,” he said.

“But you could have at least asked,” she said with a pout.

I glanced at Sofia, who was smiling at the pair. I felt a little bad that she couldn’t drink because she was breastfeeding, but she told me it wasn’t a big deal. Everyone tried to get her to “pump and dump,” but she hadn’t wanted to.

After she filled me in on exactly what the hell pump and dump even meant, I didn’t argue. My angel knew what was best for her and the baby, and it was my job to support her decision. If she wanted to down tequila shots tonight, I’d happily go grab her a bottle. If she wanted to drink iced tea all evening long, then I’d refill her glass. Whatever she wanted, I was going to do it.

Done with the photographer, Frank and Claudia walked through the door, and we all moved to congratulate them at once, hugging, high-fiving, and doling out compliments.

“You ready to get out of here or what?” Claudia asked, her hand firmly grasped in Frank’s.

“Hell yes,” I answered for everyone.

“Let’s go party!” She did a little shimmy move with her hips.

I gave Frank a look that told him he was in for some trouble, the best kind, and he gave me a nod that told me he knew.

The drive to the reception hall took less than five minutes. Once we all arrived and climbed out of the cars, we stood there in a haphazard group, waiting for directions from the photographer, who was still figuring out where exactly to start shooting first.

“You look so fucking beautiful, angel.” I kissed Sofia’s cheek as my mom joined us with baby Hope in her arms and Matson at her side.

“Thank you.” Sofia gave me a sweet smile as she reached for Hope. “I should go feed her. Think I have time?”

“They can take other pictures while you do that. I’m sure it’s fine.” I gave her a quick kiss on the mouth and smacked her ass. “Go!”

Matson laughed, and I wrapped an arm around his shoulders.

“Thanks for watching them, Mom.”

“Of course, honey. They’re perfect.” She mussed Matson’s hair, and he smiled up at her. This was what happiness looked and felt like; I was sure of it.

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