Chapter 39 - Did He Save You in Passing?

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Chapter 39: Did He Save You in Passing?

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“Watch out —” Sensing the approaching danger, Jun Linyuan frowned.

Without knowing it, he pulled Feng Wu to one side.

The next moment, he was fighting the python head-on!

Although Feng Wu was saved from the python’s attack, Jun Linyuan hadn’t exactly been gentle with his pull. He tossed Feng Wu aside as soon as she was out of harm’s way.

Thump —

Feng Wu landed face down in the mud.

Yu Mingye, who had arrived on the scene right after the python, watched this in amazement.

His fine eyebrows creased and his bright eyes had a confused look in them as he mumbled, “That can’t be right. He saved that girl? That’s just not something Jun Linyuan would do! Why did he do that?”

Deeming himself Jun Linyuan’s ultimate rival since they were little, Yu Mingye was baffled.

Feng Wu turned her head involuntarily at his voice.

Many years later, Yu Mingye would still remember when he met Feng Wu for the first time.

She turned around in her confused state, and in her disguise, she looked as ordinary as any other teenage girl out there. She was spitting dirt out of her mouth, together with a few bits of straw… It was the most sorry and adorable picture ever.

“Hahahahaha —” Yu Mingye guffawed mercilessly.

Feng Wu turned her resentful gaze on him right away!

Their eyes met, and the next second, Yu Mingye realized that he had just exposed himself. He cried out and dashed off right away, hiding himself in one of the trees.

Feng Wu was speechless.

While Feng Wu was still trying to figure out what was going on, Fairy Muyao glared at her and said, “Don’t for one minute think that His Royal Highness saved you because you’re special. Trust me when I tell you that he only did it in passing! It was nothing more!”

Feng Wu said, “Whatever.”

“What kind of reply is that? Hmph! His Royal Highness doesn’t like you and he never will! He only saved you because it was convenient!” Fairy Muyao clenched her fists, as if trying to convince herself.

Feng Wu only found the fairy ridiculous. Spitting out the mud in her mouth, she retorted, “Has he ever saved you in passing, then?”


Fairy Muyao felt like she had just been smashed in the chest by a hammer and went stiff. Staring at Feng Wu, she couldn’t think of anything to say in return.

When she finally recovered from the initial shock, she stormed off right away!

Her footsteps were exceedingly loud, which demonstrated how infuriated she was.

Behind Fairy Muyao, Feng Wu stuck out her tongue. Yup, that’s how I rock. Bite me!

Now far away on a branch, Yu Mingye bit his lip, his amorous eyes darting around.

The fairy was right; Jun Linyuan had indeed pulled that ordinary girl away from danger. Was she somehow special to Jun Linyuan?

Yu Mingye examined Feng Wu up and down.

She had a face that looked no different from the next girl.

She was so slight that the wind could blow her away.

And she had no spiritual essence or cultivation whatsoever.

If he had to say something nice about her, he supposed that she did have very clear, bright eyes.

She was Jun Linyuan’s type? Seriously? Rubbing his chin, Yu Mingye frowned and found it hard to believe.

His elders arrived at that moment. After jumping into the old tree that was so thick it would take ten people to join hands all the way around its trunk, the head of the elders asked Yu Mingye, “Young Master, what’s bothering you?”

Yu Mingye sighed. “Your Excellency, do you still remember the oath I took?”

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