Chapter 36 - You've Stepped on Someone

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Chapter 36: You’ve Stepped on Someone

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Since that Immortal Spiritual Fruit was within their reach, she wasn’t worried at all that Jun Linyuan would fail to obtain it. However, what did worry her was how to snatch the fruit away from Jun Linyuan once he had it.

Suppressing her excitement, Feng Wu forced her brain to turn.

Meanwhile, Jun Linyuan almost reached the top of the cliff!

The cliff was a rather special one, for instead of bare rock, the cliff wall was covered in leafy vines from top to bottom.

In the dark, with the help of the rock protrusions on the cliff wall, Jun Linyuan twirled and turned, nimbly making his way up the cliff.

Just before Jun Linyuan landed, one of the protuberances he stepped on shifted under his weight and let out a cry of pain.

However, Jun Linyuan didn’t seem to notice the sound at all. With a leap, he was on the top of the cliff.

Feng Xun was right behind Jun Linyuan and heard the cry. Hence, upon landing, he said to Jun Linyuan in bewilderment, “I think you stepped on someone back there.”

“No, I didn’t.” Jun Linyuan didn’t give it another thought.

Right now, all his attention was on the Immortal Spiritual Fruit in front of him.

Moonlight poured down through the clouds like water and an Immortal Spiritual Flower that was as white as a magnolia slowly blossomed under the moon. It was fruiting as they watched.

Gleaming and translucent, the Immortal Spiritual Fruit was as flawless as a piece of white jade. Its beauty was breathtaking.

All their orifices seemed to open up at the dense spiritual essence the fruit gave off.

Around the plant was a long strip of glistening snake skin.

“That’s the skin the Sacred Emerald Python shed. Judging from its color, the python has completed all nine transformations already… It must be terrifyingly powerful now. If we had to fight it head-on… Boss Jun, what chance do we stand?”

Feng Xun had forgotten all about the person Jun Linyuan had stepped on, and all he could think of now was this splendid python skin.

Jun Linyuan’s nice straight eyebrows creased a little. “We’d be just as severely injured as it.”

Patting his chest, Feng Xun rejoiced. “Hahaha! Luckily, Boss Jun tricked Yu Mingye into luring that python away, or even if we could defeat it, it’d be at great cost. Sigh , I wonder how pissed Yu Mingye will be after he realizes that we’ve stolen his prize.”

“Yu Ming…” Jun Linyuan frowned, looking confused.

Feng Xun said in resignation, “Yu Mingye, Yu Mingye, the guy’s name is Yu Mingye… Come on, Boss Jun, Yu Mingye thinks of you as his number one enemy and he’s been trying to get your attention whenever he has a chance. You don’t even remember his name?”

Jun Linyuan was still frowning. “That won’t be necessary.”

Feng Xun couldn’t help but say a silent prayer for Yu Mingye. “Poor guy. If he finds out that the person he’s deemed as his archenemy can’t even remember his full name — and wasn’t planning to, for that matter — how mad would he be? Sigh , it’s good that he’s not here, or he’d explode.”

Jun Linyuan forgot about the subject right away. With a flick of his fair, slender fingers, the Immortal Spiritual Fruit automatically flew toward the white jade box in his hands.

Once the fruit was inside, the lid closed on its own and the box locked with a click.

Jun Linyuan turned around swiftly, his robe flapping in the wind. His foot pushed down on the cliff wall, and with the momentum, he jumped off.

On his way down, he stepped on that round, black protuberance again, but paid no attention to it whatsoever.

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