Chapter 35 - Immortal Spiritual Fruit

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Chapter 35: Immortal Spiritual Fruit

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In Black Ice Valley.

Although it was deep into the night, the valley was brightly lit by countless torches, which turned it as bright as during the day.

However, there was no one around.

The silence was unnerving.

Feng Wu scanned the area with her eyes, but saw nothing out of the ordinary.

“Look, there.” Feng Xun raised his eyebrows and looked pleasantly surprised.

Following his finger, they saw a flickering dot of light up on the high cliff.

Without a doubt, it was —

“Immortal Spiritual Fruit!” Xuan Yi cried out. “The fruit that shines like a star at night.”

“Yes! That’s right!” Feng Xun was so excited that he almost jumped up. “Hahaha! That spot is where the fruit grows. If we’ve guessed right, that flash of light is our Immortal Spiritual Fruit!”

“But what’s going on here?” Xuan Yi frowned a little. “The place looks ransacked. It must have been quite the battle.”

At that very moment, Feng Wu’s unblinking bright eyes were fixed on that towering cliff and the dot of light on it.

They were right. That was exactly where that Immortal Spiritual Fruit was.

Feng Wu had kept a close watch on that Immortal Spiritual Fruit for the past few years, for once she obtained it, she would be able to refine the Nine Transformation Spirit Restoration Pill, and with the pill, she would be able to resume her cultivation!

Resume her cultivation… She would be that genius teenage girl again… The temptation was so great that she could hardly stand still.

Eyes shining, she clenched her fists under her long sleeves.

The next moment, Feng Wu realized that something wasn’t right.

Based on her past observations, a formidable, blood-curdling Sacred Emerald Python always hovered around the fruit.

All her attempts to get closer to the fruit were rendered futile by the bone-chilling energy the python gave off… There was nothing she could do about it.

However, she neither saw the python nor sensed its energy now, which was rather unusual.

Jun Linyuan’s thin lips moved and he said quietly, “The guy isn’t completely useless.”

“What?” Feng Xun was bewildered at first, but soon, his eyes lit up. “Boss Jun, this is your doing, isn’t it? You set Yu Mingye up again! That Sacred Emerald Python was lured away by his elders, wasn’t it?”

Jun Linyuan gave another indifferent “hm.”

Feng Xun couldn’t help but pity Yu Mingye a little in her head.

That teenager… had fallen into Boss Jun’s trap every single time, but he just kept coming back for more.

Feng Xun said, “This is strange. If Yu Mingye’s people have lured that python away, why hasn’t he taken the fruit already?”

The tiniest smile emerged on Jun Linyuan’s charming face, but he didn’t say a word.

The next second —

Jun Linyuan leapt up, stepped on the cliff wall, and swiftly dashed upward.

In a matter of seconds, he was a long way off the ground already.

Feng Xun watched enviously. He then exchanged looks with Xuan Yi and said, “Let’s go!”

After that, both guys kicked the cliff wall with the tips of their feet and they were off like shooting arrows.

They were so quick!

Feng Wu kept her unblinking gaze on the three teenagers, who were getting smaller and smaller in her sight. Her eyes twinkled in excitement and she clenched her fists tight.

Immortal Spiritual Fruit… It was her Immortal Spiritual Fruit!

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