Chapter 32 - She’ll Come Back

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Chapter 32: She’ll Come Back

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Keeping his cold gaze on Muyao, Feng walked to a spot a short distance away.

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched.

Feng had stopped on the exact spot where she had dragged Muyao into the wolf pack!

Feng remained poised. He looked like he could see through everything in the world and nothing could evoke any emotion in him. In an impassive voice, he began to speak. “Here, we can see two sets of footprints. I’ll call Miss Mu’s Footprint One and Miss Feng’s Footprint Two. The forefoot indents in this line of Footprint One are deeper than at the heel. Obviously, Miss Mu was dashing forward. Then, please look here at Footprint Two… It is evident that Miss Mu charged at Miss Feng and tried to drag her into the wolf pack, but Miss Feng dodged. Miss Mu then tried a second time to push Miss Feng to the wolves…”

Keeping his eyes on the footprints, Feng described the events in a calm voice, as if he had seen it with his own eyes.

Feng Wu’s pupils contracted a little as she looked at Feng attentively.

She had known all along that Jun Linyuan was someone she should keep her distance from, but little did she know that even his steward was this formidable… She had to be extra careful from now on. Feng Wu clenched her fists when no one was watching.

All color had drained from Fairy Muyao’s face and lips. She looked like she was going to collapse at any moment.

Every word out of Feng’s mouth was like a slap to her face and she could feel the burning pain in her cheeks.

Looking up, Fairy Muyao saw Jun Linyuan’s nonchalant, stunning face, the undisguised disappointment in her cousin Xuan Yi’s eyes, Feng Xun’s anger, and Feng Wu…

“Aah!” Fairy Muyao snapped. Holding her head in her hands, she screamed, “Alright! Feng was right! I tried to throw Feng Xiaowu into the wolf pack on purpose! But I was just probing her! I had my suspicions!”

“Shut up!” Even Xuan Yi couldn’t stand Fairy Muyao anymore.

“Cousin, even you won’t believe me now? You’ll regret this! You will!” After making such a humiliating gaffe in front of the young man she idolized, Fairy Muyao couldn’t bring herself to stay here anymore — her pride simply wouldn’t allow it. Burying her face in her hands, she ran away, still howling.

Feng Xun darted a look at Xuan Yi. “Aren’t you going to bring her back?”

Xuan Yi looked conflicted and frowned.

Jun Linyuan, who had always been reticent, spoke at that moment. “She’ll come back.”

Everyone stared at Jun Linyuan in disbelief.

Feng Xun rubbed his nose. “I think that if she has any pride at all, she won’t show up in front of us for a very long time.”

Jun Linyuan didn’t argue, but only stood there with his hands behind his back and his robe flapping in the wind.

He had a well-defined profile and a beautiful face. Standing there, he looked eminently above everyone else. There was something utterly unpredictable about him; it was impossible to tell what his next move would be.

Feng Wu couldn’t figure out why Jun Linyuan was so sure that Muyao would return to them on her own.

She soon knew why.

Just when they were ready to move out, a flustered voice rang out in the distance and drew nearer.

“Help! Help! Help!”

Fairy Muyao was running toward them as fast as she could, followed by a dense horde of Obsidian Wolves.

They numbered at least a hundred times more than before!

Tens of thousands of wolves closed in on them, and their howls were blood-curdling!

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