Chapter 1761 - Chu Fengxiao the Third Senior Brother (2)

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Chapter 1761: Chu Fengxiao the Third Senior Brother (2)

“I didn’t say you could talk!” The white fairy was angry.

Feng Wu sighed inwardly.

That memory had to be very important to the white fairy. That was why she couldn’t tolerate any disturbance since it would ruin the atmosphere for her.

Intimidated, Nu didn’t dare to say another word. His eyes were filled with fear.

But the white fairy was still angry. She then turned her emotionless gaze on Feng Wu and asked, “Who on earth are you? Why did you compliment my eyes?”

Feng Wu urged Little Phoenix, “Hey, what do I say? How should I answer her?”

But Little Phoenix had become very quiet.

Why wouldn’t the bird say anything?!

Her silence made the white fairy suspicious. The next second, she charged at Feng Wu and grabbed her by the neck, an infuriated look in her eyes.

That look could burn one to ash.

“Hey, you lousy bird, say something!” Feng Wu grew anxious.

But Little Phoenix didn’t say a word, as if someone had stopped it.

In fact, it wasn’t that it didn’t want to speak. It wanted to say something, but it just couldn’t. The stress made it break into a sweat.

Since Little Phoenix didn’t say anything, Feng Wu had to make something up herself.

“Ahem… Your eyes really are very pretty… Can’t I even say that?” Feng Wu found it very difficult to speak.

At the same time.

Sefiro and Seven looked at each other, and both gloated at Feng Wu’s predicament.

They were sure that Feng Wu was going to die this time.

Sefiro’s tongue was almost recovered, so she gritted her teeth and said, “I knew it. There’s no way that the white fairy would like Feng Wu! She’s doomed this time!”

Seven nodded.

Ever since he had been deprived of the Death Wall, Seven was full of rage toward this world.

Meanwhile, in the cave —

The white fairy choked Feng Wu and yelled angrily, “Speak! Who told you to say that?! You’ve seen Chu Fengxiao, haven’t you?! Where is he? Tell me!”

Chu Fengxiao?

Feng Wu was dumbfounded. She had never heard that name, so how could she have seen him before?

“Chu Fengxiao? I’ve never…”

Suddenly, Little Phoenix stopped her with a shriek.

“You’ve seen Chu Fengxiao! Say it!” Little Phoenix said anxiously.

Feng Wu couldn’t believe it. That lousy bird had been silent until now.

Before Feng Wu could scold Little Phoenix, the white fairy tightened her grip. “Speak! You know Chu Fengxiao, don’t you?!”

Feng Wu said in frustration, “Yes, alright, I’ve met Chu Fengxiao before.”

As soon as she said that, the white fairy trembled violently, as if the world had lit up.

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say.

The malicious white fairy was terrifyingly capable, and she was unpredictable as well. However, she almost lost control when she heard Chu Fengxiao’s name.

Who on earth was this man?

“Who is Chu Fengxiao?” Feng Wu asked Little Phoenix in confusion.

Little Phoenix gave her a strange look.

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